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Posted by dylanderoo

thank god it isnt just me who has trouble with finding a good game, the Demo is sweet but the waiting times, dear lord what it wrong!?

Posted by NiteStocker

Great QL.

Posted by buzz_clik
Posted by MadThad0890


Posted by miva2

kind of stupid there's only the deathmatch mode and only one map in the demo. 
why deathmatch? tht's probably the least interesting one. 
the game is fun, not as high quality as mw2 but this demo is worth putting mw2 aside.
just to try the species cause deathmach mode isn't really the essence of the game( i hope).
searching for a game does take an awful lot of time.

Posted by Bellum

Actually from the QL this looks like a damn good arena shooter. Haven't played one in awhile. Shame I don't have an internet connection that will handle it ATM.

Posted by Katchino_G

i dont really like this game i sold it


Posted by lilman1101
@Snipper138 said:
" ive noticed the sites vids arent running as well on my computer for some reason "
Posted by hedfone
@lilman1101: y did you bump this
Posted by lilman1101
@hedfone said:
" @lilman1101: y did you bump this "
Does it matter?
Posted by Zero_
@hedfone said:
" @lilman1101: y did you bump this "
GiantBomb's forums/comments are structured fairly differently to a traditional forum so I think bumping of threads really shouldn't be an issue.
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I will always wish that Quick Looks were not so quick in this era of Giantbomb, if only because it would mean that there was more sweet, sweet Ryan Davis material to enjoy. We miss you, big man.