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Posted by Slaneesh

God i hate all the stupid stuff you can update with on facebook now. I don´t need to know everything about you.
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Does anyone really want to Twitter from their 360? I mean really? Really?
I don't even want to Twitter from my PC. -_-

Posted by SlantedRoom

So Brad's 30.. seems about right I guess :)
Posted by spiceninja

Seeing your twitter a few hours ago and then watching this and seeing it happen is a bit surreal.

Posted by Spongetwan

I was expecting more but I will take it

Posted by teh_destroyer

Zune looks cool and looking at the pictures from facebook onto my big screen tv would be useful, looking forward to this update.

Posted by TheMustacheHero

So Brad's 30...Also, he didn't die so this is not a true quick look.

Posted by Brad
@Valru: Wow, I didn't know you could do that. I definitely will. The alphabetical keyboard always trips me up.
Posted by Jackel2072

It would of been cool if they had Pandora instead of last.fm. but real blow here, is you cant stream your stations while playing a game.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

101 friends? gasp!

Posted by Krenor

great stuff, and because its free it's all good

Posted by chipmaga

Last.Fm looks crazy cool, I would definitely use that when im bored or something.  Visuals look great. 

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All this stuff looks bad. The only thing I want is Last.fm and even that seems dumb if you can only use it when you're in the Last.fm section.

Posted by ashton

duder i need that theme! anyone know what it is???

Posted by Hitchenson
@Soap said:
" Most pointless fucking update of all time. "
Exactly what I was thinking.
Posted by L

My love for this update went down a little since watching this video.

Posted by skrutop

I would totally eat that bra, Brah!

Posted by Pappasman

i have more achievements than brad

Posted by musdy

That turkey dinner looked damn good!!

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Seems too clunky to me.  And what they really need to do is integrate this stuff into the guide button menu(which itself needs a makeover) so that they can be used whilst playing a game.
But it does make perfect sense for MS to jump on the social networking bandwagon.

Posted by AviperJ

i agree that the last thing xbox needs is more updates for random ass shit but this actually looks pretty cool

Posted by Kolonel_Kool
@rjayb89 said:
" I like Brad less for him intentionally listening to Coldplay. "
I'll join you on this one. I still like Brad, but Coldplay? What the fuck?! I'm all in for facebook and twitter on my Xbox 360, but seeing how bare bones this is does not leave me excited.
Posted by lordofultima

I'm actually pretty happy with the twitter functionality, can't wait.

Posted by ashton
@mnzy: i actually meant those crazy blue chromosome looking things at the top of the dashboard. ive seen them in another video with Brad signed in
Posted by ObiKwiet
@Hitchenson said:
" @Soap said:
" Most pointless fucking update of all time. "
Exactly what I was thinking. "
Me too.
Posted by Kazona

I don't know whether to be excited or not...

Posted by TheDarkVoid

Do you think they introduced zune thing to be netflix for europe? Cause. we don't have netflix here. the same thing for last.fm . i mean we can access website, not sure if we can stream it from xbox....but if this zune channel is available in europe, im pretty sure those are the reasons.

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July 20, 1979!
North Carolina State!

Posted by GameFreak315

Hey!  Coldplay's a good band.  ^_^

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Waste of my time!!

Posted by Alphonzo

I don't use Facebook or LastFM, and I'm already using Netflix.  I'm gonna have fun with this one.

Posted by Jeffrey

Awesome, I like the new/more features, me likely very much! XD

Posted by AstralVapor

Wow seriously??? Nobody thinks instant HD streaming is a cool update???????????

Posted by afrokola
@JohnAsscream said:
" Now I can see what Shaq is tweeting about on my 360!!! "
Hell yeah man!!!
Posted by Jugzor


Posted by Fortenium

A lot of hate for this Dashboard update. I am a fan of social networking, and I would probably be in the same boat as some people, but they announced the ability to post pictures of specific games onto Facebook, and (am I wrong?) post the status. I think there was something about Twitter as well, but I am not sure. I was excited for Last.fm, but after I saw the application closes, I am disappointed by this. I was hoping to listen to Last.fm while playing Xbox 360 without having my speakers play loudly. 
I mostly am looking forward to seeing Xbox Facebook connecting, so I don't have to ask everyone, "Hey, do you have Xbox LIVE?"

Posted by Reverseface

Twitter from my XBox? FUCK YEAH SO EXCITED!!!!.........Sarcasm doesn't come across the internet so well so...THIS IS FUCKING TERRIBLE.

Posted by EndrzGame

I'll definitely be spending time with Last.fm.

Posted by Fortenium
@AstralVapor: That is being overshadowed by the massive amount of hate for social networking and love for Last.fm. I think everyone can agree that instantaneous high-def video playing is too amazing, especially since they had two bars of connection and the video still played within a few seconds. I have Netflix right now (quite a deal), and that can take up some time, especially on two bar connections like in the demo of this feature!
Posted by Bigbombomb

I was interested in last.fm but now I became less interested as you can't choose individual tracks to listen to. 

Posted by Kyle

That Last FM thing looks totally awesome. The rest of it seems kinda whatever, but hey, I'm not gonna complain about having more features on my 360!

Posted by SgtReznor

this seems so incredibly pointless

Posted by AllanIceman

Hey! I remember seeing that tweet.

Posted by Artemis_D

It's pretty cool they brought all this stuff in.  It sounded kind of weird on paper, but seeing how they integrated all this stuff has got me excited.  I use Facebook and Last.FM, so it'll be nice to share all this and access it in one place.

Posted by Vampire_Chibi

30 years old you look like you are 25.

Posted by Wolverine

I am so excited for this update. I just signed up for the preview program hours before they stopped letting people.
Posted by MrKlorox

Was interested before they made it clear Last.fm didn't work inside games. Now I couldn't care less about it.

Posted by Curufinwe
@AstralVapor said:
" Wow seriously??? Nobody thinks instant HD streaming is a cool update??????????? "
Maybe they're just skeptical till they see it working on their own connection.
Posted by Flap_jackson

Should I use Brad's Last.FM account? Hmmm...
Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

God, that's a great looking Thanksgiving plate. I'm so fucking stoked for Thanksgiving. It could just be because I'm hungry.