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Posted by Aarny91

Definitely first.

Posted by letsgohome

wow i pooped my pants

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Awesome man, to bad I can't get into beta since there is no Gamestop around here, I wouldn't support them anyways, I'll just have to wait for the final release.

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Posted by AjayRaz

not sure what the whole still image thing was about, but hey, BATTLEFIELD!   
i might pre order it to get into the beta :D

Posted by krazy_kyle

Why is it only on PS3 and not the Xbox 360?
Thats not fair :'(

Posted by wrecks

Halo 3 replay style system in effect!

Posted by crusnchill
I think they're saying: "Wait and see what happens next." Just like any good ad should. :-)
Posted by MarkWahlberg

What, no space? Fuck that, then.

Posted by LordKorax

Can't wait.


That was the most boring trailer I have ever seen. 

Posted by nrain

only on da trey

Posted by Seppli

btw. guys - NDA dropped today at 9am PST. Look forward to alot more covarage of BF:BC 2 from now on out.
Also, there will be multiplayer DEMO for all 3 platforms early next year, months before the game comes out. Everybody will get to play the game, way before its retail release.
OPEN BETA for PC in sometime in December.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro
@Seppli said:
 OPEN BETA for PC in sometime in December. "
Good news. 
But I'd rather see something on BF3.
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I usually don't care for these weird concept/dramatic kind of ads but this one was pretty awesome and well done.  Although I have to admit the whole time I was waiting for it to all come to life instead of being a powerpoint-esque slideshow of a story.

Posted by JoelTGM

visuals are amazing.

Posted by Hilfemaster

I can't decided wether or no I'm excited about this game. On one hand it is a new Battlefield game for PC, on other it is a Bad Company game developed for consoles.

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@Hilfemaster said:

" I can't decided wether or no I'm excited about this game. On one hand it is a new Battlefield game for PC, on other it is a Bad Company game developed for consoles. "

Battlefield has come a long way since BF2. The Frostbite engine is definitly one of the top engines out there. If you haven't played a Frostbite game yet, you will be blown away. BF:BC 2 will be optimized for the upcoming DX11 and BF3 (sometime in the next years) will use Frostbite 2.0, which is has dedicated DX11 support and should be head and shoulders above any other engine in the online multiplayer realm.
Posted by Xeiphyer

Can't wait!

Posted by TheMustacheHero
" That was the most boring trailer I have ever seen.  "
It was better than that MW2 trailer yesterday...
Posted by giyanks22

Looks really good.

Posted by MjHealy

Great they have taken what made Bad Company and bit different and crapped all over it. Back to the ol' Battlefield then..

Posted by CptChiken
@MjHealy: what do you mean?
Posted by Derecto
@MjHealy: Amen to that brother.
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@CptChiken: I mean that BC1 was a great lighthearted single-player campaign, and for the Battlefield series, a pretty unique game but now with BC2 they just threw it back into the serious multiplayer focused game, throwing away what made BC1 a bit different.
Posted by Branthog

I own and played BF:BC, but it's a shame they're spending their energy on this franchise instead of the main Battlefield line, which would be a great thing to finally port to consoles without dumbing it down. I recently tried BC multi-player after about a year without and it sure wasn't as fun as it used to be... and I never could drag myself through the entire single player campaign. It felt like work. Or worse, a punishment.

Posted by Branthog

Man, the frame rates look like ass. One frame per four seconds and the lag was so awful, it kept pausing almost like time was standing still. Should have postponed this trailer until they could resolve those issues when showing this in-game footage!

Posted by MeatSim

At this point I wanna see more of the single player I get what the multiplayer is about.

Posted by FlamingHobo

I miss the funny Bad Company trailers.

Posted by Media_Master

Still looking forward to this.

Posted by Phonics

Cool can we get Battlefield 3 now. Just upgrade the graphics on BF2, new maps, new weapons, better unlock/rank system to draw in the CoD-kids and you're done.

Posted by supergeek88
The PS3 is a newer and better than the Xbox360.