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Posted by CraigAA1028

Call of Duty: Epic Future Space Battles....Extreme....Super....Ultra, yeah thats good

Posted by Sticky_Pennies

SEE?! Helicopters are out to fucking get us.
Yep. Still just going to rent this. I'm only interested in the single player.

Posted by Jackel2072
@CraigAA said:
" Call of Duty: Epic Future Space Battles....Extreme....Super....Ultra, yeah thats good "
i bet its a vary small part of the game
Posted by TheHT

YEAHHHH LET'S DO THI--- wait, did i see call of duty in the title? i thought they dropped that. EH???

Posted by JoelTGM

I'm glad I'm not buying this game if that's actually their target audience.

Posted by ptys

I wasn't going to get this game... but I've been brainwashed by the hype!.. Damn you, I just know I'm going to get my ass kicked on multiplayer though. Yeah good call guys, the music is really bad, should have it's own original score.

Posted by GozerTC

Oh HELLS yeah!  Can't wait to pick up my copy!  :D  
Posted by teh_destroyer

I don't know whether to buy the Hardened Edition or the regular edition :(

Posted by MachoFantastico

Not a bad trailer though the graphics still look a little dated to me, but the music was god awful. Got nothing against rap but the choice of music was way off the mark.

Posted by aproposshadows

*jaw dropped* 

Posted by Sabata

Eminem?  Really?

Posted by Valru

decade's most anticipated game...  okay...
also clever use of activisions dj hero music licenses rofl

Posted by Balaamsafe

That space station was being blown up from the shockwave of a nuke on earth.  Hate trailers giving away story :(

Posted by Kraznor

Dude, part of this game takes place in space? Just went from "don't care at all" to "may rent this in a few weeks".

Posted by MrJiggerski


Posted by Seraphim2150

Sleeper hit of the year!

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@W0lfbl1tzers: It's a bit old. From The Eminem Show album ^^ 
Even though I really like the song, it didn't fit in at all. Oh, WERE GOING TO THE MOON!
Posted by 1icecream

i think i just milked a little

Posted by CrazedJoker

I don't get you people, the music is about soldiers for fuck sake, and it fits well. Get a life ya bastards.

Posted by CrazedJoker
@Kraznor:  You again! No wonder you're queer! You don't like Modern Warfare! AGGGGGGGGGH!!!! HOMO!
Posted by solidlife

wut. SPACE 
Now all we need is aliens. 

Posted by snoopeasystreet

Modern Warfare 2: Warfare in Space!!!

Posted by Dethfish

A lot of people are hating on MW2 right now (and I kinda don't blame them) but this game still looks like it's gonna be pretty awesome.

Posted by Sharpshooter

Space? WTF? How the hell are they going to justify that? Its probably going to be like the scene from MW1 where you see thing from the view of a character you can't actually control. Only this time your a guy from the ISS watching it get destroyed by the bad dudes.

Posted by McDom

goosebumps from watching that...

Posted by imad81

dude..space..REALLY?????thats friggin unbelievable..this is truly MODERN y'all..

Posted by MacGyver


Posted by RichieJohn

As they said on the Mega64 vid.... Just another fucking war game!! 
I'm done with these games! Lost all interest.... Where's my platformers at??

Posted by Cuddy


Posted by Kolonel_Kool

That was F'N INTENSE!

Posted by Terjay

That "hiphop with military stuff"-theme reminded me of the Jarhead trailer... And I love it.

Posted by Saltank

I enjoyed CoD4: MW, CoD:WaW but I won't enjoy this until they at least make an effort to redeem themselves to PC gaming. 
The space thing is ridiculous, we now have Shattered Horizon for that!

Posted by tuesdaythe5th


Posted by Foggen
@Moebi: Well trolled.
Posted by Death_Burnout

I really like CoD, and Modern Warfare, but i do not like the way its become so hyped, i get this odd sense of pomposity from IW, maybe rightfully so...i dunno.
Really good trailer though, im actually excited to get my face melted all over again.

Posted by Porridgelad

*Giggles like a school girl*

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Posted by Alphawolfy

Nice trailer, but I wonder what the space parts will be like?
Also, I actually really like "Till I Collapse" by Eminem, but it's a little odd in this video.

Posted by Jost1

truly this is the age of modern warfare

Posted by TheDoorman

The campaign is going to be epic
Posted by Terjay


Posted by Cook66

The best Eminem song on this video, thats cool. Too bad they butchered it though, censoring the words and mixing it like that did it no favors.

Posted by The_Philosopher

What was that? I don't know if i'm more excited or less excited for the new less serious direction this is going in.

Posted by IllestMC

Game of the Year easy!!!!!!!!!! Eminem - Till I Colapse,song been out long time ago,love hiphop! :)

Posted by Stonyman65

Why are we in space?
Because we're AMERICA bitches!
Semper Fi


Music? WTF?? Anyways, the game looks AWESOME!!

Posted by IcySandman

I like helicopters and want to fly them, this doesn't make me feel so good about that now :\
Whatever can't wait!

Posted by Kohe321

The game looks awesome, and SPACE! DUDER!

Posted by azuelke

That song is old.