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Posted by Dany

I'm confused. Is it 50 cents for just one play. Does that mean until you die?

Posted by MannAlive

So how does this work with games I already bought?  I'm already 400 points deep for Gauntlet, Ms. Pacman, Pacman, Frogger and Centipede/Millipede.  Give me some love, Microsoft!

Posted by MannAlive
@morningdrive said:
" Why are people bagging on Home? this is the same exact thing that Home is doing. So if you wanna play a arcade game..what if someone is playing it? Are you going to have to wait in a virtual line? I don't see this working either. "
Looks like this will only be open to people you invite in XBL Party style.  The only line would be behind the friends you told to come over.  This isn't some janky Second Life rehash.  I'm more worried about what MS will charge me to "trick out my arcade."  If it's more than 0 points, I'm going to have one dull ass looking arcarde.
Edited by OldManLight
Not to split hairs, but i'm gonna here.  I thought to a certain extent emulation was legal.  as long as you posessed the physical media, roms and other digital backups were as well.  I get your point as it relates to the article but was hoping you could clarify on this.    i have emulators on my pc and a few other platforms but the roms i have i actually have the physical media in a box in my basement.  Does that make me a dirty pirate?
Posted by Milkman

Though I'm definitely getting a scary Home vibe here, at least in this you'll actually have something to do.

Posted by sup909

I see the appeal in this, for sure, but I personally don't have an interest. 

Posted by fatwreck

I can see why they won't, but this would justify the Live annual fee. Or at least they can add value to the Gold account by giving subscribers a break.  
An hour a week free play in the arcade? I'd totally accept that.

Posted by lilarchie232

The concept behind this is super interesting.  But I am a little skeptical as to whether or not this will be interesting to newer gamers who don't necessarily have the same nostalgia and affinity for these type of games.

Posted by agentboolen

Ehhh I'm not really into the .50 cent price tag to try these games.  Looks like it could be cool but in the end I don't think I'll be spending much time in this world.  I was thinking it was a answer to Playstations Home but do they make you pay to play the games in that virtual world???

Posted by iam3green

cool i guess. i don't plan on playing any arcades as i hate the money that microsoft has. i would like it maybe if they actually made it equal to each other, 40 points = .50.  i don't like home from this is what it seems to be happening. home doesn't seem to have anything all that exciting to have.

Posted by Bgrngod

I am really digging the potential here, but I think the execution might end up going wrong.
These old school Arcade games are NOT games that should be sold for 400 points each.  At the most, individual games should go for maybe, MAYBE 80 points each.  This would make it a lot more likely that users would buy $10 of product if they were getting 10 games out of it instead of just two.  There are so many arcade games to choose from that this really needs to be structured as a "dollars per customer" model instead of a "dollars per game" model.  There is going to be a certain range of money that people are going to be willing to spend for this experience as a whole.
This should be looked at the same way that Netflix is structured.  Dollars per customer, not dollars per item.

Posted by Racer_X

Sweet! Now my little Wii avatar knock-off can play a 25 year old arcade game knock-off in a PSHome knock-off AND I get to pay for it, too? Where do I sign?!!>?!1

Posted by Slab64
@Dany said:
" I'm confused. Is it 50 cents for just one play. Does that mean until you die? "
Way to tacitly admit you've never played an arcade game
Posted by Dany
@Slab64: Nope, I havn't. 17 and live no where near an arcade or any golf coarse or whatever that has one.
Posted by Winternet

No Time Pilot, no way.

Posted by Slab64
@Dany said:
" @Slab64: Nope, I havn't. 17 and live no where near an arcade or any golf coarse or whatever that has one. "
Well as incredible as that seems, I'll refrain from mocking you good-naturedly and say that yes, for your 50 cents/2 credits/whatever, you get a set amount of lives (or "mans") which could possibly be just one, but that depends on the game. You might be able to die a few times before Game Over.
Posted by bjorno

its like mame on my pc except not better in any way!!!!!!!! yay!!!

Posted by Spongetwan

I am looking forward to this update! i was sooo excited to have HOME on the PS3 only to be disappointed by "Zombie town", lol. This smaller scale might be the right direction for XBOX to go in.

Posted by ax3m4hn

i dont get it, people who are too young to even have played or heard of these games arent gona care, including myself. they need 2 implement the other arcade games aka shadow complex and the like
Posted by Quacktastic

It's easy to call a Home rip-off but it could turn out to be pretty cool.
If others can watch your screen as you play; or, if you are in a game with a two player option a stranger might walk up and jump in.
But if it's just like, you're alone and comparing high scores.. what's arcade about that?

Posted by Faint

krome studios aye... AUSTRALIAN POWA? not to mention just being about 20 minutes from where i live.

Posted by TheJollyRajah

Before people freak about prices, I urge you to check out the Virtual Console and ask yourself if Nintendo is any better. 

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