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Posted by Fleppie

Last time I blogged about buying my new vidcard and I really love it. Everything just looks so damn good. That is absolutely the best part of PC-gaming. You can go back and crank all the games up to max settings to see what they look like. Gears of War on max settings looks really good. Halo 2...not as much. Still need to get me some points in both of those games, so I'll be playing them next week. Because next week vacation starts!! 
The new WoW content patch dropped and that new Dungeon Finder tool is crazy addicting. You just keep doing dungeons and let that be my favorite part of the game. Gotta get used to the new rotation on my Shaman, since the new Fire Nova eats up a lot of mana, but really increases my dps. I am also getting my Priest geared and levelling my Druid at the same time, who can either heal, dps or tank thanks to dual-specs.. You can see that I can easily lose myself for a couple of hours in this game. Lets not even start talking about achievements. 
I also played all the way through plants vs zombies and updated the Witcher so I don't need the cd anymore. Hopefully I'll play it more often now, because it's a good game. But there so much other stuff to play. Almost done with my first playthrough of Dead Space, but I mostly play that game during the daytime if I have some spare time. (which I don't) I only play at night if my girlfriend is still awake, because that game really creeps me out. Played through Batman faster than I thought and need to go back in to sweep up some more achievements. Also loaded up Left 4 Dead and TF2 every now and again.
So next week it's game time! I would really like to purchase Dragon Age, but I already have so much catching up to do game-wise. So I'll wait for the price to drop a bit. Buying it for the PC for sure. 
Also purchased The Beatles: Rockband and man that game is awesome! It is also my first time playing a true rockband game after the first 3 Guitar Heroes. Being from Europe the original Rockband was just way too expensive. Then number 2 dropped pretty fast with better instruments which were nowhere to be found here. So finally they release The Beatles: Rockband, which has all the instruments I want and a cool game to beat. I went all out and purchased the Rockband Song pack 2, Rockband 1 & Guitar Hero Greatest Hits. And then the madness and overspending had to end.  
Really looking forward to our vacation. Gonna play me some WoW and also try to get one more game S-ranked on my 360. At the moment the only games I S-ranked are King Kong & that Doritos game. Sad huh? I also intend to go through the full trilogy of the LOTR DVD boxset....again. :) Let's see how far we get. And there has been this Final Fantasy itch I need to scratch. Don't know which one I'll play yet. 
Lots to do this vacation! Looking forward to it. 
Oh almost forgot, due to my collecting I tend to lag behind playing games, but I recently got through Modern Warfare 1 and wow that game is intense. Already started it again on the veteran setting. And speaking of collecting, I passed the 800 mark a couple of weeks ago. Steam had some insane prices for some great games. 
(PS: I just found out that they added achievements to Torchlight. Add 1 more game I need to play to the list!)