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Posted by Junpei

Yea, my girlfriend actually just started playing it to hold her over til Dragon Age 2 comes out and the patch makes a huge difference in playability. If you are interested in it in any way I'd say go for it. It's cheap, a ton of fun, and definitely worth trying out if you haven't.

Posted by sagesebas
@animateria:  Cool its a real bummer because this looks like a super awesome game
Posted by animateria
@sagesebas said:
" The game is pretty cheap now for PS3 and I am thinking about picking it up, there is a patch that fixes the loading, have you played with that yet? "
I just got a copy and played 3 hours of it last night. 
If you install the game there really isn't any problems with loading times.  
The cinematics are blurry though... Not sure if it was like that on the 360.
Posted by jking47

Yeah there is a patch that allows you to install to your hard drive, and that cut downs the load times by a LOT. Makes it normal load times, and I didnt notice any framerate problems.

Posted by sagesebas

The game is pretty cheap now for PS3 and I am thinking about picking it up, there is a patch that fixes the loading, have you played with that yet?

Posted by Vanek

It's nice to know the PS3 version isn't so busted as to ruin the experience.  That said, I did buy it today for my 360 because I was worried about the PS3 issues.  My only real issue with the 360 version so far is the frame rate dips sometimes when I'm just running around and the game has some annoying screen tearing problems at times. 
Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the game and let's hope the game gets a patch for the PS3 that might help with the load times.

Posted by Junpei

We've all heard tons of times by now that the PS3 version of Bayonetta is "broken" and "inferior" to the XBox version. While I can attest to the fact that the game is a step back and a down grade it is still one hell of a good time. As far as the frame rate issues are concerned I have yet to really encounter any slow down in terms of the gameplay while in the midst of a fight or exploring. There is however one MAJOR gripe with this version.... loading. 
There is no hard install for Bayonetta, not even an optional one. While this can be good for some games it is extremely irritating when the load times don't seem to be minimized in the most efficient ways. To put it blankly, aside from just loading during levels the game will also stop to load when you go to the store, challenge rooms, skip cutscenes, pick up items (stops to load the picture and info in a close up view a la Devil May Cry), or even pause the game. Yea, you read that right. Plus for many of these instances, it takes you to a whole separate screen to continue to load.
Thankfully to this point regardless of that major issue I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Bayonetta. I haven't finished it (just got it this afternoon) so I'll wait til it's concluded to get to a full review. For those of you that have the option to get either systems version of this game, go with the XBox version. If you don't have that luxery the PS3 version will certainly suffice, but be prepared to see the word "loading..." a lot.