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Posted by Tylea002

I Have too many games.

Actually, that is kind of a lie, because I don't HAVE too many, I just spend my time with them unwisely. I really need to complete games more, and this list is my reminder that these games exist, and I *will* complete them. You'll all be here with me guys, right? Guys? 

My Backlog

Welcome to my personal reminder that I should really get to finishing Mass Effect. Catchy nickname, don't you think? Anyway, my list. These are games that I own that I have not finished, and do intend to. It doesn't include the games that I own and have barely played, such as my Sports games. I'm still debating as to whether to include Pure. Anyway, without further ado, the games I need to finish but haven't. What this means is these are the games my mind goes: DO THIS, so on some (one) of them, I've already completed it twice.
1. Saints Row 2

Amazing game. I am loving every second of this awesome adventure. I received it on Christmas day, and have almost finished it already. Hopefully this won't be on the list for long, but I am attempting to savour Saint's Row 2, with the extra activites and Real Estate buying, but other games are calling, so I'll finish this up soon.

2. Mass Effect

OK, this game is different. I finished it, then I did a renegade run, then I started a rushy Hardcore run, and now Mass Effect 2 is approaching on me and I haven't got to Level 60 (I'm 2 off) and don't have a file that has the decisions I originally made carried over. Yes, I'm trying to complete this twice before Mass Effect 2. Yes, I know its futile.

3. Shadow Complex

Bought this on Sale whilst it was 800 points, and I'm not dissapointed. I played it for about an hour, and I managed to get stuck. I'm sure I'll complete this later. Hopefully. I really don't like being stuck in games, its kinda demotivating.

4. Lost Odyssey

I *love* this game. So much. It is a testament to this love that I REFUSE to complete it until I have done more of the sidequests. I've got the DLC bonus dungeon, and yes it is like banging my head against a wall, but my head is enjoying every second being bashed against the wall of Lost Odyssey. I truly love this game, and aren't being quick about finishing, even though I HAVE TWO OTHER JRPGS. AHH.

5. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

Got this for my Birthday in November, I'm sure I'll play it eventually, its not bad. I've already done the first level, but this isn't a priority as of now.

6. Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Again, Birthday gift in November, and what a gift it is. I enjoyed the two days I played it on in November, then went back to Modern Warfare 2. I will come back to this eventually. This list will still be here until I do.

7. Tom Clancy's EndWar

Again, birthday gift. I'll never complete this, I know it in my heart. Which is a shame, but inside, I know I don't have it in me to complete an RTS game. Ever. Sadface.

8. Fable II

I love this game, rather a lot. Fable II is FUCKING AMAZING. Go buy it if you haven't. I bought it, I then bought see the future, and I haven't finished that yet. Its the one short thing I have to do, if only I could just put the game back in...

9. Bully: Scholarship Edition

Birthday gift. FROM 2008. I played it once, REALLY enjoyed that, then left it til I had time. I still don't. This saddens me.

10. Beautiful Katamari

Now, this was a christmas gift, and a very enjoyable christmas gift. A *very* enjoyable christmas gift. Too bad it doesn't have an auto-save function. Three hours lost, and I am a very upset annoying little teenager. I'll get back to it, its not that long, but its very good, though losing three hours of Katamari making through my own stupidity, its just frustrating.

11. BioShock

I got this game, I played it, and my original Xbox BROKE. I don't know how far I got, I cannot remember where I am in the game. I was really enjoying it, then everyone spoiled ALL of the twists. What Jackasses I know. I really hate spoilers. I currently am refusing to forgive my dad for spoiling Serenity, which I just watched, but thats by the by. I don't know if I have the motivation to finish this.

12. Blue Dragon

Oh boy. Oh lord. Two JRPGs. TWO! This will end up being the one I don't finish, because inside of me, I know that Star Ocean will be better, and less similar to Lost Odyssey in gameplay. But I like to think that I'll finish it, even if I won't.

13. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Christmas gift, and I got it twice, from two people. I know have a spare copy of Star Ocean that I really don't need. This is rather annoying. Oh well.

Right, that was fun, wasn't it? I think the thing I am most saddened by this list is there are a few games that I've just gone "nope, never doing that" and won't ever complete, that aren't on this list. So, actually, think of this not as a moan, but as a To-Do list. I will report back to this website and show my progress! Heres to it being good!

In Other News...

  • I don't know if I said this in the main blog, but DUDE SAINTS ROW 2 IS PRETTY SWEET. It is really refreshing to not care about consequences, and have a game that does not care about consequences. I have guns AKIMBO, I have a car that may well be the batmobile, and I'm loving every second. Not realistic at all, but oh so amazing.
  • Happy new year, or whatever. New year is the most pointless celebration, just an excuse for people to get drunk and not feel guilty. Then again, I will never drink (part moral reasons and part fussy eater reasons) and so I will never understand why people enjoy it.
  • I'm getting a guitar. This will be awesome.
  • I should go and have a shower now, considering I'm going into london. I suppose I'll talk later.
Posted by ZenaxPure

I wish my backlog was that small.. kinda.

Posted by fibanachi

I'm the same. I NEVER complete games despite buying loads of them. 

Posted by clubsandwich

Saints Row 2 is an amazing game, I finished every single activity, and completed all the tags, I'm only missing a few CD's. :x

Posted by scarace360

Dude how can your back logs be so big. i have like 1 or 2 games i their.

Posted by Meowayne

There is no excuse for the lack of auto-save in Beautiful Katamari. I recently lost some progress there as well. 
For those who don't have the game: The game doesn't save anything. Anything. You have to go to a specific building on the "overworld" to save manually. Not only that, but the game doesn't tell you that, AND it doesn't warn you of lost progress when you quit. Beautiful, isn't it?
Anyway Tylea, if you want the "play online" and "collect cookies" achievements, you could PM me. Online MP for this game is dead and you won't find any games.

Posted by nukesniper

Dude, Yes at Saints Row 2 being completely awesome. I have 3-4 characters in that game for Co-op only with my friends. Each of which has a very significant portion of the content done. 
Saints Row 2 and Burnout Paradise are two of my biggest time consuming games, but I love playing them. Glad to know that you like Saints Row as much as I do.

Posted by Ghostiet

I can help you if you have PS3 games.

Posted by Griddler

I sympathise. I also have a huge back log.

Posted by Wunder

Nice list but question: Why do you get such crappy games for your birthday/Christmas? It seems to me most of your backlogged games are from last month or even this month... I'd never buy a game for someone if I didn't know what s/he liked or whatever, but at least make it current! Lost Planet? Really?

Posted by oldschool

I have 8 of those 13 and I need to play them also - one day.  I have over 800 games not completed, so it may take a while  :P

Edited by Alexander

I don't keep track of a backlog, I usually will never revisit something I didn't play unless I hear from someone that I absolutely must. Mass Effect sits sealed in my draw - but I'll probably buy ME2 and finish that.

Posted by rjayb89

I would put my list here, but it's way too big.  It comprises mostly of PS2 games.

Posted by Doubt

i like hearing the british moan............... Why dot you give me that extra star ocean copy ;) 
lol anyway same here with mass effect i have yet to beat it once and i love the game but it keeps locking up on me but i do want to finish it before umber 2 comes out a mission that seems quite impossible.

Posted by CABBAGES

I have the same problem with not completing games that i actually want to. im not back to work untill tuesday so i migth just spend the next 3 days constantly playing games :D

Posted by PenguinDust

Welcome to the party!  I have a huge backlog, too and best of all, I don't care if I do.  Except for my eventual mortality, I have time to play what I like when I like.  It's not a race.  I can play Dragon Age: Origins today and then, a week from now when I feel like gaming again, I can play Blue Dragon.  I want to have fun when I play and that means being in the mood.  Otherwise, it becomes like work.  I quit WOW because that's what the game felt like after 2 years.  I'd punch in, do my daily chores, advance slightly, and then repeat the routine the next day.  I don't want to have that feeling again, so I only play what I want and when I feel like it even if that means not finishing every game I start or amassing a large number of unplayed titles.  It took me 2 years to finish Halo 3, I'm still not done with Bioshock or Fallout 3, and I'm in my 3rd Mass Effect run but will likely be sidetracked by something else very soon.  It's okay unless you feel you're in a competition with all other gamers, and then if you do, you really need to take a break.

Edited by crunchUK
I have so many half played games and even unplayed games it's not even worth listing them. Some games just have bits in them that are so poorly designed and annoying to play i just shelve them forever.
said:  "
  • Happy new year, or whatever. New year is the most pointless celebration, just an excuse for people to get drunk and not feel guilty. Then again, I will never drink (part moral reasons and part fussy eater reasons) and so I will never understand why people enjoy it.

How do you not drink for "fussy eater" reasons? Either way as you said you're british so you inevitably will at some point. 
And finally, doctor who is cheesier than... a french cheese... selection pack. Honestly each episode starts off alright but then towards the end your thoughts are ever recurringly  "who writes this garbage?". Also, if you were watching the 90 minute long channel 4 "best TV shows of the decade" programme, as dr who gets number 2  it's all "zomg yeah brilliant timeless british institution give it a medal" and how "people love the characters" from the commentating actors. EVEN THOUGH it is clearly not very good. When top gear is at number 1 spot it was all "surely there's something more worthwhile than us on?" "3 middle aged blokes shouting in an old aircraft hangar is number 1?" "So nobody voted for big brother?" and so on when everyone knows top gear is great. 
Anyway the point is Dr who bigs itself up waaay too much in the BBC between program trailers and sorts when it would be much better as a programme if it were more like bad company and not so serious biznis instead of ZOMG SAVE TEH UNIVERS EACH HOLIDAY WITH CRUMMY SCRIPT!!!11one. 
Much, MUCH better.
Posted by Whisperkill

Cross off Endwar, Lost Planet, Katamari, and Star Ocean

Posted by Jimbo

I don't think Saints Row 2 really got the credit it deserved.  Just how well the co-op is implemented is incredible, I really didn't think anybody would pull it off in an open world game as well as they did in SR2.  At this point I'd honestly be kinda disappointed not to see similar functionality in the next GTA game.  Also, I had more fun with that secondary activity in SR2, where you bounce around from one vehicle to the next, than I did with the entirety of the GTA4 OC.
Funny you should mention Mass Effect, because I also ended up playing through that over the Holidays in order to get a PC save file ready for ME2.  That delay in the original PC release is to blame, I wonder how many people have been doing the same thing.

Posted by Tylea002
@Wunder: The reason most of them are from the last months is because I have others non-completed, but I know there is no hope in hell of me ever doing it. The ones I got recently, I haven't played as much and so I'm giving them more of a chance, wheras I *know* I don't and will never have the motivation to say, complete dead rising, which I own, for numerous reasons. And the reason there is so much is kind of because they aren't current. I try to buy older games because they are cheaper. I will rarely buy a brand new game unless I'm really excited, and due to that excitement, they get completed quickly. Its a psychological thing. I won't ask for say, Borderlands for Christmas because I'll probably pick it up in a year or two on the cheap. It is a strange way of looking at games and its what leads to me getting most of them spoiled, but it is definitely cheaper and more rewarding.
Posted by 02sfraser

man i have so many games i need to finish as well. Mass Effect and Blue Dragon are in my list as well haha. it saddens me when i get a great game but don't have the drive to finish it. like Eternal Sonata or Oblivion. we will get there eventually haha

Posted by Video_Game_King

I know the awkwardness of the double Christmas gift, since it happens to me all the time. Hell, I still have an unopened extra copy of Borderlands that I'm too lazy to return or trade in or do something with.

Posted by Yummylee

Hurrah for moany britishness! =P 
yeah recently i've had the same issues, though fortunatly its with less games. More so its me just wanting to get as much as i can out of every game until i get bored, but with me constantly switching between them all I imagine i'll still have games i intend to play some more when the barrage arrives from 2010.
Posted by SJSchmidt93

Well to give you time to actually play these games you could stop making blogs about not having time to play these games.  

Posted by iam3green

i understand i have a crapload of games that i never finished. it is kind of understandable when my hard drive broke. i have to restart some of my games. some of them i didn't even touch yet. it broke sometime this month last year, 360 hard drive.

Posted by Gamer_152

Not that I'm not guilty of the crime of leaving too many games unfinished but there are some awesome games on that list, stuff like Bioshock and Mass Effect are well worth finishing.

Posted by Oni

I have like a million unplayed/unfinished games on Steam.

Posted by Clembo

Forget everything else, just play Mass Effect.  Now.

Posted by Mgsfreak

Havn't really played any of those games apart from saints row 2 (which was silly fun but never going to play it again) and banjo (which is just not a good game) unless you really want to play mass effect 2, I would just forget these games and play borderlands with me ;)

Posted by Tylea002
@Mgsfreak: I'm sure I'll get into borderlands next year lol. When its cheap and old.
Posted by Karn

I still need to finish Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Bully aswell. But I know I'll never finish Mass Effect. I never really dived into it well enough.

Posted by captain_clayman

i have like...50 ps2 games and i've only beaten like 10 of them

Posted by PJ

Finishing Mass Effect twise before ME2 isnt futile, I did it 3 times during xmas(once on hardcore and twise on Insane)  I did absolutly everything on my last run and I clocked in at 15h and I got to lvl. 57 on that playthrough whit a new character.

Posted by masterpaperlink

my backlog is:

GTA 4...

Edited by JonathanMoore

And to think I'm stressed with completing New Super Mario Bros Wii...

Posted by Geno

Mass Effect and Saint's Row 2 are totally worth finishing btw. 

Posted by EpicSteve

You need to get your ass on Mass Effect and Bioshock my friend...