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Would definitely like to see more female fighters thrown into the mix..  What they did to Terra was embarrasing, but at least they included her over Locke.
Rydia would be a great choice for IV, but if they keep the same summoning system I'm not entirely sure how she'd work..  her whole thing was being a summoner.  But I do think having a certain class of character that could do that would be pretty fun.  I'd also quite like to see Kain and Rosa.
Farris from V, Celes from VI, Tifa from VII, Laguna from VIII.  Dagger and Yuna would again work as summoners, otherwise they could use the gun wielding Yuna from X-2 and Stiener from IX, who is easily one of the best characters from the whole series.  I also very much liked Beatrix, but I'm not sure how likely it is they'd include someone who was only a temporary party member.


  Ashe or Bashe from XII and Lightning from XIII.  And I sincerely hope they keep anything from Kingdom Hearts very far away.
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I've read that if they do make another game, they may include Kingdom Hearts characters.  Sora and Riku would be the obvious ones, but I wan to kick the shit out of Tidus with Goofy.

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Instead of more characters, I'd much rather have non playable combatants. For example, when playing as a villain, you fight the non playable heroes, such as Auron and Laguna. Also throw in some boss fights like Giant Tonberry and Ifrit.

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Every character from FF6 that wasn't the old guy or his ten year old artist granddaughter. Ugh.  
I mean, Locke, Sabin, Edgar, Shadow, Gau, Celes, Mog. 
All gold.

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Some easy ones I think that could possibly bring something unique:
Auron  FFX
Locke FFVI 
Sabin FFVI
I still find it odd that Square Enix said that they weren't planning on making a sequel unless the first one was highly praised and there was a demand for one. Which, I might say, has happened. You'd think they would have expected as much.
I'm still working on tweaking my favorite builds and mastering some abilities, but I guess I could say I finished Dissidia as well. Its a game to easily come back to just because the fights are so satisfying with nearly every character.

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I'll take it that you're a Final Fantasy fan? That's okay of couse but as someone who's so-so with the series. I thought the game was alright. It's not bad but feels...off in a way.

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I recently finished Final Fantasy Dissidia for the Playstation Portable. And I must say that I am really amazed with the graphics and the whole story as well as the experience. The rosters of cast is also a great addition to the overall game. All the lead characters from the multiple Final Fantasy worlds together with their respective foils are all here. Whats even great is the fact that there are several unlockable characters including Judge Magister Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII to Shantoto from Final Fantasy XI.
But heres an idea: What if Square Enix creates a sequel for Dissidia this time pitting the various heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy Universe. I decided to write my essay about this while I still have a lot of characters waiting in the wings.
So here are my top picks:
Rydia - Any hybrid RPG/Fighting game needs a bad-ass summoner and Rydia for me takes the top spot. 

Gunner Yuna from FFX-2 - She's pretty, sassy and can beat you all with various spheres with magical job classes.   

Vincent Valentine -  Everybody loves Vincent particularly because (a) he uses guns, (b) he's cyborg (c) he's the bearer and avatar for Chaos (d) As of DOC (Dirge of Cerberus), he just saved the world much like how his buddy Cloud saved the world from the nefarious and demented Sephiroth. 
Adelbert Steiner - The knight for Final Fantasy IX is a great addition because despite looking like a deformed midget he's got a wicked looking trance mode and he can also weild the powerful "Save the Queen" sword.

  Laguna Loire - Squall Leonheart's pappy should also make a crucial appearance in this all-star game. Ofcourse his machine gun should also be present. As well as his cool "Limit Break"

So what do you guys think? Who are the possible bosses for these noble heroes?
I do have one addition for the baddies here. I nominate Final Fantasy VIII Ultima Weapon and Shinryu...