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Posted by Dalai

Seriously, take a guess. 
Did you guess Wii Play? If you did, give yourself a delicious oatmeal raisin cookie because you are correct! Wii Play managed to sell 11.1 million copies in the United States alone. So congratulations to Wii Remote... er, Wii Play for being the most popular game/controller bundle in history. 
That's a lot of Wii Remotes.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Wow... Makes sense, though.  Shit, I bought the bundle and I haven't ever even played Wii Play.  It was actually cheaper to buy the bundled game and controller than it was to just buy the straight-up controller as part of a Play and Trade special deal.  Crazy.
Posted by Claude

I never bought it and now there's this pretty black Wii Remote I want. No Wii Play for me.

Posted by Kazona

Man, I so expected Dead Space: Extraction to beat that number

Posted by ThomasP

I was duped into picking up Wii Play like many others. It could have been so much better; even if there were some common theme to the whole thing. Luckily, I duped someone into trading me their copy of Link's Crossbow Training for it. I was happy I didn't have to buy the Zapper.