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Posted by Inquisitor

Brad <3 
But hate Facebook à.é
Posted by Spiritof

Nutty that Microsoft can roll out internet browser functions one or two at a time and package them as something special.

Posted by MrRedwine

I'm wondering how or if this will interface with a zune pass.

Posted by Napalm
@Jayzilla said:
" unless you have a keyboard for the 360, what is the point of facebook for 360? i know that twitter is more manageable but why wouldn't i just use my phone for twitter or my PC? also, do i have to have a gold account to use facebook/twitter? both of those are free and they should be free as well on the 360, but seeing as i have to have a gold account to use my netflix account(which i don't because i can stream all of the movies to my PC for free with netflix). this just seems like a waste of time to me. "
Finally, somebody else who feels the same as I do. When services try to compile other services for me, but in a way that isn't time-saving or convenient, then I will flatout deny using it every time. My Macbook is right next to my console, and so there is absolutely no reason as to why I should attempt to use these atrocious and archaic ways of updating my Facebook or whatever. Even when I am away from my console, my Macbook is with me, and so I can log onto Xbox.com and send messages, etc. and whatever else I need to if I'm away.
You put it perfectly: trying to compile these services together into the clunky and slow dashboard is a huge waste of everybody's time. I might check out the Last.FM update, but all I use it for is to update played tracks to my account and virtually nothing else.
Posted by Oinkness

Will I be using this? 
1. Facebook - Just to check, but anything else would require a computer.. so not really 
2. Twitter - Yes, for sure. I rarely bother with twitter even with it on the phone. But this looks fun. 
3. Last.fm - No. This is what I was most excited about, but if it doesn't stay on when you leave the app, there's no point. 
This update could have been a lot better. 

Posted by Sparklykiss

 It was all pretty disappointing. I hope you can upload crazy avatar pictures or something on Facebook. That way you can tag your XBL friends. I dunno, seems amusing. 
The Zune videos is pretty much pointless if you ask me. Netflix is already set like Mystery Science Theater and has the ripping and it's going to be way hard to top that. I'm okay with Twitter and Last.fm. Other than that, that's just a lottt of space being clogged on the dashboard.    

Posted by Nekroskop

Last.fm is scrub-tier. Once they get Spotify, I'll give it a try

Posted by Xymox
@ http://www.xfire.com/cms/xf_music_week_lastfm_transcript/ said: 
" TONY LASTFM: Question: ₧иαяҝ: Since you like the xbox 360, are there be any plans on supporting scrobbling of interactive music in games like Rock Band & Guitar Hero?
Answer: Our client guys are huge Guitar Hero fans; so, if it's possible, the answer is likely that it's something they'll consider doing, if they ever get a free second =)"
So, Last.fm update is hopefully only a sign of things to come :>
Posted by Jordan23

Can I play Mafia Wars and Mob Wars on the Xbox 360 Facebook edition?