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Edited by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

PS3 matchmaking is broken. Anyway, even if I could get a game, deathmatch is the worst MP mode they could have chosen to showcase this. It just looks mindless and uninspiring. 
Gary Busey  vs Aliens vs Predator on the other hand...

Edited by ryuken

I can't believe that you played as a human...... in Aliens Vs. Predator! seriously why the hell you would make a QL using a human when you can show us how badass the aliens or pretators are?? I'm way more annoyed than I should be about this I know but seriously. then your talking about how you wish we could see some gruesome deaths.... well if you played as either A or P it would be easy to show us. not cool man... not cool. I ;m going to downlaod this right away. crawl on some walls maybe. No hard feelings :D 
EDIT: I've been told that he actually plays all three. thats what I get for being impatient!   Go DREW!!

Posted by CitizenKane


Posted by Serker
@ryuken: ? he played as all 3
Posted by ryuken
thats what I get for only watching the first 5 mintues.
Posted by CL60
@Subject2Change said:
" Game looks fucking awful... "
Too bad it isn't.
Posted by Sarumarine

I'm not surprised that Gary Busey isn't a playable character. He would be an instant win every single game. Heh.

Posted by Sanaj

After watching the quick look, playing as the alien looked the most interesting, if not the most disorientating species to play.
--The movies--
 Alien, Aliens -- definitely worth watching, start with Alien first.
Predator, Alien Resurrection -- okay movies that may be worth a look.
Alien 3 -- not recommended, it's slow and not very interesting at all.
Alien vs. Predator -- avoid these movies at all costs.

Posted by heatDrive88

I sure hope this game looks better on my HDTV, because the graphics really don't look impressive in the video while in motion.
Posted by Whisperkill

looks pretty bad

Posted by CannibalFerox

I hope the regular game is vastly better than this 'deathmatch' suckfest. Blech.
Edited by Maxism

Doesn't look too enjoyable at all. With so many other amazing AAA titles coming out, it is hard to justify buying this game. Looks like people are too caught up in nostalgia to look at this game critically.
And of course, people are blaming the player, rather than the game itself.

Posted by ArchScabby

Well it looks like a FPS, dark and brown.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

Man, every 3 seconds I get a "Loading..." message. What the hell happened to video on GB?

Posted by immike

I played the demo and it was fun for a while, but got boring about 5 games in. Deathmatch is not the mode to advertise in a game like this. I don't even know if I want to rent it now.

Posted by Jackel2072


Posted by lolwut

Goddamn it, stop calling it a clip, that is wrong. It is called a magazine. 

A magazine is what feeds cartridges into the weapon's chamber.

A clip is what feeds cartridges into the weapon's magazine.

The internal magazine on a bolt-action rifle is still a magazine. It's loaded by clips.

Posted by 88Fingers

pass, next!

Posted by DarkPants

man if they released avp2 on steam i'd pick that up in a heartbeat.  I already bought the new one but playing the demo just makes me want to go back and play more avp2, what a great game.

Posted by capthavic

Played one round, that was enough for me.    
Posted by KinjiroSSD

Predator would smoke a Terminator

Posted by Pancakemix
Yeah there really wasn't many graphics options in the demo, but then again the demo was only DX9 while the full game is DX11 on pc. Make sure when you play on pc to turn Vsync off. It totally destroys all responsiveness in that game.
Edited by Duckbutter

cant stand that ready-up WAITING FOR PLAYERS full-game bull scat, dude.  
i likes my multiplayer business to be a straight up DROP IN AND FIGHT. you wanna play? BAM! you're in a match. who gives a shit if the match is already happenin?
i hope the full release of this game has that. that Quick Match option was hardly quick. Drew had to tell his whole life story while we waited. 

EDIT: and fuck Facebook >:O i cant even take a piss without a Facebook ad in the toilet bowl askin me to share my pee color on Facebook. not Giantbomb's fault. they need duckets to pay the rent.

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

The full release has dedicated servers/ server browsing. They just used matchmaking for the demo to keep it simple (and broken on PS3).

Posted by DrPockets000

This demo rocks.  The game has leapt to the top of my "must buy" list.  

Edited by Bionicicide

Very boring in general when people talk about actors.
Anyways, this video convinced me that grab-kills need to zoom to third person when you're getting shanked. 
Hope to see another Quick Look when it releases since this was a horrible demo, this game should always be based on teams so making it free-for-all was stupid.

Posted by hofmarskal

Finally a game that looks a LOT better on a good pc:-) It looks absolutely great on my pc, and the framerate is fast! Good fun:-). But deathmatch is a little boring:-\
Posted by Maclintok

I would love to play as Danny Glover in this game.  Will wait for the DLC

Posted by DonChipotle

I think this Quick Look has made me finally want to sit down and watch the Alien movies. Which I still haven't seen.

Posted by Cube

You know, it's taken me a while to warm up to Drew. But I can see why they hired him. Good stuff Drew - you know your stuff! :-]

Posted by PS3Gamer999000

seems good

Posted by DrPockets000
@VelvetLore04: Do it.  The first two are some truly golden sci-fi films.  
Posted by RiddleBrother

If no one says "OK pussyface, it's your move." in this game, then I'm not interested.

Posted by Agent47CSim2
@Sin4profit said:
" @My_Big_Boss said:
" why not team deathmacth? "
exactly...who the hell wants to play everyone against everyone in AVP...what were they thinking? "

So you can see all the factions fighting against each other.
Posted by Baggykins

looks like a game that gets really old really fast

Posted by Hats


Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n
Posted by twm

How much does a single bullet cost?

Posted by LethalKi11ler

He's an amazing addition to the squad :)

Posted by RonnieR15

 The movies may have sucked but all the games were good espesally AVP: Extinction!

Posted by p00tle

This game looks like nothing more than running around and spamming instagib melee animations.  What foolish group of devs thought that would be a blast?  Where's the classes, the emphasis on weapons, the skill?
I'm extremely disappointed with what I've seen in this video.  It's like a giant game of knife wars if you're an Alien or a Predator.  Where's the Alien leap attack?  Only two special vision modes for predators over one for each species?
The animation kills are neat and all yes... but they shouldn't be part of the core gameplay.  It should be a finishing move or something to that nature.  Based on what I've seen thus far, the much older AvP2 mops the floor with this game multiplayer wise.  Again, very sad to see.

Posted by MaddProdigy

don't think thats a design flaw with the tracker, it'd be over powered if you could see exactly where they are. part of the experience to have to look at different floors, all you gotta do is point at dot and look up. game looks eh anyway though

Posted by idiotic_genius1
My mind has been blown...
Posted by AutomaticSnake

weak game waste of time

Posted by bman3737

I actually enjoy playing as a marine in the demo.  Every game I've played so far (3) I've played as the marine and have come in first by about 4 points.  However, the game does seem hollow, and will not be receiving any of my money.

Posted by MrGarcia

Loving the Demo but i think that the Marine character is the least balanced one.

Posted by Sarnecki

For those who don't know...
Aliens can POUNCE at enemies.  It's probably their strongest attack, and is VITAL.  Use Focus mode when you're close enough to an enemy, about 20 feet, and then hit the jump button and you'll leap at them.
Also, when you're a Predator, use Focus mode, aim the little reticule to a location, and then hit the jump button to leap there.  This allows you to jump to impossibly high locations in order to stalk, and also allows you to LUNGE towards some prey.  Also VITAL if you didn't know about it.
No tutorial for this stuff = Epic fail.

Posted by Spike94
@VelvetLore04 said:
"I think this Quick Look has made me finally want to sit down and watch the Alien movies. Which I still haven't seen. "

And Predator, and AVP. Perhaps someday.
Posted by Sarnecki

Watch Alien 1, Aliens, Alien 3 The Directors Cut, and then watch Alien 4 if you want, but invite friends and prepare to have a Mystery Science Theater 3000 afternoon.
Watch Predator 1, and then watch Predator 2.  Both films are equally awesome.
Don't bother with the AVP movies.  They're trash.

Posted by CornishRocker

AVP2 was awesome.
This looks promising.

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