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Posted by Media_Master

I wonder if Ryan will review the Prince of Persia movie....probably.

Posted by bybeach

small armies of bastards...heh.
Posted by hermes

After seeing this, and I never thought I would say it, I kind of miss Uwe Boll. 
Great season finale, guys... It is hard to think of a better closing crescendo than this movie...
Posted by mekklesak

who ray Ryan Davis survived TANG! Until next time!

Edited by bybeach

Everytime it seems I come to videos, I see this lady now front and center. It`s going past just 'like', cirtaintly long past just wanta be freinds, or a superficial roll in the hay.. 
 I thinks I`m falling in love....
Posted by PhartManButt

I officially love screaming fat chinese people, especially when they have demon possesed sisters and scream AHHHHHHHHHHH!
Posted by TOYBOXX

It was fun watching these entertaining reviews to these God aweful movies. TANG - you will be missed. For now.

Posted by superscatman

 If only the dragonball movie had the effects of the fight at 4:00

Posted by Vrock

Where are the new TANGs??

Posted by YukoAsho

Unfortunately, the copious, stupid melodrama is typical of Japanese film regardless of the source material.

Posted by Phantom_Gardener

Well this could have turned into something good, but NOOOOOOOOO, they had to screw it up.

Posted by AMonkey

Looks like a really good comedy.

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Posted by Pabsi9

what the fuck

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Posted by MachoFantastico

I haven't seen many Japanese films, but what's with the fat dude always being there for a comedic touch?

Posted by Zaber

yay! I hope so! 

Posted by Cobhammar

i think i need to see this.

Posted by amir90

That movie is basically YouTube quality, if not worse :p

Posted by Undeadpool

How do you make a movie about a bikini-clad zombie-slaying samurai and make it SERIOUS?

Posted by Capt_Ventris


Posted by Moonshadow101

"small armies of bastards, turning your video game dreams into big-screen nightmares"

G'nite, Ryan.

Posted by bigmess

I just started watching these recently with davis on the brain. I love it. I miss you ryan.

Posted by Tyrrael

I wish everyone would stop hating on this movie. I made it on my TI-83.