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Posted by ahoodedfigure

It's pretty much the current generation that I'm passing by :)
If you want to compare notes I talk about it in my very first blog post.

Posted by Curval

With part two of this I'm going to talk about the later stages of gaming.  Pretty much all the machines that have come out since the game format has gone disc based.  I'm not going to go into as much detail about these systems because I didn't spend a lot of time with each one.  The main reason was a got my first real PC Between my SNES and my PS1.  After I got my hands on a real PC I pretty much forgot about console games.  I had many years of PC gaming to catch up on so I spent my days playing through dirt cheap old PC games.  Old Sierra games, Some of the early FPS games, whatever I could get.  The PC in question was a Packard Bell, 75hz Pentium with a whopping 4 MEGS of RAM and at the time a massive 1.2 gigabyte hard drive.  I ended up upgrading the ram to 8 MEGS (OMG!) so I could run Quake a little better.  I had played lots of PC games at friends houses but never owned one myself.  I would say at that time Quake was the most important game I'd played because it introduced me to online play.  I would sit up at nights and play Quake over my super fast 56k modem, it ran like mud but I had a blast.  That turned into an obsession with Red Alert online later in the year.  But eventually the hard drive in that PC died and I was unable to afford to replace it so my PC gaming went into hibernation.   
I got the PS1 the year it came out but it only got a little love as I was playing the PC.  Resident Evil 1 and 2 were the stand out titles for me.  My absolute favorite game on the PS1 was Castlevania Symphony of the Night, definately in my top ten of all time it was so good.  Taking the best parts about Castlevania and adding what I loved about Metroid but anyone reading this already knows that.  I played Final Fantasy which I'm sure anyone with a PS1 at the time played that one.  Speaking of Square at that time this was when they started to release more than FInal Fantasy games in the US.  Einhander was one of those games.  With my love of Shmups be it verticle scrolling or sidescrolling this game was near perfection for that genre.  Everything about it melded together in a way that was just borderline perfection.  With all the PS1 classics being released on the PS3 I'm sad this has not been put on the PSN yet.  Freaking Final Fantasy 8 is on there and it wasn't that good a game.  But I digress, basicly I played all the big name games on it but some of the lesser known titles slipped by due to my PC gaming. 
With a new job at this time I picked up a Japanese Dreamcast with Soul Caliber and Sonic Adventure.  I didn't have a lot of import games for the Dreamcast but I did get the US release when it came out.  I had Ready 2 Rumble and Blue Stinger which was okay but had some really bad crap about it gameplay wise.  Everything in life grinded to a hault when I picked up Phantasy Star Online.  That was like crack, I was addicted like you wouldn't believe.   I was only getting a couple hours of sleep a night because I stayed up so late just playing that game grinding for the next rare item.  After my addiction to PSO came to a close I decided I wanted to try a real MMO.  With my new PC which I had played Half Life and other games of that time on I decided to play Everquest.  I couldn't get into it.  I was looking for something closer to PSO but Everquest was a more complicated game.  The first Dungeon Siege was a game on the PC I really enjoyed I blew through it in a three day weekend with very little sleep.  I think in those 3 days I only slept about 5 hours.   
I eventually got a PS2/Gamecube/Xbox but this was a generation I passed by for the most part.  I played GTA 3 on the PS2, KOTOR on the Xbox and Metroid Prime on the Gamecube and not much else.  I ended up getting Star Wars Galaxies when it launched and the next year was spent playing that.  I love Star Wars and this game while not being really Star Wars-ey was just enough to scratch that Star Wars itch.  I really enjoyed the game and I was not a fan of the giant overhaul they did to it over time.  The only two breaks I took from playing it were to play KOTOR and Jedi Academy.  After I stopped playing SWG I played a couple different games on the consoles I owned but one by one those were sold to upgrade PC parts.  Eventually I got into World of Warcraft and that was it, I don't need to go into detail about this but it was more consuming than SWG.  It would be the only thing I played for 2-3 years.   
So now I sit here typing on my PC, with a PS3, a 360 and a Wii sitting next to my TV.  I haven't played the Wii in months, Madworld was the last game I played on that.  I've been through some games on the 360 but the RROD crap has burned me on the system, I'm on my fourth 360.  The PS3 is my go to console for the moment but if the game is on the PC I play it on that.  Because no matter what I own or what I play I will really be a PC gamer for life.  It's just what I enjoy the most but I like all the platforms out there for some reason or another and that's really all I have to say about that. 
So that's a brief history of my gaming stuff.  I glossed over some stuff but I'm pretty sure I hit the important parts.  I just wanted to share some things about how I've enjoyed the hobby I've had for almost my entire life.