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Posted by Rehehelly

At first I wasn't interested in STO, now I am. Totally need to see more of this game, the space combat looks cool.  
(aaanndd.. I managed to get a beta key!) 

Posted by MeatSim

The Seabiscuit. race should be running the entire federation by now.

Edited by gike987

They should use Q and E to strafe the game gets much easier if they do that, thats also how you roll to the sides.
and AIM (c button)! You do more damage. For even more damage try to flank them like you do in Dragon Age.

Posted by Wolferey

Oh man, so much loading :( Still it makes me want to play an mmo, damn it ;p

Posted by gike987
@Wolferey said:
" Oh man, so much loading :( Still it makes me want to play an mmo, damn it ;p "
Actually the game loads really fast my computer and my computer is stating to get old. So it's weird that it takes so long to load for them.
Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Space combat does look like quite a bit of fun, although all the other stuff seems more conventional. Anyway, great video - can't wait till the next one comes!

Posted by Wolferey
Good to know.. but still lots of loading.. go down, do a couple of short objectives, load, fly, load, go, load, level up, load, get to ship.. you catch my drift ;p
Posted by 88Fingers


Posted by Sogeman

I need part 3 NOW :)

Posted by gike987
@Wolferey said:

" @gike987:Good to know.. but still lots of loading.. go down, do a couple of short objectives, load, fly, load, go, load, level up, load, get to ship.. you catch my drift ;p "

Yes I think it's annoying too but not enough to make me give up on the game.
And again to the Giant Bomb guys it will make the combat way better if you do this:
Use Q and E to strafe,don't forget to aim (c key) and flank the enemy.
Posted by NoXious

I figured out you can put weapons on Auto-Fire. Right click a forward bank and backward bank weapon and they will automatically fire if the target is in the arc.
Shame you can only auto-fire a single weapon per bank, so no auto-fire on torpedoes :-( I switched to phasers and a forward dual cannon setup because of that.

Posted by MrKlorox

I need a Dave for this game ready to supply me with random facts that will help me make sense of the Universe. Especially since I've never actually been into Star Trek and never saw any movies; just some TNG and a few original series eps.

Posted by FuzzyLogic

Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the USS Duder. Its 2 hour mission, to boldly go where no Brad has gone before.
Posted by crusader8463

I didn't do it last time, because i assumed you would get a millon posts telling you guys this stuff, but it appears you didnt so i will give you guys some tips for playing next time.


  • When in space, or ground. combat if you right click one of your powers in the tray it will auto fire as long as your weapons arc is facing the enemy. However to begin attack you must ether double click the target in space, or when in range and facing correctly, press the "1" key to begin attacking. Once you do any weapon slot that has a green outline will automatically fire when it recharges, and has your selected target inside its attack radius. The best thing to do while in space is right click the two phaser beams so that they will automatically shoot at your target for you, which frees you to only need to press the "2" key to fire your torpedoes when they are recharged and the enemy is in range.
  • When you activate the full throttle speed that allows you to go very fast it drains power from all other aspects of your systems leaving you vulnerable, and less effective in combat. When you active it make sure you drop out of that mode when you are around 12-15km away, when you are within 10 km you are in weapons range, from your target to give your systems time to recharge, or you will go into battle handicapped. You can view these settings in the middle of the screen to the right of the little ship/shield in the HUD. As well the four buttons on top of that window allow you to divert power to a specific system. Ether more power to weapons, shields, speed, or auxiliary systems. Given your play style i would suggest keeping this set to shields until you get a better understanding of the combat, and can more easily switch between weapons and shields on the fly.
  • If you click on the middle of the little ship on your HUD it will divert all of your shields powers to try and evenly dispense the shield strength to all of the four sectors. This can help if you have one shield at full strength but have the other two or three getting very low.
  • Every weapon has a firing arc that you can view by hovering over the weapon in your powers tray. To best keep an enemy in your front firing arc throttle down to half impulse speed or lower, as it will allow you to turn a little sharper and avoid over shooting your target and getting stuck in a circling battle like you did today. The best way is to get into a direct line of sight with the enemy before you engage in combat a few kilometers away from weapons range, then you can keep diverting power to your front shields and continuously fire your torpedoes as they recharge.
  • A problem you may encounter when you finish the mission you guys are on is how to leave the mission map. In the top right of the screen below the mini-map you will see two rows of buttons. On the bottom left most row their will be a Warp button. Press this to leave the zone when you are done. It took me a long time to find this button so i hope you guys find this before you record.
  • When your in the zone that looks like you are on the map, that is the games representation of being in warp speed. The developers decided that flying around seeing nothing but stars zoom by your head would be boring, so they came up with that concept as a way to visually allow people to travel great distances via warp speed and it not be boring. If you travel the edges of those sectors you can travel to different zones, however in the beta most of them will be locked off or contain content too powerful for you guys right now.


  • When you press the "c" key and go into the crouch it increases your damage output when attacking, so it is best to stay in this mode when ever possible.
  • At the start of this video, and possibly in the next one, the reason you did not have the away team was because of a bug. If it happens you may want to try switching instances, as this will reload the map and can some times fix this known problem. To do this in the top right of the screen to the right of the mini-map you will see a column of buttons, if i recall correctly, i believe it is the bottom most one on the screen. When pressed it should allow you to select a new instance to spawn into.
  • When an enemy runs up to you in ground combat press the "3" key, and you will active your melee attack. This will swing your arms in an elbow butt type move that will knock the MOB back and to the ground. When you get into the next section and you need to fight large groups of guys it will be essential for survival.


  • When your at the star base every new character is allowed to customize their ship, sans the deck choice, the first time for free. As well if you head to the requisitions area, if i recall correctly, you can customize the look of your officers. This too is free the first time. Because of this, when you do get an option to pick new bridge officers i highly recommend you guys look for the ones that are listed as unknown species so that you can create a whole ship of Seabiscuts.
  • To do any emote in the game you must type /e emotenamehere. It is not like WoW where you just type /emotenamehere. So if you type /e dance a list of all the possible dance emotes will show up in the list. As well if you click in the chat text area and press the up key, the chat will show you your last four or five sent messages.
  • Their isn't much point in going to buy new equipment for yourself or your ship this early in the game as pretty much anything useful will drop as you play, so save the money for later.
  • The reason you could only put points into the first column of your skill tree is because you were not a high enough rank to do the others. When you reach the next rank, lieutenant i believe, you will be able to spend points in that column of powers. As well when you rank up you can choose to promote your bridge officers which will give them access to more powers.
Any who that's all i could think of off the top of my head. Hope you guys find this before you make your next video and that it helps. Its nice to see a continuing series be back on Giant Bomb. I hope this series stays on for as many episodes as possible. Best of luck.
~Nick Totton
Posted by Pakorn

I'm pulling my hair out watching Brad try to do space combat without slowing down.

Posted by HAL9000

Ugh I want to play this but my AMD 3400+ and 7900 GS probably are not up to snuff.

Posted by kenya24

Oh man this looks so fun. And the ship customization looks pretty awesome.

Posted by MrSpaceMan

im having a fun time with the beta.

Posted by kenya24

Also really looking forward to part 3.

Posted by Jedted

Wow, i had no idea you could go full impulse!  Thanks Brad! 
Posted by sandwich_adjustment

oohhh... babby..frgth..finally got the reference :D

Posted by Regal

These are awesome, keep making em. I'm watching em even though I play the beta (courtesy of GB), a great way to learn the ropes. 

Posted by HeadNodShy

Could it be that the Borg construct their ships in cubes, not because its the most effecient shape in space, but the most efficient shape in terms of usage of surface area? It's easier to fill every nook and crany in a cube (or square) then other shapes. Though that doesn't explain why they built spherical ships.

Posted by MasterFramer

 Nice look but Brad is awful at games. Sorry Brad.

Posted by Olivaw

Can you do a patented two-handed Kirk Strike in this game? That seems important.

Posted by Citizengamer

Hilarious. Was Vinny pulling a Shatner by repeating "Fire!" multiple times?

Posted by Hoshnasi

Anyone have a beta key they could send me?  I could get any, had to much work earlier this week :(

Posted by MjHealy

I set up my account and stuff for this game but its bumming me out thats its 8 GBand with my connection that could take a few days. My laptop could barely even run Champions Online so I don't even think I can run this. 
Looks awesome though.

Posted by CitizenJP

Lmao love the stand-by thing that happened. :P

Posted by Milkman

Downloaded this ALL DAY yesterday. Finally ready to start playing today.

Posted by Horace

Watch out for Horace Caesarion Frapadopolis aboard the U.S.S. Delicious.
The amount of mundane characters so far has been depressing.  Here I am, 4'6, dark red with giant arms, feet, hands, neck and fingers with tiny, tiny legs, spangly in my golden knee-high boots and everyone else is human.
All except this one 7ft alien dude who I danced with for a while.

Posted by tmek

I would LOVE  a beta key if there's one out there someone can send.  I have all WEEK off next week and that would be awesome to be able to play.

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

I'm gonna say it again, Dave is awesome!

Posted by suikoden352

the video is broken on my side. dunno about the rest of ya'll but the video stops right as brad starts talking once they find the space map. i was so looking forward to watchin this today =(
Posted by dagas

Been playing the beta almost the entire day and I must say I have a problem with the currency system. There's energy, merit and several different badges and other stuff. In all it's probably a dozen different currencus and all you get from missions is merit which isn't very useful. What you want is energy, but that seems really hard to come by. Most things are worth 10-40 and a new space ship costs thousands and thousands of energy.

Posted by Adziboy

Maybe there's part of my hardcore WoW gamer inside me, but Brad is such a different gamer to me. I haven't quite finished watching but I got to the skillpoint bit in the video. 
When I play an MMO, the thing I strive to get is things like spells, talents, skills etc and the thing I love most is trying different 'builds', and finding the best one which optimises everything and makes fighting, exploration etc easier, but for Brad, he just seemed to pick anything which i don't mind but then, oh god, HE DIDNT SPEND THEM ALL. Arghh! That was painful for the rest of the video...
Posted by CylonAndrew

A great birthday present!

Edited by PulledaBrad

Just a quick FYI you can cruise around your brodge when you are in your ship. Just under the + and - buttons next to the minimap is a down pointing triangle button. You can click that and select "go to bridge" or some such option and hang. Not really anything in there to interact with but its a neat touch. I think a chat log come up if you want to chat with buddies. Theres your comm officer!

Edited by trimon

all the ships shooting at the cube XD so cute X3 
i also love how ryan's like an oracle in this

Posted by Dudacles

Do I smell potential Endurance Run material here? Then again, playing an MMO would mean that they'd never finish, effectively disqualifying it for an ER, I guess.

Posted by D_O_A

Shift+R is the shortcut key for full impulse, i was wondering why you guys weren't using it yesterday lol

Posted by DukeTogo

Set phasers to dumb.

Posted by Legend
@MasterFramer said:
"  Nice look but Brad is awful at games. Sorry Brad. "
Nah, he's not awful at games. He just has a hard time playing and talking sometimes.
Posted by Lingxor

I'm sold!

Posted by ArbitraryWater
@tmek: At the end of the first episode they totally give out a URL that gives Beta Keys to Giant Bomb users.
Posted by Beomoose

Brad's a Centaur Class fan, that makes him cool in my book.

Posted by Phonics

This looks fucking terrible. Why cant anyone make a decent MMORPG other than Blizzard?

Posted by Beomoose

Target that Explosion and Fire!

Posted by kagekage

This is like a new Endurance Run! 
Ah, nostalgia...

Posted by Fawk

Utterly boring game which will will have a high number of subs initially but quickly tail off within 6 months.
Pretty much just like every other MMO that isn't WOW.

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