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Posted by Courtney

It's called makeup, that's what is wrong with her eyes.

Posted by TheClap

Derivative pop stars with derivative pop stars.  Fascinating. 

Posted by buzz_killington

A dude with neck tattoos and this teenager girl in the same commercial? WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GAME TARGETED AS?

Posted by Civraz

And to think, Travis Barker used to be cool... I remember the days of The Baron von Tito....

Posted by Quacktastic
@mracoon said:

" Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you and 'Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best commercial targeted towards a casual videogame audience of all time. ALL TIME!  Old joke but very appropriate. "

Posted by Scarabus

I'm so glad I have no idea who these people are.

Posted by mattysen

You broke my heart Rivers, you broke my heart.

Posted by mustachioeugene

Band Hero? More like; Bland Hero.

Posted by zityz

I think in all seriousness, This game is targeted towards Mid-teen girls or kids whos parents find rock and roll will rot thier poor child's young minds. Or simply put, idiot's who don't know better.  
The kind of people who more than likely have never played one of these games before because theyre "stupid" but because thier Idol Taylor Swift is in it, it's cool. You know? Those type of people who you go to school / work with that mostly listen to whats new on the radio and any song thats been out for more than a month is "OLD". That's who this game is targeted to. 
So! Congradulations Activision for making slumber parties and the "I'm too cool for that" crowd more enjoyable. (Not really)

Posted by cmac2099

Really, they made a Risky Business parody commercial? I never would have guessed!!!! 

Posted by MEBs

Why is Taylor asian but not?

Posted by Konanda

Dude Rivers is making me sad.
Posted by papercut

dammit rivers and travis what are you doing!?

Posted by ZettaSlow
@papercut said:
" dammit rivers and travis what are you doing!? "
Barker died in that plane crash, his family sold his soul to disney in order to get him back. Now look where he's at...
 He's always been a douche, though.
Posted by Se7enthSamurai

Was that Brett Ratner...Well, makes sense he'll make crappy commercials like he does movies.
Posted by SleepyDoughnut
@mustachioeugene said:
" Band Hero? More like; Bland Hero. "
Heyyoo!! This commercial reminds me of the intro to brutal legend for whatever reason. Probably because of the commercialized catchy terribleness.
Posted by LaszloKovacs
@papercut said:
" dammit rivers and travis what are you doing!? "
What are pop musicians who stopped being relevant 10 years ago doing making an Activision commercial?
Truly, this is a question for the ages.
Posted by Deadend

Why do you want me to suffer like that Giant Bomb? :(

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I didn't think it was possible, but now I'm even more confused about who this game is for.

Posted by LeoMinor

they need to stop with the dumb ass 'Risky Business' skit.  It was dumb the first time and it's dumb the 8th time.

Posted by joey


Edited by RedFive
Posted by VibratingDonkey

A commercial commercial. How quaint. Wait, no, the word I'm looking for is stupid. How stupid. How very stupid. I feel stupid for having watched this stupid thing.

Edited by MeatSim

Their milking the Risky Business parody for all it's worth just like the Guitar Hero franchise.  

Edited by Ineedaname

 Who's the girl?
She talks like I should know who she is.

Posted by Shadow

It's really fun for people to get together and do something.

Posted by SlantedRoom
uhhhh.. I don't see how her being skinny and relitively good looking has anything to do with ANYthing.. 
Posted by angelfan91

Is this "Hero" game number four to use the Risky Business template?  It's like the Hot Pockets song.
Posted by copycatzen

You will never get me Activision, not with this crap or even the new call of duty..... 
maybe I willl buy linkin park guitar hero ........... maybe ......... never!!!!!
Posted by Media_Master

Obviously these guys need some cash.

Posted by destruktive

who the fuck is that girl?
I thought they used celebrities for commercials.

Posted by GrumpyTheDorf

My Gawd, what is wrong with her eyes?!

Posted by Pakorn

 @destruktive said:

" who the fuck is that girl?  I thought they used celebrities for commercials. "
I think it was one of the chicks from those Lavalife commercials I see late at night?
Posted by Reuben
@HatKing said:

Wow, professional Travis Barker... playing on his fucking DS while being interviewed.  Douche bag.

I think he was reading off of it. It actually looked like a few of them were reading.
Posted by Punchoutman

Oh Taylor, we all know the real reason you're doing this commercial. So you finally have an excuse to watch guys dance in their underwear. That would also explain why the Travis and Rivers are doing this, to hopefully get lucky. amirite? amirite? :P

Posted by destruktive
@Pakorn said:
"  @destruktive said:
" who the fuck is that girl?  I thought they used celebrities for commercials. "
I think it was one of the chicks from those Lavalife commercials I see late at night? "
that just confused me even more O,o
Posted by solidlife

shes not hot.

Posted by Parsnip

I don't know who any of these people are.
For the better I guess.

Posted by Xpgamer7
It is a ds, look closely, you can pause and see a catridge and the charger port and stuff.(ds lite) 
Posted by Linkster7

People this excited about a commercial ?

Oh, Come On!

Posted by F1


Posted by FlipperDesert

Did anyone else think of the opening sequence in Brutal Legend when they were watching Travis' interview?

Posted by Thejugglingbum
@leviticus128: you can't even spell Weezer
Posted by Leviticus128
@Thejugglingbum: sorry but just because i can't spell doesnt make weezer any better lol
Posted by Afroman269

I love how these commercials are all rehashes since Guitar Hero World Tour's commercial. Oh wait what do you expect all of these games are all rehashes too, it all makes sense now.

Posted by slyspider

HAHAHA dude playing his DS!!!!!!

Posted by Hemlock

Poor, poor Rivers.

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@KinjiroSSD said:
" They won't let this Tom Cruise underwear thing die....... "
elaborate please 
@MysteriousBob said:
" Band Hero? I can't keep up with all these "Band" and "Hero" games they seem to release a new one every three hours. "
haha xD 
@leviticus128 said:
" hahaha asif anyone thinks that wheezer are musical heros lol "
Weezer is a pretty unique and influential alt-rock act .. not surprised if they're somebody's hero 
@addictedtopinescent said:
" Rivers was probably drugged into thinking this is rockband or something "
@PeasForFees said:
" God! I hate Taylor Swift "
thanks i was trying to know who that singer is from the comments cuz i dunno her.. i do know the name taylor swift though, and that she's another pop-ish singing b!mbo
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