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Posted by MagikGimp

Ryan has some really bad ideas for Star Trek...

Posted by Annai

The escort quest for the Vulcan ambassador guy is a 5-man quest, I think. You may have had a problem because you were already grouped. Some of the quests/missions seem to scale to your group size and others are more like instances where you need to have 5. I got auto-grouped with 4 others when I started that mission and it went fine. We even beamed down to the planet together (as 5 captains instead of a captain and your own away team) and fought through some Klingons that way. Since you were already grouped, it may not have been able to auto-add two more players? Beta, y'know? There's an auto-group setting somewhere in options, too.

Posted by Sanj
@metalsnakezero said:
"OMG Brad died in the first few minutes. "

He died 5 seconds after the intro credit and disclaimer, LOL.
Posted by TheClap

Either myself or Brad are completely insane.  The way he putzes around and fights devoid of strategy makes my neck hurt.   But he is getting better about it!

Edited by BrowncoatGrimm

The difficulty and number of enemies is determined by the size of your party/team. If, however, you enter a system with six people and four of them drop out the difficulty level remains at that level despite the players not being present until your leave the system and wap back in. The way to stop this happening is to go in to your friends option and under groups change it from open group to looking for groups, or even block groups. That way you won't be randomly dumped in with people who may leave the game.
The shops have three types of currency. Requisitions, Starfleet Merrits, and Energy. All the items you have can be sold for energy and you can buy ship parts and ground equipment in the place you saw "ant man". You should have some requisitiosn and these can be used to be crewmembers or skills for your crew. Scanning anomalies and such are sort of "ingredients" that when you get a certain set number you can trade for more advanced items. The woman you saw in the centre chamber had a store option, that is where this is found.

Posted by Chip

I always found things easier to equip if you right click on them then choose the equip option. Seems the game has a tiny bug with drag-equipping things.

Posted by Ninja

Wait how do you turn on auto fire?

Posted by Death_Burnout
@Scooper: Nah i like that! Ryan needs to boss Brad into shape with this game.
Posted by squidracerX

Maybe equip the ship stuff (like phaser banks) back at the space station where you customized the ship!? I haven't played ever so i might be wrong? But that would make sense.....

Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe

They should take turns playing the game, would be interesting to see the different approaches to space battle. Make it so!
Posted by squidracerX
@Xshinobi said:
" The beta has been fun so far but it isn't going to be worth the $14.99 a month. "
i agree, if it was a $60 game i'd buy it, but one year worth of play for $230 ($49.99 + 12 months at $15) is way too much for this. You could get 4 brand new ps3/Xbox games for that.....
Edited by kerikxi

Been playing this all weekend, haven't read anything online, just found stuff out for myself.

This game is ok, except the ground stuff sucks, and it has like five different kinds of money to keep track of. The interface is clunky, but the ship combat is satisfying once you get into it.
But yeah it needs a few more months of fixes to be actually good.
Posted by Xshinobi

The beta has been fun so far but it isn't going to be worth the $14.99 a month.

Posted by ashbash

Fuck yeah! I love GiantBomb for adding these videos early for America, because since I live in England I always have to wait at least until 5 PM for the start of GiantBomb content to be release during weekdays.

Posted by Death_Burnout

I'm actually thinking about getting into Star Trek in general...there's so much of it, and i love space intrigue and exploration...but not necessarily the nerdy aspect of the later series, but i think i can overcome that annoying person in my mind.

Posted by Mancour


Posted by heidelun

Nice, I was waiting for this video to come up =)

Posted by Artemis_D

The more I watch this, the more I want to play this.  But also, the more I watch this, the more I realize how awesome a Firefly MMO could potentially be, and I want that even more.

Posted by metalsnakezero

OMG Brad died in the first few minutes.

Posted by squidracerX
@Scooper said:
" I wish Ryan wasn't so bossy and analitic to Brad. I prefer Vinny because he's just like "Whatever! Shoot dudes!". "
admit it, you prefer Vinny because he is a very handsome man.
Posted by BOOM

The number and size of the enemies you encounter on missions is determined by the size of the party you are in. So if you are trying to do quests by yourself, drop your party.

Edited by Tennmuerti

Does relative speed or ship size have any effect on chance to hit here like say in EVE?

Posted by Scooper

I wish Ryan wasn't so bossy and analitic to Brad. I prefer Vinny because he's just like "Whatever! Shoot dudes!".

Edited by Crash_Happy

Yay! I'm glad I'm ahead of them though.
And re: turn speed, I find it's best to reduce speed in battle. It depends what's happening but you're trying to control facings so full speed is not a good idea all the time Brad!

Posted by TheWesman

Always so mean to Brad....haha I hate that for him sometimes.  I have the same play style as Brad, scan and investigate everything in the environment!  I'm glad to see he doesn't give in to Ryan who gets bored within 5 seconds of every quick look video!  haha

Posted by Chris2KLee

 Denise Crosby left to have a baby and decided to be a mother instead, if I remember correctly.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Ah, the third Endurance Run. Even though they refuse to admit it. :3

Edited by skrutop

The OI don't understand your comment about the turn speed, Brad.  When you're facing the enemy you should still slow down to hit them hard with your tachyon beam and torpedos, then throttle up and bank once your front shields are weak.
BTW, Dr. Crusher left for season 2 because Gates McFadden was having a baby.
The Orions are like the Original Series version of the Ferengi.  They're slavers, marauders, thieves, etc.  They're also green and like seven feet tall.  In Enterprise, they run into an Orion played by The Big Show, which is possibly the greatest Star Trek cameo besides Cristian Slater.

Posted by warxsnake

Holy shit, 90% of the time Brad could be shooting, he's not, lol, like when he is running away from small fighters he could easily take down. Weird.

Posted by Detrian

IF you slowed down THEN you wouldn't have to turn as much since you'd be in position longer and THEN the turning ratio issue wouldn't be a problem. This ain't rocket science, what the fuck?

Posted by Winternet

I hope that at least they don't have problems doing the login.

Edited by CletusTheFoetus

I can't login today :( but at least I have this.
As for the battleships i think it's the more people you have in your group the more ships there are. 
Also, the patrols are more for casual gaming and the missions like escort the vulcan guy are related to story line. I also feel that spamming the shield recharge button helps as well.
And I think you need to spend all your points in order to level up. You'll fill most of them out by lvl 10.

Posted by Marz

Brad needs to use his shield redirection alot more, taking unneccsary damage.

Posted by InFamous91


Posted by Codariocalyx

And perfect example of pulling a brad right away. Nice job

Posted by lolak47


Posted by mubress

I likes me some Star Trek.