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Posted by Iron_Scimitar

Jeff sounded like a true tactical officer.

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Posted by RobbieMac

Now that is how you end a beta.

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This was great! The part about the wormhole was funny because I (like most) tried to go through it.  
 You guys totally should have gone to Risa just for the Lulz. You don't need a mission to go into systems and some planets. There were folks running around there. I kinda geeked out when i went to DS9. First thing I did, ran to OPS. Was a little disappointed, but got over it quick. And  dammit, I did not see the door to Quark's and kept  looking for it.  
Oh Dave (spoiler), Morn died dude [ http://bit.ly/8ZUJVE]. Okay, not really.
I hope you guys did catch some the stuff at the end. I popped in because I wanted to finish a mission or two. Borgs to the left of me, Borgs to the right of me. Was kind of annoying having to warp about out after being sucked in (and followed by a) Cube. Awesome at the same time.  Warped in the first time and got dealt with as soon as a came out of warp.  Truly a WTF moment. And I ended up with Quantum Torpedoes and some other cool ish a few minutes before things ended .Defintely going for Quantum Torpedoes and the corresponding console when I get back in.  I should have hit up a Borg cube then, but wasn't much time..

Oh, and I don't know if you guys saw it in the Replicator, but there was tea, Earl Grey. Hot!

" Do you keep your beta character if you commit to buying the actual game subscription? "

No, all characters got wiped when the Beta ended. I believe you could have saved your costume if you went to the Tailor and done so. Will find out soon(though not soon enough). 
I cannot WAIT to go back in. Lifer! 
P.S. DS9 is great!!! 
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Posted by Swoxx

EPIC ending

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Dave is right and Ryan and Jeff are wrong.  DS9 was awesome because one episode lead to another like a actual series with a long arcing story line.  The Dominion War was exciting unlike most non-Borg TNG episodes.
The beta is ending, but it looks fun however still not for me.  I'm waiting for Star Wars in 2011.

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Posted by Capum15

Great dance party. Bahahaha, "SPACE CONGA!" in the chat at 39:44.\
Also: That last battle was awesome. The song was hilarious.

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Posted by twillfast

That outro almost blew my speakers up. And also, my mind.

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Posted by Punkfarter

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Posted by Titl

epic "outro"!

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Posted by SatelliteOfLove

DS9 is awesome! Repent! REPENT!!!

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Posted by Kubagami

Where is set phasers to fun part 1

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Dancing scene is awesome!
Also, the outro is now my ringtone. YEAH!

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Posted by CashBailey

Impromtu Alien Dance Party!!!
That's the name of my new band.

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Posted by DJKommunist

some one in fleet chat said that "seabiscuits swim like Kenyans".
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Brad's constant dismissal of DS9 and anything DS9 related while at the same time asking basic questions about it and admitting he knows pretty much nothing about the series makes me think of Brad as the kid in school always agreeing with the others kids to look cool without actually knowing what he's talking about.

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