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Posted by coonce

We're closing in on a successful 2009 and I could not be more pleased with the way the site and community has developed this past year. We've managed to clean up a ton of code, improve a handful of important features and give you guys a better product than we had this time last year.
So what the hell have I been working on lately? Staff Tools and Bug Fixes.  

Staff Tools:

We have a number of Staff Tools the editors and content managers use on each site to help them do their jobs. Since we tend to favor end user experience over almost everything else, we end up spending a majority of our time building tools and features for you guys. This typically means that we neglect staff requests and the tools that are built for staff tend to be hap-dash and a little janky. I recently went through a consolidation effort (consolidating commonly used code) and got on a kick to clean up a number of the Staff Tools for our editors - they work so freaking hard and their tools should not be a chore to use. 


Bugs suck. But there is something kinda cathartic about finding them and fixing them and pushing out clean code. We just started a more formal process of stating and monitoring our bugs using a great bug tracking product called Lighthouse. With end of the year coming up, I just got into bug fix mode and haven't really come up for air to work on new features yet. In fact, this whole post is part of a test to try to track down a bug with the email notification system - ha!
I've had a wonderful year working on the site(s) and I hope you guys have had as much fun interacting with them. Look for more features, and more fun stuff coming early next year from the team.
Posted by follow

Sounds awesome coonce -- thx for the heads up.

Posted by coonce

one more thing -- thanks to everyone who has made this past year at GB so special. love you duders!

Posted by follow
@coonce: we love you too duder
Posted by AjayRaz
@coonce: we also love you, duder! here's to an awesome next year! 
Posted by Claude
Janky seems to be the word of the day...
I love the site. It serves me well. I'm too old to follow, but hey, you know what they say, live and learn. I miss my friends. 
Love not the code, but love it for what it does for free.
Happy Holidays Coonce.
Posted by erinfizz

You have no idea how happy some of us are about bug fixing! ^_^ 

Posted by ThomasP

Thanks for all the hard work, coonce. Glad to hear you're enjoying the job and I can't wait to see what the coming year holds.

Posted by Lies

Please fix the guide bugs
Shit has been broken for so long and it's demoralizing :(

Posted by Sweep
@coonce: we feel the love coonce. we feel it deep...
but fixing bugs is no excuse for standing me up on our special-ops date. you owe me the Call Of Duty equivalent of dinner and a movie ;)
Edited by Linkyshinks

Your hard work is appreciated, I do know it cannot be easy working on a site which has features such as this one. I only kicked up a fuss about the wallpapers and the following feature, nothing more.  
The site looks awesome, thanks for the hard work all of you have put into over the last year, it's paying off. 

Posted by eroticfishcake

New code means new bugs so the Lighthouse app sounds great. There's still a few minor things missing here and there but they've already been reported in the forums. Cheers for the effort Coonce! Site's getting better the longer I stay here.

Posted by markB0SS

OOOOO lighthouse ehhh, might have to check that out ;)

Posted by Jensonb

Much love Coonce! Giant Bomb rules! Thanks for all your hard work & Happy Holidays!