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Posted by Breadfan
@Slab64: @CornontheCobbe: Thanks dudes. Turtles in Time had amazing music, such a good game.
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@Br3adfan: You are officially The Man Br3adfan. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time's whole soundtrack was what made my life literally. I was a bit too obsessed with the ninja turtles as a kid : /
It started off with the TMNT bedsheets, toys, then moved onto wallpaper, and eventually over 45 inflatable pool toys. 
And MGS2  = Win for life.
Posted by Slab64

Great post....forgot about the AWESOME tmnt music....just the drums alone are so legit...ahhhh

Posted by JJWeatherman

The Pokemon and Ninja Turtles are some of my favorites as well. Only real motha fuckin G's like the Ninja Turtles and Pokemon!!

Posted by Capum15

Oh man, Pokemon Red...holy crap, I loved that game. I loved all of them. Heck, I got almost all of them.

Posted by JJOR64

Maybe I should do this music blog thing as well.                      :P

Posted by Dethfish

The Pokemon theme is my favorite on this list. I'm a nerd.

Posted by Goly

Great choices there. The Max Payne theme is badass and hope they'll reuse it in MP 3.

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Good list, some great songs there. For some reason, a lot of video game music does not stick with me. Unless I hear it again, then I'll remember it vividly.
Interestingly, I watched a movie today that has one of the best theme songs, Robocop.

Posted by Breadfan
@Claude If you haven't played Max Payne 2 before then I would highly recommend it to you.  The narration and the story progression is in my opinion, some of gaming's best. 
(For some reason my text is locked in bold at the moment)
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watched about a minute of the eazy-e song felt like the whitest person alive good list though
Posted by Claude

Video game music kicks ass. I have a copy of Max Payne 2 for the PC. I wonder if it would play on my wife's crappy new laptop. I can't stand having a new gadget in the house and not playing a game on it.

Posted by CaptainTightPants

Definitely agree with MGS and Max Payne, however my favorite song from the MGS OST is one named Metal Gear Saga. Its basically the Mgs 2 theme with a nice acoustic guitar in the middle,  Live versions the best.

Posted by Video_Game_King

MGS has the best video game music out there? What about Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and all the other obvious things I'll say?

Posted by Rayfield

Supllemental to my earlier comment. I played through Max Payne 2 years ago when I was in a sharehouse and would inevitably leave the game on the menu screen for lond periods. As a result, the dark violin score would fill the house most days for a few weeks. My friend later told me it drove him nuts.
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Great list!  Wouldn't have thought to include the Max Payne games, but you're right - they have excellent scores.
Posted by Rayfield

Nice list.
Posted by Breadfan

Following the trend that seems to be going on today, I decided I might as well throw out some of my favorite video game themes.    
Sure every game has music, but the music of the following video games have stuck with me for one reason or another.  Some music, it utilized in the right way, almost becomes its own character as a part of the game.  The following are some of my favorite video game related pieces of music, not a complete list, just some of the themes that have stuck with me long after completing each game.

 Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne

The Max Payne games are some of my favorite games of all time and so it would be fitting that the Max Payne themes are also some of my favorite video game related music.  Now both Max Payne themes are pretty much the same, but there is a certain degree of darkness that encompasses the Max Payne 2 theme over the first game.  The violins seem to capture Max Payne's dark and gritty overtone that is present though out the game.   Whenever this theme cued at some point in the game, you knew that something was going wrong in some way.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 

Like the Max Payne games, the Metal Gear series is also host to some of my favorite games of all time.  There are many Metal Gear songs and themes that I could have included on this list, but the Metal Gear Solid 2 theme is by far my favorite in the series.  I can still remember playing Sons of Liberty for the first time, the intro video simply captivated me and I was eager to begin playing the game.  The Metal Gear games have some of the best, yes I said it, the best music that video games have ever had.  The music itself is almost like a character narrating a scene or setting the tone for whatever may be happening in the game. 

Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is one of those games that has great music, but doesn't over saturate the player with it.  As you progress through the game you are only given a small piece of astounding music that fits so well with the situation going on in the game.  You may only hear a few seconds of music, but when you do it feels like some sort of reward.  Like I said above, music can sometimes be its very own character of some sorts and I really believe that to be the case with Half-Life 2.  The track that I specifically think of when I think Half-Life 2 music is Triage at Dawn.  This piece of music stuck with me for some reason, just the mood it set with the game seemed to fit perfectly with the overall feel of the game. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

Enough about music playing an important narrative role in video games, let's get to the fun part.  Turtles in Time has some of my favorite old school music included in it.  Not only was the music just plain bad ass, it was just fun.  I mean how can someone not listen to Sewer Surfin' and instantly feel nostalgic?  I can remember coming home from school and playing Turtles in Time with my friends for hours on end, it is just one of my favorite games of my childhood.  Listening to it as I write this really takes me back.  I can remember all of us fighting over who got to be which turtle (Michelangelo was always the favorite) and then beating the game over and over. 

Pokemon: Red/Blue

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s will probably have this next theme engraved in their mind for the rest of their life.  The Pokemon Blue theme is on this list for the same reason that Sewer Surfin' is, it simply takes me back to my childhood.  Jeez, I can still remember going to the park with all my friends with our Game Boys and riding bikes, playing street hockey, and then playing Pokemon.  With that said we are all eagerly awaiting the remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver.  I am not embarrassed to admit that I still play Pokemon every now and then.  They are just great games that seem to always be fresh, even though it has been the same game for about ten years now. 

The End

I'll end my Pokemon nostalgia there because this blog could drag on forever.  That was it, just a few of my favorite pieces of video game music.  
I will leave you with this totally unrelated music.         


  Thanks for reading.