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Posted by kenya24
@eduardo said:
" @kenya24 said:
" @James0890 said:
"  I'd be so much more excited about this game if it wasn't an MMO, I'd love to play a good single player role playing Star Trek game. "
I agree "
Star Trek KOTOR? I'd play that! "
Hell yeah.
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I don't know if it has been mentioned, but you can switch between hand-to-hand or your rifle by pressing "Z" or clicking the button on the far left of your action bar.

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Posted by atomic_dumpling
@kenya24 said:

" Anybody know what the computer's specs were that this game was played on at giant bomb? I got a quad core with a 8800GT (at 1920x1200) and i don't think mine runs quite as smooth. "

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Posted by Mjolnir
@Kaigan: Thanks a lot, man! Never would've found that otherwise. Now I can properly waste my weekend.
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Its very frustrating to watch brad play, sometimes I just want to rip the mouse and keyboard away from brads hands haha 
Although I have to say, that battle was totally epic

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Posted by Mezmero

Freakin' amazing!  These videos of the beta just keep getting better and better.  I'm actually impressed how much Star Trek reverence this game has.  These 3 make an awesome group for this series as well.  I'm actually impressed that Dave really does know his Star Trek lore across the board series-wise.  Even if his references dont get precise I always catch what he's talking about having watched most of the series' myself.  Along with Vinny's humor and Brad's threshold for survival, this really is the dream team of this Star Trek mini-series.  For the glory of Sea-Biscuitonia!
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Posted by kenya24
@atomic_dumpling: Sweet, thanks.
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Posted by MrKlorox

I guess the video is popular because it won't download faster than just a few KBPS.

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Oh man, I couldn't not sign up for the Beta after watching these. Currently downloading the client.
*sigh*, only 7-9 hours left until finished.
Edit: The ending was great, especially Vager's comment.

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Posted by ONEmileperhour

set phasers to pun

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Posted by Chemin

Endurance run ftw! Right!? ...right?

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I want a beta key so bad now, but I know there are none and that sucks harder than vacuum.
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LOL Brad made that fight with battleship way harder then it should have being :)  Still, the result that counts!

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I get the feeling I'm going to have to repeat this for the whole serie: 
Guys you do more damage if you AIM by pressing C!
And don't forget  to roll if your shield gets low.

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Posted by Vager

We tried to take down a group of Klingons today; failed miserably at that.
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Posted by DRE7777

This is making me want to preorder this just to play the beta.......must.....resist.......buying.....impulse.....aaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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Would this be great live? 


(And is there a USS Commodore-64 or USS Vic-20 floating around yet?)
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Posted by Yummylee

I am writing love letters to these videos, so awesome. And christ that first larger freighter ship or whatever, fuckin intense. 
Whats more...TWINS BASIL!!
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Posted by Berkut

Man, that last fight was awesome!  :)

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

That battle with the big ship was somewhat painful to watch. Brad is kind of bad at games.

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It's super mega annoying how Dave and Vinny are trying to be subtle about the SLOW DOWN BRAD IN COMBAT SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY WIN and he refuses, so Vinny and Dave are practically telling him to slow down and he still doesn't... 
Just finished watching it all and Brad definitely made up for not slowing down. 
Also, lol @ "Brad didn't die, amazing".
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Posted by WindowColours

Im not sure if this works on Windows 7, but you guys can always plug in extra keyborads so that dave and vinny can help too. As long as the keys don't match they can help too. I used to do this to play Typing of the dead with my friends who couldn't type well when they come over.

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Posted by PapaLazarou

That guy is so easy to beat u noobs.

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Posted by Y

Okay, this video convinced me to try this 7GB bad boy out. But only for the weekend, I'm not into the mmo thing.

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Posted by gike987

Anyone know at what times the guys are playing?

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Posted by Zaph
@Vager: That last comment you made was classic. I love how Brad's death notoriety has gone intergalactic.
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Posted by jubatron

Wow, I need a computer and some money so I can get this.  Also, I'd like to add my voice to the "Brad, slow down" chorus.

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Posted by MasterTom

I repeat: endurance run!! 

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Posted by JoshS

It's hard watching Brad play MMOs..

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Posted by bluesun
@JoshS: He's just low on his Bojangles powerup.
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Did I hear someone playing GeoDefense in the background, or was that a stock sound effect?

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I hope they lean more heavily on the ship based combat. The Away Team stuff doesn't seem as bad as I thought it would be, but it's still not nearly as interesting as the naval style warship combat. They've certainly got the Star Trek feel right for that part.

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Posted by Ishatawk

Dude, you have to modulate your throttle when you attack. 
Speed = maneuverability and more time to attack a specific shield before passing by. 

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Posted by RVonE
@Zaph said:
" @Vager: That last comment you made was classic. I love how Brad's death notoriety has gone intergalactic. "

Exactly. Certainly the highlight of this episode.
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Posted by Meteora

The last battle was epic and hilarious. I laughed so much that my face is getting sore, lol.
Brad needs to roll with the Space Lobster fleet and assemble a team.

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Posted by Yzzerdd

I hope the next one starts with "Previously on Set Phasers to Fun"

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Hah, Dave quoting Star Trek 3 was hilarious.  "My God Bones... what have I done?"
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Took a character as the main for the beta as tactical & got the leg sweep, while it's good at some times much prefer the grenade or other weapons. Tried the beta again with an engineer using the kit that gives mines & have a tactical officer with this character that can ramp up the photon torpedos, think that's much better than the leg sweep kit. 
Also for those interested in the game yet  not in on the beta, there are later missions on the ground & in space that are public open instances that once you get in it, you are teamed together with other players to get through the episode. Also some quests have no combat at all, one mining colony had me just interview people then tell their leader what the people wanted.  From what I saw too, trying to run is tough, better to just set the ship to defensive mode & swerve, you do get at an early rank some evasive maneuvers to help some on staying alive. Spacebar is good though for all phasers & then just trying to learn how to hit that & 2 (or there's a button to the left of the officers that just does all weapons which is nice.  Liking how for the crafting things (alien artifact, mineral sample, ect.) you can always go into a map & hit scan to find how many there are to find.
Still watching part 3 & wondering what would have happened if you didn't rescue everyone on the ship before leaving the cargo hold, doesn't look like much happened or it was fixed in the background.
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Posted by AleeN634

I got to mention how much I'm enjoying these videos. Looks like a decent MMO too. Thanks Giantbomb!

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Why not just put these in the Endurance Run tab? They did it with Not Like This.

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Posted by S0ndor

The infantry combat looks as lame as I had imagined, but the space battles look absolutely incredible. Lots of tactical positioning and customization options for ships.  It also looks pretty sweet when you have 2 fleets going head to head (and this was just 3 federation ships).

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Posted by gike987
@S0ndor said:
" The infantry combat looks as lame as I had imagined, but the space battles look absolutely incredible. Lots of tactical positioning and customization options for ships.  It also looks pretty sweet when you have 2 fleets going head to head (and this was just 3 federation ships). "
Note that you can flank the enemies for more damage even if Brad fails to do that. You should also press C to aim for more damage and roll much more. A big reason ground combat looks so simple is Brad playing  badly.
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Posted by _Horde

This looks really good, too bad I missed the beta keys.

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Posted by rjayb89

If it was that Ryan during that huge battleship conflict saying "Hey thar," I will believe such to be hilarious.

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I'll never serve under Brad's command. Why is he going full speed all the time?

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@Brad said:
" @Artemis_D: Best user icon on Giant Bomb. "
You know that's right.
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Posted by XChairmanDrekX

Cool videos but the volume's still pretty low.  Can you guys do anything about that?

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Posted by Atilac

star trek bar name: "Beam on over!"