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Posted by thebatmobile

That end song scared the shit outta my cat.

Posted by Milkman

What an ending.....

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Jeff was right, you want to be firing your fore and aft phasers at the enemy at all times, the Klingon's are far more "head on" and suit disruptor's.
Oh and DS9 rules... Apart from the Bajorians (sp?).

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Great! More STO adventures in virtual deep space.

Posted by Delta_Ass

I'm with Jeff and Ryan.
DS9 was not good.

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It's great to see my character Axel rocking it with Brad's character. LOL! That was really fun, guys. See you after launch. The Space Leon Lobsters will be back.

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So the Federation mastered transwarp?  Cool.
God I'm such a nerd.
So at the end the Orca (aka Enterprise-D) was fighting the Majestic Battleship (aka Enterprise-E)?  Noice.

Posted by RampageAssassin

Jeff sit down :P

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It's never too early for Star Trek, Coltonio.
This is really making me want to pre-order this game, but Champions Online was a massive let down and another MMO will probably end my life..

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Jeff's right. Big arc weapons are way better. Broadsides = both weapons' DPS added.
Also fuck STO.

Posted by gosukiller

End it with a bang guys :D

Posted by aXone


Posted by Milkman

It's so awesome that the whole office is playing Star Trek Online and you just hear Jeff in the background. 

Posted by Milkman

Last episode!

Posted by Dirty_Harry


Posted by Coltonio7

It's too early for Star Trek :(