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Fuck Yes.... Bayonetta has undoubtedly the most in depth and unique combat system of any action game ever. Nobody even comes close to Kamiya.

Posted by CaptainObvious

I would but Dante's Inferno conquered my heart.

Posted by Fallen189

I am very excited to play this game. It looks like God Hand meets Devil May Cry. I'm so down with this.

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I'm currently in the process of chasing up my "Pure Platinum" medals, it's worth it just to hear Cereza tell mummy she's the best.  


I cannot wait till next week!, I've waited ages for this Kamiya masterpiece. Who's with me, who's picking up this awesome game on launch night?, at what's being dubbed "the witching hour". Alternatively, who's taking a wait and see approach? If you are doing the latter, what exactly are you waiting for?.
Anyway, here's the new Bayonetta TV advert, It's short, but very sweet. I like the use of La Roux's- "In for the Kill"
Bayonetta TV Advert  

You guys in the US get the game on Tuesday (5th), those of us in Europe have to wait till Friday (8th).We in Europe get awesome pre-order gifts in the form of replica weaponry and the Climax Edition.   

Why Bayonetta?
I'm in love with everything about this game, even it's OTT style has managed to grow on me in a big way, but more so than what's seen on the surface, I love what this game has at it's very core - it's awesome combat system. It's the product of extreme labour on the part of  PlatinumGames (ex  Clover Studios). They spent an obsessive amount of time working on the games combat system alone, before anything else of consequence was even designed. (-that's how it should be done always imo)  It's extremely well devised and takes the genre to the next level, which was always the games design goal from the very start. What I like about the combat is the way it can force you to attack, block and evade in an almost rhythmic fashion. If you watch a noob play and it can seem like just another slasher, but watching an expert play can be wow worthy enough for you to drop your jaw in amazement.     
As you may already be well aware, Bayonetta's gameplay is full to the brim with what looks likes utter chaos, but it's ordered chaos, put into order because the combat system is so solid. I don't think you can have such chaos in any such videogame unless all cylinders are firing as far as the combat system. It would be too bewildering to the player otherwise. Everything has been implemented with skill, even old part and parcel features like bullet time have been given new life with this game. Kamiya-san was unhappy with where Capcom had taken the DMC franchise in his absence, his baby (- he made the first game, only, I should add). the development of this game has essentially been an outlet for him to cast off the past and innovate to bring the action genre back to where he thinks it belongs.  
The term hack and slash would be an offensive term to apply to this game given the games depth in combat, it's far from hack and slash, which suggests mind numbing combat that allows few options to the player. The combat here goes way beyond that of Ninja Gaiden and God of War's. If think the games distinct style may well put off a few people, but I personally love it because I know exactly what games have influenced it. The style has really grown on me, I now see that it aids the quirky camp comedy found in the game. It's very akin to the madness found in the great God Hand. 
For me,  Bayonetta is one of only a few videogames that seems to embrace the fact it's a videogame, it's celebrates the fact unashamedly in almost hedonistic fashion with beautiful chaos and fantastic gameplay.  
To any doubters, I suggest you keep an open mind. 
I'm getting two Scarborough Fair replica guns with my copy, as seen below. My girlfriend Jenni really wants one ^^, but I've told her she can't. I  just can't do it..I need to have two for collection purposes, well that's my excuse anyway.  I am making it up to her though, I've asked some Chinese dude in London's Chinatown to make me a Bayonetta voodoo doll, using the image below. I'm picking that up on Friday also, I think it'll keep her quiet, I hope it does... Of course, I don't mind her using them as kinky props in future ^^ 



More info on the game can be found here 
 Interviews with Hideki Kamiya for those who wish to know more about the game and what makes it special:

 Official Website:  http://www.sega.co.uk/platinumgames/bayonetta/en/index.html
 Bayonetta Fan Kit Download:  http://dl.sega.com/fansite-kits/Bayonetta_Fan_Site_Kit.zip      (110mb) 


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