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Posted by CitizenJP

Hmmm I'm not sure if I'm going to get into this one, but it looks interesting...I can't decide though. >_<

Posted by Sanaj

I really like these group quick looks.  Yay, it's Dave "Woody" Snider!

I have no interest in playing a Star Trek MMO, but watching this QL was quite interesting.
That's not a slam against this game, I just prefer MMO's of the fantasy RPG variety. 
The character creation in STO seems to have tons of options.

Posted by AngelicRampage

i got a key and im downloading the star trek beta now, i want it done already!

Posted by StingingVelvet

I'm in the beta and I love the game.  That comes from a massive Star Trek fan who has never played MMOs though, so your mileage may vary depending on those two factors. 
Still, it's basically like Dragon Age but with Star Trek, I just ignore all the other people.  I dislike that it is an account, not an owned game, and it WILL be unplayable at some point, but meh... whatever... fun stuff.
Posted by RiceEatin2010GT

great video!, cant wait for part 2.   You guys do a great job with this site  \m/

Posted by drowsap

no more codes  to bad

Posted by Morden2261

Missed my chance for a key... darn time zone differences! 
Awesome video, though!

Posted by warmonked

this was the greatest hour of my life

Posted by Restrikted
I want a beta key... :(
Posted by Chaossebba

best end of video ever with the "raise the roof" while phaser beams were flying

Posted by Cloudwork
@DRE7777: You don't seem to understand the giant bomb
Posted by Xeiphyer

I wish I had gotten a beta key =( Anyone got any left?

Posted by SunKing

"The Federation needsh-to-be-shhhrtrong."
God damn you, Vinny. Almost spit out my lemonade.

Posted by beetrootjam

The sound on this video is terrible, I can barely hear them!

Posted by Killboyy777

Giantbomb is too funny. I can barely drink my coffee. Watching you guys make a toon made me want to make the most fucked of creature i can.

Posted by PenguinDust

The last 5 minutes of this hour long video is some of the funniest stuff on the Giant Bomb ever.  The create-by-committee was hilarious, too.  This QL made me mildly interested in the game, especially since SW:TOR won't be out until Spring 2011.  I might take a closer look sometime when I have a little more free time to give to an MMO.

Posted by Khrome83

Sweet Video. Dancin in the Lasers. pew pew pew.

Posted by tyger_cheex

YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!! The Character creation part was making me laugh so much I had to stop as I was in danger of being caught not working! (I'm in the office!)

Posted by pa21ris


Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Those turbolift doors are huge...

Posted by Crushed

they need to instain mother who kill their babbys, because these babby can't frigth back

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Brad, Vinny and Dave playing Star Trek? COUNT ME IN!

Posted by BinaryDragon

Aliens that are blue. And from underwater. I'm on board! 
Anyone know when the beta keys are gonna be given out?

Posted by Hoshnasi


Posted by 88Fingers


Posted by GaZZuM

Duder of death with 10 minutes left on the end! Noooo!

Posted by FlipperDesert

The last ten minutes of the video were hilarious and simultaneously rage-inducing, I wanted a key but I fell asleep before I saw the video! D:

Posted by SammydesinasNL

Funny how after about 25 minutes everyone starts talking about their favourite star treks in the lower left.
Posted by GaZZuM

Last 10 minutes watched. Sides split. Love Giantbomb.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Duder, I need a beta key...

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

Dave... vinny... and brad...
i think i just jizzed in my pants.

Posted by andrewf87462

Awesome vid! Really enjoyed that. been let down with the last couple of MMO's i've played so I'll will probably give this one a miss.

Posted by myslead

it's ALWAYS hilarious when you guys create characters in MMO lol

Posted by coaxmetal

Man, I wanna play that character creator, it looks like the best game ever.

Posted by MisterSamMan

The game itself doesn't look very interesting, but the character creation seems amazing. So I'm excited to try this out when it comes out. Hilarious Preview into the Beta!

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Despite a loose affinity for the source material I would only be interested in this game if it came with an extensive commentary of Vinny, Dave, & Brad picking the whole experience apart.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

Shouldn't this be under the ER tab?

Posted by Baggykins

Brad didn't die? I'm impressed :O

Posted by ThePantheon


Posted by eduardo

I could totally see myself going crazy for this game if I knew anything about Star Trek. It looks pretty fun.

Posted by Oni

Nerdiest QL ever! I love it!

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

It's a purple Sleestak!!

Posted by coaxmetal

Man, I am not really interested in buying or playing this game (just not into mmo's) , but damn do I want to mess around in that alien/character creator.

Posted by DrPockets000

Video ended at 1:21. Did this happen to anyone else?

Posted by Spike94
I know, right?!
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I'm utterly disappointed that Dave, who's supposed to be a star trek nerd, saying "elevator" instead of "Turbolift" initially.

Posted by HandsomeDead

Can't get past 39:56.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

Fail MMO is fail.  Giving away beta keys like this is a sign that no one wants to play.  In a real MMO-RPG you are damn lucky to get one.  Like WoW.  People sold theirs for hundreds, when WotLK came out.
Great video, but awful game.  The simple fact of the matter is, that if a nobody like me can get my hands on 7 Beta keys.  Then the game is crap.  

Posted by CitizenKane

I have had trouble downloading the beta, but I sill join you guys shortly!  ^__^