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Posted by ElectricBoogaloo

After my recent tragedy it's time I did a new blog post.

The reason for my failed midweek post was because of a few recent completions. Borderlands came first as I finished it at a level 36 having done every quest in the game. The last boss was a little disappointing and it's a shame you never get to see what's inside the vault considering you spend the whole game getting there, but besides from that it's a fantastic game. The minimal narrative picked up towards the end and became more focused, and the last few environments and enemies were great - I loved some of the snow effects; it made a nice change from the wasteland that had come before it. I'll eventually play it again and should be able to get to level 50. Then I'll probably give Mad Moxxi a go and buy Zombie Island as well.  
I also clocked in Dragon Age: Origins at 33 hours. Probably a bit too quick considering it seems to take most around 60 hours, but I did a bunch of side quests so I played about as much as I wanted to. Since I got freaky with Morrigan I had the option to get her preggers and pass the Archdemon's business onto the unborn child. Figured I may as well choose that option since I'd keep Morrigan around for the final battle, plus you get an Achievement for doing it that way as well. And speaking of the final battle: huge difficulty spike! I managed to run out of health kits and since I never had a healer in my party I found most of the latter  battles highly difficult. After multiple restarts I managed to get through it, and I praise the Maker that little dwarf dude was there to sell my some health.
After that it was time to move onto the Archdemon. I probably didn't handle this the best way but it was effective, at least. I just sat on a ballista and shot the crap out of it till it died. The ending wasn't great, especially the disappointing wrap up of events with the written prologue. Think that stuff could have been handled better, though I can't really fault the rest of the story since it was consistently briliant from beginning to end. Definitely one of the best games of the year and one of my favourite RPGs. I'm never one to start a game again right after finishing it but I did that with Dragon Age. Decided to go with a mage this time after using a soldier the first time through. Enjoying it more this time just sitting back and using the vast array of spells on offer, and this time I've got more people in my party, thus seeing more of what the game has to offer. I think I'll be playing this for a while yet, especially with an expansion pack coming up.
After finishing off these two I decided to go back to Mass Effect again. I wanted to complete it before the sequel comes out at the end of January so I started a new game on easy just to blast through it as quickly as possible. I mainly wanted to change some things that transpired in my first playthrough since I couldn't start Mass Effect 2 knowing that Wrex would be dead, or that I never had any kind of sexual relationship. So I played things virtually the same, only I stopped Wrex from dying and had some sexy time with Ashley. I'm fully prepared for the sequel now and I can't wait!
Whole world in my hand
Whole world in my hand
So a busy week of completing stuff. But it's also significant because I got a PSP Go. Had some extra money so I figured I may as well pick one up. I love the design, it's slick, the screen is awesome and it doesn't give me hand cramp like the 1000. I also love that I can now have the majority of games on me wherever I go, all within the machine. Bought a couple of cheap games so far like Loco Roco 2 and Puzzle Quest, and the other day I got my four free games from Sony. The offer doesn't apply in the US, but over here in the UK you get a free download with any PSP Go, and if you connect a regular PSP with a UMD inside it you're entitled to another three games from a particular list. For my free download I went with Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines since I didn't fancy Gran Turismo and already have Motorstorm: Arctic Edge. For the three it was pretty obvious what one's to pick so I want with Resistance: Retribution, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow and Killzone: Liberation. All quality games, but Resistance is definitely the best of the bunch. Can't stop playing it.
I was also supposed to get Bayonetta and Darksiders this week, but thanks to the UK looking like part of Russia, the mail was delayed and never showed up. I'm hoping they're here tomorrow, if not I'm going to be majorly pissed. It's crazy weather, never seen so much snow here. 


Anyway, that's all for now. Bye!
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Posted by Vaile

That snow looks amazing! 
And if it matters, Morrigan offers to perform the ritual with you regardless of whether you've slept with her or not ;-)