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Posted by Riddell

Lemon and Dirty win by default. That scream is hilarious.

Posted by angryphil
@NukeSpoon: yeh reminded me a lot of Tom goes to the mayor, and that show is hilarious.
Posted by Rewcastle

Billyhoush wins. End
Edited by Capum15

Oh god, Lemon and Dirty Dan...
Though the "Silent Movie" one was the best. Some of those expressions are what you'd see in a Garry's Mod video (thinking about it, it does kind of remind me of Tom Goes To The Mayor, too).

Posted by GeneralTurkle

Why are lemon and dirty dan always so funnyyyy?

Posted by Spiritof

I watched that.

Posted by Scratch

Well atleast lemon and dirty dan are back. That's a win I suppose.

Posted by Gamer_152

Loved billyhoush's.

Posted by erikj
@ThePantheon said:
" please don't ever show the last two with the jitterbug shlock again. what is this youtube in 2003?  the silent movie one however was amazing. props to you bros. "
Dude Zoolander was a funny movie.
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on the august the 8th edition of the bombcast, Jeff mentioned they're making a new army of two and Vinny said that he feels like he played those games but maybe he made a video, so I was looking through the army of two videos and found this. I sort of miss these even though I only watched one every couple of months.

edit: but I didn't find any video review.