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Posted by Anthony

The Duder, its eyes uncovered. When the walls fell!

Posted by Dimpley
@Jambones said:
" Way too much time on my hands...

Mayday. Abnormal Duder levels detected. Jettison the warp cor.....
EPIC. Too much time, or too much talent?  
Or both, thats a good combo...
Posted by Sammichman

DUDER, Just like the Endurance Run... what if this marks the second Endurance Run!? Little test with the beta to see how people like it then a full run in the full game if the GB community likes it.

Posted by kamen24

Duder, it's over before it even began.
Posted by Sanj

Posted by muzzer


Posted by softcoregamer

For a second I thought I somehow got sent to a 4chan channel, but nope, this is just the beauty of the Giantbomb community shinning through.  Nice work team :)

Posted by Ariketh

Beam me up, Duder.

Posted by Vinny

haha, should be working now...but this is a fantastic comments section!

Posted by scarace360

the USS DUDER must have survived the attack by the servers.

Posted by wrecks


Posted by Dethfish


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:O Seabiscuits absorb acid fires

Posted by Woocifer


Posted by Jambones

Excellent... But I can't use this now....

The trouble with Duders...
Posted by Blair

I'm really loving the Set Phasers to Fun series, keep it going boys!



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It on!!!!!!! WOOP

Posted by Vager

Technically it was only me and some random dude who joined the instance. Neither of us were in the Neon Space Lobsters fleet. 
Posted by Marz

oh hey, video works now duder.

Posted by Alphazero
Boldy Go

God damn it Brad cut the FUCKING THROTTLE!

Posted by skrutop

Why is there a dildo in the right slot of the bar on the bottom?

Posted by ParadoxControl

I found out yesterday that you can right click abilities to have them auto cast. In ship mode you can have 2 auto attacks. I was setting my phase weapons to auto cast and saving my fingers for Photon Torpedoes. You can also click and drag shield controls to your hot bar if you need them on keys. 

Posted by RipAndTear


Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Ahhh! Brad, seriously, listen to Vinny.

Posted by Hoshnasi

I'm gonna make a Blu-Ray phaser to prepare!!! 

Posted by RTSlord

this needs to be an endurance run
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I can't believe brad didn't die. LoL   

 Edit: Best Comments since the ER!

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Someone's got to draw the line here hur hur....

Posted by Jeffsekai

holy shit an hr

Posted by jmrwacko

Oh wait, it's working now. Excellent!
Posted by Jambones

Man, just finished. 'Twas epic!

Posted by Detrian
@Krystal_Sackful said:
" Ahhh! Brad, seriously, listen to Vinny. "
God seriously I want to slap his stupid face.
Posted by v0rt3xRo

awsome vid duder!

Posted by Hoshnasi

Wasn't Dr. Tolian Soran  from Generations kind of a "Gun-Slinger"?

Posted by Akel

wow, survived. did not expect.

Posted by Pulseless

that was so close at the end

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Orion slave girls.  They're green

Posted by Vorbis

Space battles were pretty cool, only the onground stuff thats stopping me from giving it a try, maybe a few more episodes and i'll give in.

Posted by Hoshnasi

Is there a way to just stop moving forward when in the ship?  I kept watching brad passing that battleship and screening "STOP!!!!  Just STOP!"

Posted by Haze

Thats the "meltdown imminent" from Geo Defence for the iphone

Posted by jakonovski

Is it just me or did Brad accidentally join a guild?
Posted by Olivaw

Always remember: fish don't have hands, but they can still swim.

Posted by NoXious
Well, yes and no - he hit it because he wanted to get rid of it. But it's the GB Guild, Space Neon Lobsters!
Posted by cap123

what an epic fight. i really want to try this when it comes out.
also vager is brave and charming

Posted by James0890

 I'd be so much more excited about this game if it wasn't an MMO, I'd love to play a good single player role playing Star Trek game.

Posted by ThePhilatron

oddly i find that brad's cluelessness seemed to make the battles more intense and i loved their reactions to seeing vagar " that's quite an alien"
Posted by DukeTogo

Dammit, I don't want to be a multi-MMO player, but this looks so good.

Posted by LCadejoNegro

i had no interest in star trek and this game before this vids, now i totally regret not trying to get in to the beta. This looks like what i wish EVE online should be in my opinion. I think im going to pre-order this and get some of this action.