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Posted by MostlyHeadless

I enjoyed the flying but the on-foot combat feels very generic to me. I'll probably buy this one in a couple months on the cheap.

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

looks ok

Posted by Duckbutter
@eduardo said:
" @atomic_dumpling said:
" @Duckbutter said:

" i hope they add some color and a depth of field effect. "

DOF is the most unrealistic effect ever. This is how I see when I forget to put my glasses on. It's the visual representation of nearsightedness. "
It's realistic when it's used correctly, but sadly it is misused in a lot of games making them look miopic instead of delivering that effect. "
saying a depth of field effect is like nearsightedness is like saying a black and white effect is like color blindness. 
depth of field is a cinematic effect that makes stuff look radder and makes details go pop! and fakes 3D. hella used in cinematography.
Posted by CitizenKane

I haven't played the demo, but this game looks like a good rental and not a buy for me.

Posted by teh_destroyer

Looks interesting enough, it isn't something I would put my money towards though.

Posted by Siris

well this Demo QL told me everything I need to know about this game.. it's not gonna be that good, but it has fun ideas in it. That seems to be the pattern with most games these days - overall lacking, but a bit of fun in their execution.

Posted by Doobit

As a sales tool, this demo seems lacking. Could have had an awesome ending leading into you actually fighting that thing, instead of just flying off into the sunset. Wasted Opportunity if you ask me.

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Posted by CowsWithGuns

that looks great!

Posted by Jimbo

Enorth is enough?  Enoughlan is Enoughlan?  

Posted by Venatio
@brechtos said:
" @Citizengamer said:
"Hah, I thought this sounded a lot like Battlestar Galactica. And sure enough, it turns out that BSG composer Bear McCreary is behind Dark Void's score as well. "
Indeed :) "
I knew I recognized that style of music from somewhere, really good
Posted by lestat2150

The flying I thought felt great. However when you land and have to shoot the robots it goes downhill from there. Everything just feels floaty.
Posted by phonicpod

Wow, just played this demo and it has some janky unreadable text on a 46" VIERA Plasma, HDMI connected PS3 running at 1080P.
(the demo runs at 720P though) 
Oh, and i got stuck in geometry and had to quit out..... perhaps not the best idea to release this demo in the state that the game is in... seems really rushed!

Posted by DRE7777

Does anyone else hate the Unreal Engine. I like Gears of War but for some reason this game just doesn't look right to me. Part of it is the animations, Jeff and Ryan said they liked the guys animations, I hated em. They looked too ragdollish and exaggerated.

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Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

that game demo blows
Posted by jmrwacko
@Shaanyboi said:
 Prince of Persia (who the hell are we kidding, it's just Uncharted with an Arabian Knights makeover, but okay).
You do realize Prince of Persia came before Uncharted, right?
Posted by punkxblaze
@jmrwacko said:
" @Shaanyboi said:
 Prince of Persia (who the hell are we kidding, it's just Uncharted with an Arabian Knights makeover, but okay).
You do realize Prince of Persia came before Uncharted, right? "
Something tells me he means Nolan North starring 2008 PoP, considering the context. In which case, no.
Posted by cannibeast

After playing the demo I'm definitely in "Camp Rental". The flight controls were spastic, the shooting was mediocre, and WTF was up with the fat dude dressed up for a Stargate convention?!? Will is rockin the Rocketeer look, and his buddy looks like he lights braziers down at the local Temple of Ra. (But put them together as apartment-sharing roommates and whooaaah! Look out!)
But seriously, did anyone NOT dent Will's skull immediately after take-off? I did at least the first five times I launched. That dude is gonna be seriously Rocky V by the end of the game...

Posted by Ascardon

Dark void will drop in the bargain bin after a couple of months.After trying it out on PS3 the demo felt like a early first generation ps3 game from 2006,controls was very clunky especially if you accidentaly press the fly button in a building,and then ram trough the wall with half your body inside LOL!!!.The unreal 3 engine doesn't help either.

Posted by Globox82
@NTM said:
" Nolan North's in too many games now. "
Agree. It seems since Uncharted, everyone saw what he did in that game and for that game so 10s of developers went "Yup we want that also". It is slowly becoming tastless. He will always be Drake in my eyes and ears but seing him in so many games is really annoying. It's not like hes only voice actor on the planet
Posted by joelalfaro

I thought the music was awesome! Still interested in this.

Posted by jiggy7tas

Definitely digging the BSG-like score, but I'm so over Nolan North playing essential the same character in every game.

Posted by Reverseface

I think they should of had the demo set later in the game it doesn't really sell me on the gameplay.

Posted by giyanks22

Looks better than I thought. The visuals aren't stellar.

Posted by twelve1784

 Yep, too much Nolan North these days.  Too bad for Dark Void, because Crimson Skies had one of the first good Nolan North-like characters who was, oddly enough, named Nathan.  It makes me wonder if they really jumping on the bandwagon or if they've always been fans of the swashbuckling, sarcastic lead character before North ever even became popular.
The graphics look underwhelming when on foot and when in cutscenes, which I think partially has to do with the game also having to accommodate large-scale arenas to fly around in.  The straight gameplay looks great though.

Posted by twelve1784
@DRE7777 said:
" Does anyone else hate the Unreal Engine. I like Gears of War but for some reason this game just doesn't look right to me. Part of it is the animations, Jeff and Ryan said they liked the guys animations, I hated em. They looked too ragdollish and exaggerated. "
I don't mind the Unreal Engine, but I hate what many developers do with it.  I can't speak to how developer friendly the engine is, but many developers just don't use it properly or to its full potential.  If developers work with it they can create games with fluid animations like in Arkham Asylum and interesting, exciting visuals like in Borderlands.
Posted by kyrieee

Wow the art design is terrible
Edited by Iron_Scimitar

anyone else gettin a Deus Ex vibe?  Except for the flying of course.

Posted by ALIENX

I played it

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

I thought the demo was atrocious. The controls suck, the flying sucks, the shooting sucks.



...In my opinion.
Posted by OneKillWonder_

I was actually kind of looking forward to this game. It seemed like it had some cool ideas, but after I played the demo, I just lost all interest. As has already been said many times, the controls are shit and nothing feels how it should. I might rent this further down the line when there aren't better things to play, but this demo didn't do anything for me.

Posted by Sanaj

I still don't really have a good idea of what to expect after watching this quick look. 
It doesn't really impress me though, I might try the demo later.

Edited by MrKlorox

God I did not enjoy this demo. The controls were so horrible and I couldn't find a configuration I was satisfied with. I ended up quitting before killing any of those awful miniature round Star Wars transport ships.
This is absolutely not my style of game. Yuck!
How fucking dare you fool me like this Jeff Gurtzmunn.

Posted by KillyDarko

Looks kinda good, but I think the demo's too small for me to actually figure out if I wanna buy it or not...

Edited by samcotts

The shooting looks horrible, and the general character control doesn't look great. I never understood why this game produced any type of hype at all, and was hoping to be proved wrong. Never mind.

Posted by Fudgeblood

Wow, that gunplay looks amazingly average and unsatisfying.

Posted by Binman88
@Iron_Scimitar said:
"anyone else gettin a Deus Ex vibe?"
Uh, no?
Posted by toadstule

Wow, Nolan North is everywhere.

Posted by MrFixIt

I was somewhat intested in the game until I played the demo. The jetpack needed to blow people away, it did not  blow me away. The on foot thrid person parts stink. Can someone tell Nolan North or the developers to stop using him for everything.
Edited by tevic

Looks OK, though a little generic.

Posted by tevic

But, remember it's only the first Dark Void, before the multi-million selling Dark Void 3.

Posted by Majkiboy

A proper voice actor should be able to act with different voices....

Posted by AuthenticM

I don't know what's up with this game. It doesn't seem all that great.

Edited by MasterTom

played the demo... just LOVE the flying... playing hide and seek with flying saucers can be fun... skydiving, seering over the waters passed big rocks... certainly IS fun.
But the shooting... man... that just felt wrong. Needed way too many bullets...

Make me wonder: what would the FULL game actually offer me more? the flying's in the demo... that's all i like about in the game.

one more thing: he can hover, but as soon as his feet hit water, he dies (??)

Posted by RVonE

Man, I really hope the demo is not an accurate representation of the full product.
Posted by Sliqcore

Aiming with the left stick in the air and no configuration to switch it over?... Really, WTF. It's made it this far like that? What else could have possibly received more attention than that unless it was a huge fucking issue.. Even worse what little things don't even come close? They must still be in there.. 
Eh, I'm buying it anyway.. I'm all played out of 09's releases. Can't wait till Feb / March starts it back up. 

Posted by stephengotlost

I think everything is way too bleak and devoid of colour, which, in my opinion, just does not look good. It's like a culmination of  everything I hate about the Unreal Engine. The sun rays look nice though.

Posted by demontium

Looks good.

Posted by Keeng
@FuzzYLemoN: Yeah...Dark Void's demo definitely makes it seem like a crappy game. I hope the real game is better than this. I was shocked Jeff and Ryan weren't ragging on it for the whole Quick Look. This demo certainly deserves that.