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Posted by Branthog

Generic game looks generic.

Posted by Ket87

The graphics looked fine but the gameplay was like a mid-generation PS2 game, how are people excited for this? The shooting was outdated and the aerial combat was a mess.

Posted by Illmatic

Demo wasn't really all that special. The flying was fun but the enemies were a complete bore to face. On foot is where the game really got tedious to me. Enemies took way too many bullets to die and the guns felt lifeless.

Posted by Plasticpals

Why is that fat guy dressed like that?  Why do the graphics look like an Xbox 1 game?

Posted by DirrtyNinja
Downloaded the demo - played the demo - deleted the demo - will not purchase this ass juice of a game.
Posted by Nemesis

Game looks like total crap. With other hit titles coming out so soon, there is no point in people wasting their money on this garbage.

Posted by PJ
@Plasticpals said:
" Why do the graphics look like an Xbox 1 game? "
Not saying the graphics look awesome or anyrhing but you probebly should go back and play a Xbox game and then come back.
Posted by PJ
@Majkiboy said:
" A proper voice actor should be able to act with different voices.... "
Then they should have gotten one of those proper ones. Nolan North can do one voice well, himself. If he does anything else then that no one cares since its not that good and they dont know whos doing the voice
Posted by Majkiboy
@PJ: Yeah you're right, although we know of many voice actors from family guy, the simpsons and other animated series and movies. 
Although, maybe Nolan can do other voices well... but those voices might not be wanted, or we just havn't heard them at all :P 

Anyways, Nolan should be the real actor for the future Uncharted movie.
Posted by RichieJohn

Played the demo today at my mates house....
I was very impressed... The on foot sections felt suitably restrictive and the flying felt great. 
Definite rent for now! When I get a console to play it on....

Posted by norrinsands

I thought the flying gameplay was great but the game doesn't look pretty.  And I don't think the flying is good enough to justify the $60 price tag.

Posted by Metal_Mills

All I care about is the soundtrack, it's made by the Battlestar composer.

Posted by Daftasabat

Played the xbox demo....crap..played the p.c.  demo OMFG! even worse! controls are real bad. I had high hopes for this and the delay made me really think they were fine tuning things but oh dear they really have no clue as to how to program a great idea into a playeable and enjoyable game. This is really bad!