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Posted by PenguinDust
@Grimes:   Classic "Hero of the Web".  It took me a moment to figure out it was a joke.  Very well done!
The game itself looks beautiful, but that is to be expected.  But, at least in the trailer, I haven't seen that much melodrama in a long long time.  Chances are I'll get get it, but I do hope Square has injected a healthy dose of comic-relief to balance all that tear-jerker mush.
Posted by Djeffers03

boring, i dont understand why people love jrpg's so much, there all the fucking same, all about young girls

Posted by JukeboxJoe
@TeflonBilly said:
" @JukeboxJoe said:
" @TeflonBilly said:
" @JukeboxJoe: Not only are you a huge fanboy, but you're an epic lolcow getting milked dry by a troll. Sometimes I wish there was an intelligence test before you can use the internet "
Ah, you must be the funny guy "
I'm as funny as a brain tumor or a pakistani car accident. you however are a terrible fanboy or an ignoramus of the nth degree. You can decide yourself, but what you should've done is shut the fuck up and licked your wounds. Now go ride a wheelbarrow full of dicks, you simpleton "

Licked my wounds? Do you think you've wounded me with you're harsh words and your 10 year old insults? I'll back off and leave you to caress you're pathetic ego
Posted by heatDrive88

Emo characters, ridiculous visuals, bad voice overwork, confusing-as-fuck storyline, interspersed J-pop that nobody will recognize in the North American market, and a sense of grandeur that even Kanye West can't match. Very classic Final Fantasy. 
I can't be the only one that has been uninterested in the Final Fantasy series since 7 or 8 right? Even then, looking back, I don't know how I put up with 7.
Posted by RollHard86

1:20ish to 2:60ish looks kickass.

Posted by Woocifer

This looks horrible. Absolutely horrible. The environments, the costume design, the character design... it's candied for sure, it's clean and clear. But there is 0 soul or emotion in any of this. It sounds like a 12 year old trying to be melodramatic, so it fails in both directions.  It's like watching a sap dripping spanish soap opera. Beyond that the design of any and everything is so convoluted for no reason but pageantry. It's arrogantly flawed because it's trying to be something WAY too complex, which becomes EXTREMELY gaudy. I can't focus on the worth of anything in this video because there's too much crap I have to see through in order to understand where the shit starts and where it ends.  The story line in this presentation(which lets hope its presented better in the full title) is just awkward. I can't stand these cheesy RPGs. They come across to me like Las Vegas. Full of lights and loud noises and weird awkward glutton driven actions that really do no one any good at the end of the day. I can't do it...it's just too plastic and too cutesy and too forced. Here's your role-playing game that doesn't have any characters you can relate to, care for, or even understand the actions of. Why did that chick jump out of that floating excuse for a 'hovering Liberace' aircraft? Why did the huge evil looking 'god?' who showed up during a spell turn into a car and then spray exhaust all over the boss? What the hell is with that? Sure, why don't we have one of the super fantabulous spells have a half sea-horse half-golf ball show up and chuck jelly donuts light on fire, but then the half golf ball sea horse turns into a book and the guy reads 43,000 hps off the enemy dragon, lacey, saw blade, neon veined, half pizza head, half crystal ball, 3,000 rockets out of it's toes, flaming hole in the middle of it's chest adorned with spines that shoot cheese sauce....man I'm not even gunna bother going on. I'll just summarize it like this:
It looks like an RPG where the Jonas Brothers are main characters saving Duran Duran from the grips of super ultra ridiculous mega tentacle MGS4 transformer worm enemies.
Seriously if you dig that stuff, more power to ya... but holy crap I feel like I need to brush my teeth after watching that.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@Djeffers03 said:
" boring, i dont understand why people love jrpg's so much, there all the fucking same, all about young girls "
I believe you answered your own question. Incidentally, I played through Sudeki mainly because the chicks looked kinda hot.
Posted by Pageboy

Why all the hate? 
Looks awesome, voice acting isn't bad (although i would like a Jap voice track with sub titles), music sounds great and I will buy a PS3 for this even though I own a 360.  JRPGs are different and thats what i like.
If you don't like JRPGs then don't buy it !!!    

Posted by Durkano

No other game that long will look so amazing, kudos, Squenix, kudos. Names and dialouge are a bit odd though...
Edited by Inquisitor

Airships? Check. 
Super gorgeous CGI but 6 years old in-game engine? Check. 
Giant walking thingy that in reality would be a physical impossibility to stand on its two feet? Check. 
Generic emoness even if the world outside of the protagonists minds is happy candy land? Check. 
Obviously set up love interest that dies half way through? Check.    
Bad guy Sephiroth look-alike? Check. 
Its a Final Fantasy all-right. I'm interested.
Posted by JackiJinx


Posted by inspectah

I really don't like FF at all but i can see why people would like it. But i always seem to buy one FF per console gen LOL just to check to see if i might like it . BTW english voices are very very cheesy

Posted by Supermarius
@inspectah: i dont think the english voices are cheesy. Those are high quality voice actors and everything they are saying is said with just a bit too much emotion. Thats exactly how the seiyuu say their lines in the japanese version too, im sure. The thing is that i think alot of anime and jrpg fans give japanese voice actors too much credit. Because they cant understand what is being said or hear the subtle nuances i presume are present in the japanese language, fans just give the seiyuu the benefit of the doubt and presume they are there. They kinda presume that it sounds more awesome. I  think you can most clearly see this effect with japanese pop music. There are alot of english speakers who like jpop but hate american pop music. But is jpop somehow way deeper than us pop music, or way more complex? No, you just can't understand the inane lyrics and all you hear are  the catchy tunes. So you get the illusion that its better when its probably just on par.