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Posted by Jordan23

Can I play Mafia Wars and Mob Wars on the Xbox 360 Facebook edition?

Posted by Xymox
@ http://www.xfire.com/cms/xf_music_week_lastfm_transcript/ said: 
" TONY LASTFM: Question: ₧иαяҝ: Since you like the xbox 360, are there be any plans on supporting scrobbling of interactive music in games like Rock Band & Guitar Hero?
Answer: Our client guys are huge Guitar Hero fans; so, if it's possible, the answer is likely that it's something they'll consider doing, if they ever get a free second =)"
So, Last.fm update is hopefully only a sign of things to come :>
Posted by Nekroskop

Last.fm is scrub-tier. Once they get Spotify, I'll give it a try

Posted by Sparklykiss

 It was all pretty disappointing. I hope you can upload crazy avatar pictures or something on Facebook. That way you can tag your XBL friends. I dunno, seems amusing. 
The Zune videos is pretty much pointless if you ask me. Netflix is already set like Mystery Science Theater and has the ripping and it's going to be way hard to top that. I'm okay with Twitter and Last.fm. Other than that, that's just a lottt of space being clogged on the dashboard.    

Posted by Oinkness

Will I be using this? 
1. Facebook - Just to check, but anything else would require a computer.. so not really 
2. Twitter - Yes, for sure. I rarely bother with twitter even with it on the phone. But this looks fun. 
3. Last.fm - No. This is what I was most excited about, but if it doesn't stay on when you leave the app, there's no point. 
This update could have been a lot better. 

Posted by Napalm
@Jayzilla said:
" unless you have a keyboard for the 360, what is the point of facebook for 360? i know that twitter is more manageable but why wouldn't i just use my phone for twitter or my PC? also, do i have to have a gold account to use facebook/twitter? both of those are free and they should be free as well on the 360, but seeing as i have to have a gold account to use my netflix account(which i don't because i can stream all of the movies to my PC for free with netflix). this just seems like a waste of time to me. "
Finally, somebody else who feels the same as I do. When services try to compile other services for me, but in a way that isn't time-saving or convenient, then I will flatout deny using it every time. My Macbook is right next to my console, and so there is absolutely no reason as to why I should attempt to use these atrocious and archaic ways of updating my Facebook or whatever. Even when I am away from my console, my Macbook is with me, and so I can log onto Xbox.com and send messages, etc. and whatever else I need to if I'm away.
You put it perfectly: trying to compile these services together into the clunky and slow dashboard is a huge waste of everybody's time. I might check out the Last.FM update, but all I use it for is to update played tracks to my account and virtually nothing else.
Posted by MrRedwine

I'm wondering how or if this will interface with a zune pass.

Posted by Spiritof

Nutty that Microsoft can roll out internet browser functions one or two at a time and package them as something special.

Posted by Inquisitor

Brad <3 
But hate Facebook à.é
Posted by squidracerX

i would rather do all of that on my computer which is always on and in the same room (and better) as my video games and TV. That is nice that they offer it at all i guess, but i would rather have my ps3 just expand some of the web browsing capability and then id buy a usb keyboard for it. until then, i will use all of this stuff (pandora is better than last fm) on my computer.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i don't really get the purpose of throwing all of this stuff on the 360, especially since most of it's so bare bones. i bought a 360 for games, not for facebook, msnbc, or lastfm.

Posted by JoeOE18

Guy Cocker! I remember that guy. is he still at Gamespot?

Posted by Winternet

IN A RELATIONSHIP. Millions of dreams shattered in a second.

Posted by Afroman269
@Nictel said:
" You know you hit the future when HD video is streamed faster than music... "
All we need now is faster broadband in more places.
Posted by Nictel

You know you hit the future when HD video is streamed faster than music...

Posted by ToneFreq

Errrrr, don't see the point in Facebook or Twitter as most have it on there phones and pc anyway.  They need to put relevant on demand TV stations up, a better music player although Zune ain't that bad and some kind of picture app.  Hopefully Microsoft will listen and not charge you for the privelage.

Posted by Duckbutter

this focusing on specific websites is for the birds. and not the cool birds like Flamingos and Ostriches, the ratty ones like Pigeons and Sparrows. 
meanwhile PS3 owners can Twitter all they want and do whatever the fuck else the internet provides because they have the real internet. Microsoft should take a lesson from Sony in that regard and while they're at it, teach Sony how to party chat.
 with video-sharing it'd be extra cool to watch a movie with my cousin across the country in New York at the same time with the chatting and whatnot even though we'll both probably have to pay for it. wasn't Home on the PS3 supposed to do that for free? what the fuck is the hold up?

Posted by Pepsicolaboy
@Xeiphyer said:
" @Quacktastic said:
" Can twitter and facebook be uncool yet? "
I know right.. its been popular for way too long.. I'm tired of being force fed status updates. I really don't care what people are up to every 5 seconds, if its important, I'll get a phonecall. "
Posted by _Horde
@Xeiphyer said:
" @Quacktastic said:
" Can twitter and facebook be uncool yet? "
I know right.. its been popular for way too long.. I'm tired of being force fed status updates. I really don't care what people are up to every 5 seconds, if its important, I'll get a phonecall. "
Tip: Don't read status updates if it annoys you.
Posted by gakon

last.fm will build you a musical profile, but for it to actually gauge your taste you have to let it run on your computer and track what you listen to.
Also, the artist stations don't play one artist; as I understand it, they can't do that, under whatever laws govern radio stations.  The Coldplay radio starts with one Coldplay song, and then moves on to bands like Coldplay.

Posted by usedtype

Brad is crazy.  From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (#4) onward the movies were hugely better than the books.  That's what happens when the book writer becomes lazy and self-indulgent while the more talented script writer has to distill an overlong novel into an exciting 2 hour long film.
Posted by limewizard

Brad dies at...

Posted by XXL_Bomb

Maybe they should focus more on new exclusive that aren't a rehash of Halo.

Posted by darkjester74

Let me get this out of the way first, I think Facebook and Twitter are useless fads that have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  
Having said that, this is by far the most useless update ever.  The ONLY thing that could POTENTIALLY be OK is if the Last FM stuff gets moved to the guide so you can play Last FM music in the background as you play games.  EVERYTHING else is utterly and completely USELESS. I was thinking that MAYBE the Twitter stuff would be ok if posted your achievements or other gaming related data into an RSS feed.  (Not that its needed, since we have Xbox.com)  But it doesn't even do that.  As it stands now it is a non-update as far as I'm concerned.  What a colossal waste of development time and money.  WTF is Microsoft thinking?

Posted by RHCPfan24

Is it bad that I knew all the words to those scenes in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Posted by DoctorSensei

That frittata looked awesome Brad. Share the recipe!

Posted by Th3_James

I think all that shit is wayy more intuitive on my iphone. Also, I don't really frequent social networking sites....my 360 is for gamings

Posted by Xeiphyer
@Quacktastic said:
" Can twitter and facebook be uncool yet? "
I know right.. its been popular for way too long.. I'm tired of being force fed status updates. I really don't care what people are up to every 5 seconds, if its important, I'll get a phonecall.
Edited by GodzillaVsJapan

an update that has nothing to do with gaming. What a complete waste of a resources spent on this update. I can imagine a lot of people who own a 360 not even touching this shit. The only thing I can see useful is people streaming movies online for free

Posted by Poki3


Edited by TOYBOXX
@RabidSquirrel89 said:

" *sigh* Twitter is such a waste of time. "

I have to agree with this statement. Personally I use Facebook more so than Twitter. However, I won't be using it through Xbox Live only because I don't have to subscribe to a service on my computer to use it as you would on the 360. 
Besides a Quick Look to an update such as the integration of Twitter and Facebook on Xbox Live is actually sad. When Microsoft says "jump" the media asks "how hi?" This says alot about the gaming media and how they function.
Posted by CremboC

Haha, Brad birthday is on the same day as mine :D July 20th :D

Posted by Afroman269

Don't care much for twitter but it would be nice if they have or add the ability to use the xbox camera to take pictures for facebook. The most exciting feature is that 1080p instant stream and last.fm is something I will see myself using for quite a while. I hope I got in the preview program.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

I'm really surprised Brad didn't get killed this time around.
Man I'll need an alternate account to use for Facebook. I don't want my managers to see when I'm logging into the Xbox.  Facebook will NOT be a good feature for me...nor would anything that allows outer forces to track me.

Edited by Quacktastic

Can twitter and facebook be uncool yet?

Posted by lawlerballer

nice the streaming 1080p looks pretty baller

Posted by Sarumarine

Return of the periscope! I hope that money was well spent. Heh heh heh. 
As for the update, a lot of useless features.

Posted by Starsimon

Brad how can you be friends with Gamespots Guy Cocker. UGH
Posted by Sanj

Lol i wonder how many people tried to add Brad on fb.
Posted by Smoolander

Wouldn't it be nice to get all of those features, new and existing, instead of the gimped dashboard we get in Australia

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Interesting to see, but none of that interests me.  Seems that now, all PSN has on XBL is porn. 

Posted by Boyling

Freaky: The time in the dashboard in the Twiter segment is 11:48 AM. The time I actually watched the video here on Giant Bomb was... 11:48 AM.

Posted by Grillbar

this will result in brad getting 1 mil freinds inv on fb
Posted by Phonics

Too bad I don't give a shit about anything that this adds. Gamerchix Gamer Night? Please.
I hope you can hide this crap from your dashboard

Posted by Linkyshinks

Looks shit.

Posted by Pepsicolaboy

Lets be fair here people - if your into social networking stuff and you have a 360+gold, this update is pretty fantastic.

Posted by Pepsicolaboy
@Branthog said:
" @Fortenium said:
" A lot of hate for this Dashboard update. I am a fan of social networking, and I would probably be in the same boat as some people, but they announced the ability to post pictures of specific games onto Facebook, and (am I wrong?) post the status. I think there was something about Twitter as well, but I am not sure. I was excited for Last.fm, but after I saw the application closes, I am disappointed by this. I was hoping to listen to Last.fm while playing Xbox 360 without having my speakers play loudly.   I mostly am looking forward to seeing Xbox Facebook connecting, so I don't have to ask everyone, "Hey, do you have Xbox LIVE?" "
People hate it, because it's adding pointless "functionality". Typical Microsoft behavior - feature creep. Surely you have a computer for your "social networking"? And really, who in the hell wants to post pictures and updates about videogames to facebook and twitter from their gaming console? Non-gamers who know you will probably just think you're sad and pathetic because "videogames are for nerds" or whatever their perception is (and believe me, it's still a sadly common perception) and gamers will just think "what the fuck is with this douche bag constantly spamming me updates about his stupid video game habits, like I care?!".  Instead of adding a new "widget" for each individual thing they want to add, perhaps they could have just added a decent browser and a non-proprietary keyboard interface and let people surf the web. Facebook. Twitter. And also useful websites. But no . . . just a bunch of spent resources on a couple uninteresting pieces of crap that are probably of little interest to anyone who doesn't spend half the day filling out "which Twilight character are you?!" quizzes.  As for last.fm -- I'll admit I haven't used the "radio" service it has -- but I assume it's a bad version of Pandora (would much rather see Pandora there). A selection of a bunch of songs you don't want to listen to that share tags with music you really *would* rather be listening to. And I am not surprised that it wouldn't be kept running in the background since it would only cause problems with online interactions.  I really don't know what the fuck is up with console makers, these days. Microsoft has these fucking "avatars" and Facebook and Twitter and Sony has that god damned abortion known as "Home". I don't think I even want to know how many man hours and how much cash has been spent on all of these things on the development end. "
The PS3 browser is SO average - but its 1)functional 2)free 3)already does all the things this update adds....well, kinda. 
I've made a sweet habit out of downloading the bombcast straight from my PS3 browser onto the hard-drive and listening to it while I play wipeout HD tournaments. totally sweet.
I would LOVE to see a microsoft backed and develop broswer on the 360 - seems like it would be a good platform for MS to inroduce people to IE8, and it would be a great feature for silver members to retain a lot of internet functionality.
Still, if this stuff was free I wouldnt be complaining about this update. But it isnt. Nothing about that damn console is.
Posted by bwooduhs

I wonder if any of this is coming to New Zealand. Netflix didn't.

Posted by RabidSquirrel89

*sigh* Twitter is such a waste of time.

Posted by MachoFantastico

This update seems pretty average to me, liking the Last.FM feature but the rest is a little below par for an update. 
Haven't seen the Sky Player yet though.

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