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Posted by BiG_Weasel

Yup, that's FF, alright. Guys who look like chicks, chicks who look like schoolgirls, and lame-ass names like "Snow" , "Lightning" and "Cocoon".   I'll still play it, but c'mon already, Square!!

Posted by Firegod83
That was awesome, I cannot wait for this, finally a good FF again.
12 was ok, but it lacked something the rest had, this seems tight.
Oh and who those who are wondering about the lip sync, they said in an interview the cinematics arent modified to the english yet, its on Gametrailers somewhere.
Posted by Parsnip

Kind of terrible.

Posted by TerraDelu

I thought the music was alright... but with the kadrillions of dollars that they have to make a Final Fantasy game, I wish the voice acting was WAY better. It's alright... just sounds like any other VO'd JRPG, and with a name like Final Fantasy attached, I would expect better........ although, as I type this I realize that sub-par voice work is somewhat of a staple for FF games, so maybe its not so bad after all. Im confused.

Posted by Banjo_ace
@88Fingers: what a sad little clown
Posted by ezdude

Well that was extremely fast, this video just came out in Japanese a week ago.

Posted by ZmillA

Wow, this looks like its going to be the most final fantasy-d, final fantasy that ever did final a fantasy.

Posted by gakon
@BirthdaySuitBurns said:
" I guess I'm the only one that thought the english dubbing wasn't good at all.  Every line felt forced.  I wish they would just include the original Japanese track.  It just sounds more natural. "
It was a little weird, especially the beginning scene with the fireworks and whatnot.
I don't really know what to make of this.  It was a lot more emotion than I can handle in seven minutes, filled with people with weird names using somewhat weird voices to communicate with each other.  "Lightning" is fine, but I can't believe they retained the name "Snow", and for a manly (but probably tender at heart, right?) dude who rides transforming motorcycles.
Then you've got music that doesn't fit what's happening, Lightning is more introspective than I would have hoped, some Kingdom Hearts-looking kid self-combusts, and finally, the game is still a mishmash of ATB-esque real-time combat with dial-a-combo summons.  Having come off my second playthrough of Final Fantasy X, which I love for its combat and boss encounters, I'm really not excited about the continuing "real time-ification" of this series.  Will FF15 be more or less Kingdom Hearts?
Posted by Killroycantkill

I love the battle system. They took everything I loved from FF12 and amped it up. Looks like it is going to be super fun.

Posted by gakon
@North6: I think this is Ralphie himself.  Every time you think something on the Internet is fake, you remember that you're on the internet.
Posted by Kefkaesque

So Ifrit turns into the Batmobile?
What the shit?

Posted by Krenor
All I got from this video is that you can marry little school girls in the FF world
Posted by babz
Spoiler Tag.......... trust me! don't watch it.
Posted by CL60
@Darkstar614 said:
" Yeah, I don't think square is trying to capture any new audiences with this. If you are already planning on playing this, you know what you're getting into. Which I fear isn't exactly the main audience of Giant Bomb...   As for the characters, It's just the way the Japanese culture is. Americans tend to favor older protagonists(ie. Marcus Fenix, Gordon Freeman, Shepard from Mass Effect, etc.) while Japanese tend to favor much younger and, god forbid, 'emo' characters. So no Square is not out of touch with what is relevant. They're making a game for Japanese players. And then its being localized over here. Really unfair to say that Square Enix doesn't know what they're doing just because they don't make games for the entire world as a whole.  Guy who played Kanji as Snow is pretty epic though, "GET BENT!" "
This is the truth.
Posted by LiquidPrince

I'm glad the English voices are top tier.

Posted by AuthenticM

It's Kanji! Fuck yeah!

Posted by Shatner

Good god that looks lame.

Posted by Shatner
@Grimes: @Grimes said:
" Ah yes, Finaru Fantasi . High-art... The zen of video games. The plots in these games are richer than any film or book ever written. I scoff and the western attempts at duplicating the magic of these games with blunders such as Fallout, or Planescape: Torment... When Sephiroth stabbed Aerith (Aeris for you plebians) I slammed my controller to the ground in a whirl of rage and sorrow. After waking up several hours later with self-inflicted claw marks all over my body, I grabbed the controller. This was not the end. No. this was the beginning... I would have my revenge on the one who killed her. I mouthed the word, but did not speak it.  Sephiroth... "
I didn't know Shawn Elliott was on Giant Bomb.
Posted by GalacticPunt

Yeesh, the dialogue and voice-acting have really regressed since the high points that were Dragon Quest 8 and FF12.
But Kanji-Snow makes it all worthwhile.  He's 110% Kanji when he's angry:  "You think I'm some kind of monster?!?  I'm flesh and blood like you!!  Get Bent!!!"

Posted by TomTheRealist

Hmmm. Some of the lip syncing looks genuinely good, other bits look terrible. The visuals are amazing. I'm torn!

Posted by MiamiRedHawks

My excitement for this game has dropped dramatically after watching this...

Edited by Deophest

I'll always have a softspot for Final Fantasy in my heart, and christ the voice acting is AMAZING this time around (k-k-kanji....), But the music is murder and the gameplay looks... meh....to me. I forsee FF12 meets Kingdom hearts gameplay-wise. Which could be awsome, or terribad - we'll just have to wait and see :|

Posted by bybeach

Man, all those wemen are soo hot!..and  damn even some of the men also give me a... 
....Noooooooooooooooo i didn`t mean to say that! 
must play duke Nukem all day now...
Posted by Veektarius

The J-Pop made me grind my teeth.  On the other hand, I really think the CGI has gotten to the other side of the uncanny valley.  Especially that shot where the black guy was like "Don't ask me".. that was really well done.  I dunno, maybe it's just me.

Posted by borgmaster

hmm, ponderous dialogue, check. J-pop, check. Stupid names for things, check. melodrama, check. lots and lots of cheese, check.
yep, it's Final Fantasy.

Posted by Zelnox

Eh. Kind of cringing melodrama. But the graphics are so nice ;_;

Posted by sublime90

looks alright. not so sure about the vehicles in combat though

Posted by pong

I think the problem here is all of these lines of dialogue are being taken out of context. I mean you have no idea what they're talking about or what the story's like at that point so it comes across as being these cheesy-cliche one liners. Think about it- a lot of 'trailers' like this where they have a montage of random dialogue usually comes out as cheesy or just plain stupid.   
They could of definitely done a better job delievering some of it in this video, but as far as dubbing for a japanese game goes, the voice acting aint that bad. However if they were to include japanese tracks, I'd choose them hands down lol....  

Posted by CommodoreGroovy

From what I have seen the voice acting is decent. Their are some good voices that stick out, and there are some ones that sound okay-ish. Nothing terrible.

Posted by ch3burashka

So far looks very cliche'd, FF-style. I really hope the make the story completely from the ground as opposed to half-copied from the previous games. Even if it isn't, the scope of the game looks epic so I guess there's little to bitch about.
Still can't get the combat system. Looks confusing as all get out.

Posted by Troispoint

There's something horribly cheesy about FF that I hate, ugghhh. But besides that, Square is mind blowingly awesome at making CG.

Posted by Yelix


Posted by TheSonofBM

nothing about that trailer makes me want to play that game

Posted by buckybit

I can't wait not to play this game. 
This sounds better in orig japanese - but still makes no sense, nor would I care, if it did. 
Snow looks like Brett Michaels; way to go, haha.

Posted by Gamer_152

Looks great and that does sound quite a bit like Kanji. I'm not sure how much the trailer benefited from having that cheesy J-pop playing over it though.


it's funny but all I could think of watching that was 'Why the fuck does Snow have that stupid fucking piece of hair coming down over his nose?' It's just the kind of affectation that winds me up! lol Also me and jrpg's don't get on so I am going to pass this one by. Looks very pretty though.

Edited by FatalError

Why are people assuming that the whole entire game is going to be pure  melodrama  just from watching  a 7 minute trailer?
I mean seriously.

Posted by DavidSnakes
@FatalError said:
" Why are people assuming that the whole entire game is going to be pure  melodrama  just from watching  a 7 minute trailer?   I mean seriously. "
Because every Final Fantasy game is pure melodramatic horseshit.
Posted by Willy105


FF13 was meant to tell a story. And the graphics are incredible!
If you want an action-packed Final Fantasy, go get The Crystal Bearers instead.

Posted by golguin
That's what it sounds like.  And I swear that Lightning sounds like Naoto.
Posted by Ujio

Wow...the only thing I can think of to describe this entire franchise is "epic."

Edited by Duckbutter

gat dammit fuckin %$%#@^ English dub. ruins everything every time with pure cheesy-ness. why in the holy mother of gawd's name can't they just include the Japanese voice track? 
if those Japanese-text-conversion packs for Japanese games show up on PSN before FF13 comes out then i'm totally gonna buy the Japanese version of FF13 and the conversion pack to go with it and SHAZAM!! problem solved. 

Edited by Yzzerdd

99% of the comments here make me ashamed to be a part of this community.

Posted by allhailthetv

Hey that girl who I can't remember the name of has the same voice actress as Rise!

Posted by debussy

If that's who I think it is...

Gilgamesh is a car.


Posted by Halz

Teen angst and drama!  
I bet that Snow dude got like a snowboard-shaped blade

Edited by spazmaster666

Though I'm no fan of bishounen, what did you really expect from a Final Fantasy game (or most JRPGs in general)? I don't mind the turn-based combat either as it can be just as fun as real-time combat as long as its well executed. I am however, disappointed that we won't be able to listen to the Japanese track in the NA release (meaning no Maya Sakamoto :( . . .); still the English VA is decent, but nothing special (and it certainly could have been much much worse ala Star Ocean TLH). Snow sounded like Troy Baker, especially toward the end there. The other voices are harder to make out since they don't really stand out that much.

Posted by John1912
@TheSonofBM said:
"nothing about that trailer makes me want to play that game "

Same....Man I really should have passed on my PS3....Lrsdy i should have waited from a price drop/slim model/
Posted by Lawdaddy

Looks like all the other FF games.  I lost interested a couple versions ago.  
I guess that's the way all sequels are though.  I love COD (own all of them) and they all look/play the same.  
I guess I'm just not into RPG's anymore.  It would take something very original to capture my interest.
Blah, blah, blah...I'm sure none of you really care what this guy in Washington even thinks anyway.  Who's even reading this?  Who gives a crap? 

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

this looks so good. my inner nerd has been awakened!