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Posted by punkxblaze

Oh man. The guys acapellaing the star trek credits at the end there. Beautiful.

Posted by FlipperDesert
@DiGiTaL_SiN said:
" U.S.S. Devil Nurse FTFW!!!!!!111111ONEONE "
You have no idea how close I came to renaming it the U.S.S. Young Mother.
Thanks for the video content guys, I wouldn't have given the game a second glance without it.
Posted by Mancotron

 STO actually looks interesting. I may have to upgrade my pc though.  I don't get the DS9 hate, that series was awesome.

Posted by MeatSim

Space Neon Lobster dance party was the best part.

Posted by SilenceUK

ryan get so pissed lol but hes often wrong love it
Posted by RipAndTear

40:45 would have made the most perfect ending to Phasers. Thank you guys for all the great videos! Warp out!

Posted by Aaox

Dance party is awesome.

Posted by squidracerX

I WANT THIS AS A SINGLE PLAYER GAME!  i want to own a disc, even the $300 lifetime thing would be tempting if i knew I could own this and play it even if the servers go down someday (which who can say what life expectancy this will have?) But for $60-$80 (DLC) I would gladly buy this.... But to drop $300 now only to find i might get bored with it... Its too risky. So please license holders, we need a good console star trek game (or PC just make it a single player disc).

Posted by MachoFantastico

Bossy Ryan was superb, Brad was being classic Brad and everything was great,  
Wonderful stuff guys, and yes DS9 did kind of suck.

Posted by KrazyMiller

Now i wanna buy this game lol

Posted by oddjob

Ryan, stop being mean to Brad and bossing him around! It's funny as all hell, though.

Posted by JediAutobot

I hope we get an epilogue episode!

Edited by fox01313

Agreed with my medium interest with tactical skills from what I've seen in STO, the grenades seem okay but I found that the engineer kits giving you mines/shield generators in part10 that appear to work in the combat a little more effectively. You can get the ships from the upper level of the Sol station in shipyard but might not be able to buy them though they might have released the restrictions to show off the better ships.
Guessing the bridge option is like the houses in the MMO Runes of Magic where you can invite ppl to see your gear, crew or trade things. 

Posted by Hoshnasi

Why is the bridge so damn big?!

Posted by Hoshnasi

Off to Cardasia to eat some filthy egg thing similar to balut....

Posted by HatKing

Ugh... it is a good thing I don't have Ryan's pessimistic ass sitting next to me while I play games.
Posted by Jedted

Jeff and Ryan are fucking crazy!  DS9 was by far the best series! 
In the early seasons they had so many interesting characters and stories, and when they got into the Dominion War was when it really got interesting! 
Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

U.S.S. Devil Nurse FTFW!!!!!!111111ONEONE

Posted by zenith16

space trafic classic lol

Posted by PhatSeeJay

I saw some holodeck action when I became Captain! That shit was messed up!

Posted by AllanIceman

I didn't get DS9.  Also, trans-warp is cool.

Posted by Hoshnasi

DS9 is stupid far actually....  Maybe STO just goes through the worm hole?

Posted by wrecks

The Hidden!!

Posted by Hoshnasi

Yeah IDK about the phaser arrays right now.  
I'm running an aft phaser turret and a forward blue disruptor cannon with a torpedo bay.  Combat consists of 
Close to 10, all stop, start firing, back up as they close in and keep spamming torpedoes as they get close.  If I get in trouble I just do a emergency power to shields and what fast maneuvering to position my forward cannon.  Pretty much cleans everything up.  Going to switch my torpedoes to mines soon though.

Edited by gbrading

A great mini-series, which taught me an awful lot more about Star Trek. My only disappointment is that I didn't actually appear in an episode in the background, just flying lesuirely by in the Exeter. That aside, I look forward to many similar series in the future. :) P.S. I hope there is still an "final episode" to where the End of Beta event happens. That would be good.
Posted by Hoshnasi

I loved DS9.

Edited by zenith16
@aXone: lol now you know why the Klingon's and Romulans always lost.  Actually what you should Do is have a disruptor array.  on your aft and  have phasers cannon's  on your front with Regen shields   and Quantum torpedo's and you'll do damage. I made  it  all the way to L.t. commander just doing that.    
Edited by Death_Burnout

Best party ever!
Oh im sorry, Best Ending Ever!

Posted by Delta_Ass

Good lord... about the singing at the end there... 
Um, don't quit your day jobs, gents.

Posted by Drebin_893

Thanks so much for the series. So much fun to watch, I hope you don't pay too much attention to the whining fuckers. Thanks guys.

Edited by Chip

I thought I would mention that you can sit at your Bridge chair. It turns out that sitting is an emote and you have to jump on the chair, face the screen and use the emote. I uploaded a picture as proof. :)
P.S. I would like to thank you for doing these videos, these videos caused me go and try the beta, the beta caused me to buy the game (and a new gfx card and PSU >_>) and the game has caused me to watch Star Trek for the first time in my life. I started with TNG and it's awesome! So I guess what I'm saying is; thanks for making me a Star Trek fan and I hope to see some of you and possibly some Seabiscuits in game!
Also, those pants didn't look that leathery when I was playing it on the minimal graphics setting.........
Posted by Agent_Eli

Yes, I am finally immortalized ina giant bomb video! I can be at rest now.

Posted by Tuggah

I love how Brad never learned to play, but watching the game play is kinda boring for most parts.

Posted by Caddy

Good series. Thanks! :)

Posted by Vager

Holy crap, awesome ending.
Edited by Mezmero

Freakin awesome end to these videos.  Kind of sad that no matter how badly I want to play this game, I just can't get back into PC gaming at this point in my life.  Really cool to have Dave back for this final episode as I find him to be secretly one of the funniest staffers.  As much as I like Dave though, I've got to agree with everyone else on staff that DS9 was pretty awful.  Full disclosure, I've watched all the non-Bacula series and thought DS9 was definately the worst.  That's not to say that I hated all of it: really liked the tactical episodes of which there were very few, enjoyed the Cardassian and Ferengie parts to an extent since they had really good actors, and I thought the Dominion made for a pretty interesting nemesis for the Federation.  I could go on, but probably should save it for some Star Trek forum to which I dont subscribe.  Bottom line is that Star Trek Online looks cool, Star Trek is awesome, and Giantbomb is the most awesomerest. 
BANANA PANCAKES for crying out loud!
Posted by wwfundertaker

Really enjoyed watching these videos, the game is interesting and might get it now.

Posted by AleksO

Let the beta end and the Endurance Run begin! *Crossing fingers*

Posted by HaYHaYHaY

lol...  epic ending music...

Posted by Fish_Face_McGee

The ENDING! Oh, that ending was wonderful.

Posted by Jeremy_x

epic dancing and singing at the end!
Posted by Reverseface

Dave came back, my heart is filled with JOY.

Posted by crusnchill

Jeff! Go sit down! lol
Classic Ryan.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@Delta_Ass said:
" I'm with Jeff and Ryan.  DS9 was not good. "
The show started out talky and boring. Once Sisko got his little toy starship, things got better. By the time DS9 started to kick butt (around Season 6) it was already too late. The final stretch was quite bad, as the show turned into pseudo-religious soap opera insurgence crap with loads of plot padding and filler. But that's Ronald D. Moore for ya. Also, introducing a singing hologram - worst idea ever.
Posted by PeasForFees

DS9 was great

Posted by MagikGimp

God, I wish Ryan would just SHUT UP

Edited by Metiphis

This game has motivated me to buy a new computer, hello massive tax return!
Of course the real reason may be to run Old Republic.

Posted by NoXious

I am so with Jeff, I was packin 2 Phasers since I kept my sides towards them at all times.
Only when I had to Photon an enemy without shields did I turn my front towards em. Don't need a disruptor for that.

Posted by august

(but I believe it has something to do with phasers)

Posted by MrKlorox

Not gonna watch either of these last two videos until the Beta is officially kaput. Trying so hard to unhook myself from the game so I don't end up paying for it.