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Posted by chem

I can't believe the number of people wishing they had a beta key. Duders, just make a regular free account on fileplanet and get a key from there. No subscription required.

Posted by Jost1

Hell fucking yes

Posted by empfeix

Thanks for the key!  Woohoo I want to pew pew with my major lazor

Posted by Milkman

I think everyone who has a beta key needs to make their character part of Brad's race and form an army of Giant Bomb fishmen.

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i'm laughing so hard, and you're just 13 minutes into the character creator. so funny!
holy crap the ending had me in stitches.

Posted by DuhQbnSiLo

When are yah going to give away the keys!?

Posted by colmarr

Yaa got the beta key. Lets see if cryptic can dissapoint me second time in a row. I hope not

Posted by zyn

LOL at Brad dancing at the end; in the middle of a laser fight.

Posted by Xenos_19

I loved this quicklook, it was hilarious and makes me really want to play this game! :D

Posted by PhilESkyline

Just noticed it said Part 01. That means there's a part 02. Excelllent.....!

Posted by Cornman89

waiting for /dance.

Posted by buzz_killington

Shouldn't this be listed as a part of the Endurance Run group of videos?

Posted by MrKlorox
Posted by Dany



Beta key I won't use
Posted by Peanut

This is gonna be great. 
One thing I find funny about discovering this bank of knowledge a lot of the GB crew have for Star Trek is that it makes all of their uppity and usually inflammatory "I'm not up on the canon of *insert game*" speeches seem wholly unnecessary, because they're up on the canon of FUCKING STAR TREK!  
Nerds hating on nerdy things. It's insane.

Posted by darkjester74

I grabbed the key and will give it a spin, but, man...this game looks terrible.  It looks exactly like any other MMO I have played...nothing really unique or interesting other than the setting.  Ugh.

Posted by Hector

Thanks for the code GB!

Posted by OldGuy
@SpiritOf said:
" @OldGuy said:
" Majel Barrett played Nurse Chapel, Lwaxanna Troi and "Number One" on the first Star Trek pilot (as well as the computer voice for many of the series [and other voice work on the animated series too]). "
She was also married to, and presumably had sex with, Gene Roddenberry. "
The story goes that the network execs HATED "that woman" (and most women audience members did as well) and "the alien" so Roddenberry married the woman and fought to keep the alien in the show - to, probably in substance if not in exact verbage, quote Majel: "He didn't think Leonard would have gone for it the other way around."
Posted by NateDogg


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Its champions online with a star treck theme...not what I was expecting
Edit:  That was an awesome bug near the end

Posted by Slax

"Oh great he's a vampire, he's a fish vampire."

Posted by Regal

Freakin' awesome, and I got the key

Posted by Death_Unicorn

Great stuff.

Posted by mankvill

Looks interesting...

Posted by Fubar

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

it may just mutate into an online chat room thing for star trek geeks...gameplay looks a bit poor i guess. but the dancing and whatever is nice - and you can't go wrong with goofy star trek humor. Up until the raise the roof dance I was thinking how fail it is. But i would pay $15 a month for dance emotes in star trek uniform...while theres a laser disco show going on from some stupid npc mob, canned animation!

Posted by AllanIceman

Oh man, love all the half-references from star trek!

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

Goddamnit, another video I can't load all the way, adn now I only get about 2 minutes in, not even that, and it gets stuck on loading. 
Posted by Shinri

Cool, managed to get a key!

Posted by Metiphis

This video is really fun, keep it up guys.

Posted by VIGGO123

Love these MMO-Quick Looks

Posted by Leptok

damn those keys went quick.

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One question - will i understand this game without ever seeing a single star-trek movie?
I am MMO fan, not neccessarely star-trek fan

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Fucking awesome video! I love that you came up with another opportunity to do some longer gameplay stuff again. Fun commentary & actually a lot more excitement than I initially expected from the beginning section of Star Trek Online.

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Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

I could watch the GB crew create characters all day.

Posted by Smitatoe

Star Trek FTW

Posted by iAmJohn

Guys, just call it what it is... 

Posted by EndlessMike

Sort of frustrating to watch when they just talk over the tutorials and then have no idea what to do next.

Posted by RedSox8933

A new "Not Like This"?

Posted by Doobit

Oh man, Beta client downloading... no sleep for me tonight. I wasn't even hyped for this game at all, but if I can play with the GB crew then it's all worth it.

Posted by Jeffmoocow

That looks a lot better than I thought it would be, hopefully I'll be able to acquire a beta key from somewhere.

Posted by Nasar7

Looks pretty fun for an MMO.

Posted by DRE7777

I wish if they were going to do this they would actually focus on talking about the game and not just stupid random bits of Star Trek fiction.

Posted by Tactical_Kill

Great vid guys. Glad to see a new long feature. 
Wow, the codes are all taken already.

Posted by Daryl

Bit tedious gentlemen.

Posted by Crash_Happy

Yeah, you don't do breaths in CPR any more. It's far more important to call 911 and do decent compresions.

Posted by Griddler

One hour long? FUUUUUUU

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I'm not interested in the game, but the video was entertaining as usual.

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Tried a bit of the beta before hitting work & really liked what I saw of it so far even if it's absent of Klingon (for the most part) in the beta. Takes a while to get the ship combat down but the level of customization in the game is even more than in Champions as you can customize the following: gear (food/potion equivalent) from ship replicator, bridge equipment, bridge appearance, your character & bridge crew skills/gear, uniforms, outside ship appearance, starting race & probably more that I've not seen. I'll definitely get it if the beta keeps going good. Love on this video that it shows the stuff I didn't see like making Klingon-human hybrids. 
Still watching the video but for next time, you have all the emotes in the little symbol to the right of the chat bar. Hopefully this goes as far as I did with the rescue mission past the first initial quest chain as it was quite full of wthell fun moments.