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Posted by FireSketch

Noooooo...! I didn't want the review to end ^^
Def. need to get this, the PS3 one can't be that bad, right?

Posted by toadstule

This game looks incredibly fun. The people at Clover Studios *cough*, I mean Platinum Games are still amazing.

Posted by Drebin_893

Great review!

Posted by buckybit

@ryan whatup with all the gazillion adjectives in the Bayonetta review? I need to watch it in witch time to get through them!

Posted by Canadian_Snake

Played the demo, very enjoyable game thinking about buying it for 360

Posted by hyperslug

Just looking at this game makes my really annoyed :/

Posted by Raidou10k

I'd be all over this game if the main character wasn't so FUCKING RETARDED. 

Posted by Cristoflanga

I only have a PS3 and I wanted this game so bad :(... 
It's a real shame.

Edited by ahoodedfigure

Beauty marks always make me think of cancer, or long hairs growing out of them.
You know, unless they're painted on.
"Hair suit" sounds like "hirsute"!
It's like I'm in the Matrix--  I can see everything!

Posted by dragonwarrior

I really think this game was not covered enough in the podcast :(  
 it is an amazing game!  

Posted by Kazona

Another one to add to my wishlist!

Posted by dietmango

This video got me motivated to play Bayonetta. Sure enough, it's become one of my favorite games of this year. Great review, Ryan! :)

Posted by Servercat

It was pretty good :D

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Thinking of getting this...

Posted by MajesticOverlord

The amount of hours I've sunk into this game is outrageous and the fact that I'm going to sink even more hours into the game is fucking ridiculous. 

Posted by TheLeamenator

@Double0hFor: I hate your type of people... the type that doesn't like these types of games.