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Posted by Reverseface

Problem with Jeff reviewing this Solo is that it's really a Full on co op game. The first game would of been crap if i didn't of played it with my friend.

Posted by Jason_Miami

"Her life is in your hands, dude." Another excellent Big Lebowski reference, Ryan.

Posted by Brendan
@twillfast said:
" @Getz: Looked like a lot of First Person Shooting to me ;) "

It's a third person shooter.
Posted by nekoNari

The whole time while watching the video, I was wondering where recoil is... he's spraying bullets, and his reticle stays on the spot? That... is not just unrealistic and immersion-breaking, but also super-cheap. :(
Posted by Winternet

Nothing stands out to me in this game.

Posted by bjorno


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wow, these two characters are such douchebags
wait, you were invisible to the bad guy you were standing next to, because your buddy was "loud?" wtf

Posted by Agent47CSim2

What the hell did they call rock, paper, scissors?
Posted by Ulong

I'm sure someone's said this allready in the comments but:
Jeff, you had a silenced gun, you could shoot the one guy in the back, that no one was looking at, and then you could go grab the officer safely.

Posted by Ulong

Wish this quick look had gone on enough for Jeff's actions to cause that child to die.
Though I guess jeff was trying to do a positive morality run anyway?

Posted by chilipeppersman


Posted by spiceninja

The two characters are douchbags and that really turns me off from playing this game.

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I loved the part where Rios was walking on air/ floating in mid-air. 
I guess he got some Jedi Knight the Force kind of power from defeating Salem in rock paper scisors....... 
Jeff should have hi-fived again at that point coz walking on air is definitely a hi-5 moment...   
and after that probably both mercenaries would have ended up walking on air... 
Now that would be so mega cool that it would deserve yet another hi-five...    he...he
Posted by geirr
@sheira said:
" Looks like a great game. I wish they made it for PC too.  Hmmm, i think i am gonna install Gears of War (unless anyone could come up with better altiernative? :P) Love the customization stuff. "
Mass Effect 2 (:
Posted by Nottle

Turns out the kid can die. If only they chose this option, i would have loved to see Ryan and Jeff's reactions. Sorry for the quality but this video is short and to the point.

Posted by fontainefellow

i was disappointed by the lack of bro jokes on jeff and ryan's part in this video

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The street is completely blocked off. Where the hell did that APC come from?