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Posted by TomA

Lemon and Dan's was a good idea but terrible video and audio quality

Posted by Brazzle

Woah...Rich Gallup hotspot flashbacks.

Posted by JokerClown88

Stop frame one was win.

Posted by CitizenJP

Lmao greatness. the 2nd video was awesome.

Posted by Red


Posted by Kraznor

That was generally very awesome. Kudos.

Posted by Afroman269

I'm surprised. This may be the first QoTW video that I legitimately laughed to. Second submission was great.....first is just fail. 

Posted by MadeinFinland

loved the second last one.

Posted by cyrax

The stop frame was amazing. And hilarious.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

The black and white one was amazing.

Posted by acev

Extra thousand points for use of Wham!.

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@CowMuffins said:

" @ashton said:

" @creamypies said:

" @Binman88 said:
" We should just scrap the QOTW thing and replace it with a new segment featuring Lemon and Dirty Dan exclusively. "
Dude yes! "
I second ashton's notion. "
I third Ashton's notion.
I then metaphorically register a second account to fourth the notion.
Posted by JackSukeru

That was Brotiful

Posted by Shaanyboi

lol Black and White one was FANTASTIC

Posted by FunExplosions

Wow good job this week people. Dirtydan's scream made that video.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Awesome set, the stop-motion old timey vid was really well done and I always enjoy an "orange mocha frappachinos" comedy bit.

Posted by AngelicRampage

lmao that black and white one was awesome, it reminded me of some fucked up gmod machinima lmao

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I can't believe me & bobdaman18 had the only chest bump out of all the videos... very surprising

Posted by jakob187

Great QotW this week!!!  All of them made me at least giggle!  Ignore the haters. 
Also, Billy's WRECKED!!!

Posted by brotherlu

I loved the Silent one, the music was what made it special. Almost like a funny 60's show real. Nice effect

Posted by HeroicDrinkingSong

The bearded guy in the black and white video looks remarkably like Dave Snider.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Needs moar popped collars on polos.  Pretty good though!

Posted by Johnny5

Kickass weeek

Posted by Reverseface

There was a serious lack of SURFER DUDE VOICE in these videos if your gonna BRO THE FUCK OUT you gotta put the surfer dude voice on.

Posted by Xiemos2

Stop frame one was baller, and Jitterbug was pretty solid too.
Keep up the good work, GB community!

Posted by monster9999

Like everyone else has said. stop frame and dirtydan/lemon was amazing. and rest pretty good too. Good week

Posted by AdMordem

stop frame was spot on.

Posted by RedCricketChase

Lemon and Dirty Dan are about the cutest persons of all time. I liked the B&W bit the most tho!

Posted by GaZZuM

Asian dude can dance! With the exception of the VERY last video and the black and white one, a very poor showing this week.

Posted by mrsmiley

OH GOD stop motion was WIN.

Posted by Singeslayer

As for someone that lives on Long Island, that's not how we bro.
However, nice bro'ing nonetheless. =D

Posted by mustachioeugene

Silent film was the best one, very Tom Goes to the Mayor-ish in their positioning/choice of stills.
-Broseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Posted by ProlificShadow

The stop motion silent film was brilliant. 

Posted by Morden2261

Gasoline fight!

Posted by Wildfire570

Okay these videos are awesome, especially the frame by frame vid. that was genius.

Posted by kerikxi

Those were all actually pretty fantastic. Great work GB community, you certainly know, how to bro.

Posted by Slayer

The stop motion one was EVERY good great job everybody :)

Posted by Ubiquitous

Billyhoush is winnar!

Posted by crusnchill

I always laugh at Lemon and Dirty dans videos. They seem to be coming something of a Giantbomb community celebrity duo. Keep it up guys.

Posted by ThePantheon

please don't ever show the last two with the jitterbug shlock again. what is this youtube in 2003?
the silent movie one however was amazing. props to you bros.

Posted by JeffGoldblum
@ThePantheon said:
" please don't ever show the last two with the jitterbug shlock again. what is this youtube in 2003?   "
Actually it was a Zoolander homage, albeit not a great one.
Posted by Scooper

Loved the stop motion one. That was great!

Posted by NukeSpoon
@Crocio said:
" The stop frame movie was clearly the best made. "
This. Facial expressions were genius.
Posted by FuzzYLemoN

5:48 was fucking priceless.

Posted by Hinamotto

The silent one was the best. Sick bro!

Posted by Eastman

the silent movie was amazing... but lemon and dirty dan have that unmistakable camera quality. 
Posted by Goopynose

Last bit takes the cake!

Posted by dudeglove


Posted by Sdoots

"Ryan told me not to play that shit!"

Posted by RagingLion

I salute you billyhoush and co ... nicely done.