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Posted by TheLeamenator

@Double0hFor: I hate your type of people... the type that doesn't like these types of games.

Posted by MajesticOverlord

The amount of hours I've sunk into this game is outrageous and the fact that I'm going to sink even more hours into the game is fucking ridiculous. 

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Thinking of getting this...

Posted by Servercat

It was pretty good :D

Posted by dietmango

This video got me motivated to play Bayonetta. Sure enough, it's become one of my favorite games of this year. Great review, Ryan! :)

Posted by Kazona

Another one to add to my wishlist!

Posted by dragonwarrior

I really think this game was not covered enough in the podcast :(  
 it is an amazing game!  

Edited by ahoodedfigure

Beauty marks always make me think of cancer, or long hairs growing out of them.
You know, unless they're painted on.
"Hair suit" sounds like "hirsute"!
It's like I'm in the Matrix--  I can see everything!

Posted by Cristoflanga

I only have a PS3 and I wanted this game so bad :(... 
It's a real shame.

Posted by Raidou10k

I'd be all over this game if the main character wasn't so FUCKING RETARDED. 

Posted by hyperslug

Just looking at this game makes my really annoyed :/

Posted by Canadian_Snake

Played the demo, very enjoyable game thinking about buying it for 360

Posted by buckybit

@ryan whatup with all the gazillion adjectives in the Bayonetta review? I need to watch it in witch time to get through them!

Posted by Drebin_893

Great review!

Posted by toadstule

This game looks incredibly fun. The people at Clover Studios *cough*, I mean Platinum Games are still amazing.

Posted by FireSketch

Noooooo...! I didn't want the review to end ^^
Def. need to get this, the PS3 one can't be that bad, right?

Posted by Fudgeblood

Oh man, this looks awesome. Might have to buy another Xbox 360 for this.

Posted by PJ
@DukeTogo: The art style in this game is pretty fantastic imo, its way better then God Of War or Ninja Gaiden.
Edited by zudthespud

Looks good.
Edited by Ghostiet
@Nemesis: First things first - both games are completely different. It's like comparing Modern Warfare with Gears of War. You shoot, but in a totally different way.
Posted by D

The game is what all us hardcore mother fuckers love, hail to the king baby!

Posted by NMC2008

Just 2 achievements left!! :)

Posted by Wes899

Ryan slicked his hair back.

Posted by LiK

hell yea, Bayonetta is awesome. i'm almost done with Hard mode :D

Posted by CharkeeFarlee


Posted by Spongetwan

I am loving this game!!!! Cant wait for the 2ND play through!

Edited by Catolf

got this demo on my Xbox and def gunna buy this XD great review!

Posted by Nemesis

lol @ all these God of War fanboys. I love God of War as much as the next guy, but this is a game that takes much more skill than God of War. God of War is a casual game, especially when you compare it to the highly technical and skillful Bayonetta.

Posted by 1icecream

i love the giantbomb theme music

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Nice hair Ryan. Seems like he has to go to some formal event tonight.
Posted by kennybaese

If only, if only the PS3 version of this game didn't suck gigantic hairy donkey testicles full of sperm. I'd totally buy it. 

Posted by DukeTogo

Unwatchable, unplayable, and just too dumb to enjoy.  I'd rather have something with a coherent story and art direction that doesn't require ADD and acid to like.  The game has good mechanics, but it's ruined by the horrible styling.  While games like God of War and Darksiders might not be as technically tight, their style and gravitas make them much more engaging to endure any mashiness.

Posted by KinjiroSSD
@Meatsim said:
" Did she just start that motorcycle with her middle finger!? *runs out to buy this game* "
How else would you perform such a task.
Posted by abrasion

Such a shame about the PS3 version, if only bloody Sony would allow full disc installs like the 360!  (and patch it to boot) 
I'd buy this but without that patch, it's a no go.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I love the Resident Evil/Devil May Cry/Okami reference in this game.

Posted by squidracerX

well F@#% SEGA then, i was gonna buy this game but if you can only give me a crappy port on the ps3... to hell with you charging me $60 bucks for an inferior version. i ain't buying it now......

Posted by Hyperfludd

Disappointed in the PS3 Version. Borrowed it from a friend, the game is crazy fun, but the loading times are just horrible. I haven't really experienced any kind of "slow-down" and as I said before, I believe this game could have majorly benefited from a install option.

Posted by Jimbo
@dim499 said:
" No offense, but Ryan is far and away the best writer on their staff. "
He also just out-haired Bayonetta in her own damn video review.
Posted by max3000

Did she just shove her middle finger into the ignition of the bike to start it?
...I want this game so bad it's not even funny.

Posted by Media_Master

I'll be waiting for a patch for the ps3 version.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

It's so funny to see people try so hard to hate this game. If you like video games at all, at least give it a shot before passing judgment on it. It really is a good action game with massive amounts of replay. That is of course that you actually like action games first...if not then you might want to pass it up cuz it's all up in yo face with action!

Posted by amir90

Great review!

Posted by agentboolen

Its a very interesting game.  The demo doesn't give you enough to really decide if you like the game or not.  I love Hack N Slash games but there is really strong famine feel in the game that feels very odd in this type of game (not that there is anything wrong with that feel lol).  I'll end up getting it eventually, because in the end I think i will enjoy it, but I can also see it making some uncomfortable.

Posted by JukeboxJoe

Time to go vroom!
Posted by bluemanrule

I'm anticipating this game so much it's not even funny.  I can't wait for Amazon to offer it on a Deal of the Day. 
Posted by Noxpectius

Rented it. Finished it, but then went ahead and bought it anyway. Since then, I've finished it 4 more Times on different difficulties, and I Never replay games. Everything in this game is just plain Awesome, and I Know I wont be finished with it untill I've got a Platinum Award for evry Verse on Every difficulty.
I pretty much agree with the content of this review, though I would have given it a 5 out of 5, though I would have said something on its replayability. Regardless if your an Award Junkie or not, some Accesories become available on subsequent playthroughs that really change up the gameplay.

Posted by SpiderDuder

I would buy this if I had a 360. As it is I won't be buying the PS3 version. Looks like I'll be buying Darksiders instead, sorry Sega.

Posted by PenguinDust

I need to get this at some point in the near future.  Now that I know there is replay value, it's high on my "buy" list and off my "rent" queue.

Posted by Afroman269

You know a game is fucking crazy when you jumpstart a motorcycle with your middle finger.

Posted by Kratch

I love this game.

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