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Posted by Adanux

I just want to throw my hat into the ring and say that you should definitely have this feature somewhere.  I also think it would be better to have it somewhat removed from the front page so that it does not feed into itself in a way that would have a drastic effect.

Posted by orshick

No offense, but not interested.

Posted by JJWeatherman

This feature is nice but I think it's a waste of time. If people want to see the stats, there should be a page to check out. It would be easier on everyone. I'm not gonna complain though.   : )

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I enjoy lists like this.  It introduces me to a few new characters.  And truth be told, I'm one of those guys who can sit and read a book of lists for hours.  Trivia, useless facts, people's top tens... I'll pretty much eat it up.
Posted by GOREFAST89

I  would love a feature like this on Giant Bomb.. cause... Lists are fun and stuff.  
I'm totally being serious here, i'm a total sucker for lists and other such things providing useless knowledge nobody can use.
Posted by Tylea002

No love for Mordin? Surprising.

Posted by Claude

To tell you the truth Jeff, those stats should be available to all members. I keep feeling numbers slip away.

Posted by DrRandle

Aw, I can't believe Mordin Solus didn't pull ahead... he was awesome. Mad Moxxi is aldo awesome.
I don't really see the benefit of popularity lists. It only serves to push less popular things out of any chance of having a piece of the spotlight. If anything, I would say a random character page of the day would go a lot further to expose people to new things, rather than just making sure that when a new game comes out, the only thing you can see on this site is information pertaining to that new game... which is all info that is more or less obtainable from that game's page.

Posted by Kenobi

Miranda Lawson does not belong on that list.  She was one of the most uninteresting character and is basically a replacement for Ashley as the bratty military girl.  Lame.
Posted by TheGreatGuero

Yeah, this is cool to see. I actually looked up several of those characters this month. All the Mass Effect ladies because of that thread, and I also looked at Bayonetta and Captain Price.

Posted by eroticfishcake

Yeah I like this idea. If you've got the time I'd love to see more of this.

Posted by Xeiphyer

I think it would be nice to have the page available to look at, but I doubt that many people would check it. A weekly or monthly post such as this however is greatly welcomed. You could recap the most popular achievements, pages, and games. That would be pretty sweet!
I really enjoy reading these types of things when you post them, as do many other people, even the ones that said 'Not interested' in the comments still came here to read this page. So there is interest in this style of data presentation. No idea what to name it however.

Posted by JackSukeru
@Xeiphyer: How about "TheBombRun(down)", to complicated? In either case It'd better be a pun of some sort :)
Posted by ThePencil

Subject Zero and Bayonetta get my Vote. Psycho biotic weilding punk rock chick with heavy violent tendencies or demon hair weilding gun-boot domiatrix librarians: hrmm, a tough choice.

Posted by McBradders

Keep it up! This stuff is always interesting. Also shouldn't it be Tali'Zorah nar Normandy now?

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

i love it. i am interested to see what data you guys are mining from us :)

Posted by S0ndor

Of course Miranda won, it's freaking Yvonne Strahovski as a brunette!
Oh and I believe it is actually Tali'Zorah nar Raya vas Normandy.

Posted by TigerDX

I work in software engineering, so I'm kind of a data geek too. I'm all for it!
Glad to see Bayonetta up there... or worried... I can't think which.

Posted by Jost1

I love lists, honestly, and I miss the top characters/concepts/whatever feature. Bring it back duders

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@Kenobi said:
" Miranda Lawson does not belong on that list.  She was one of the most uninteresting character and is basically a replacement for Ashley as the bratty military girl.  Lame. "
I think people are more interested in her because of the massive camel toe?
But I quite liked Miranda.  She does start off really stand off-ish, but definitely improves as the game goes on.  Her side mission really expands her character and helps you understand her motives (as is true of all of the loyalty missions)
Posted by Dixperiken

I find it interesting. Keep it going Jeff!

Posted by mrfluke

keep it going while your at it make sure a new endurance run is coming as well

Posted by Brodehouse

Jill Sandwich.

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Tali Zorah Vas'Normandy!

Posted by PeepingTommy

Shepard doesn't have boobs

Edited by RagingLion

I absolutely think there should be more of this kind of information posted or accessible somewhere.  In general I think the wiki part of the site should be pushed more since it really is an amazing thing, though I recognize that 80% of the pages are hardly filled out.
I just want to say that it's awesome to have all this game-related stuff linked together in one place.  Characters, concepts, franchises, user-made lists, achievements - it's so easy just to jump from one link to the next and explore something you're interested in or find out about that random game you heard mentioned before finding where that character or game developer previously featured etc etc.
So seeing more of the characters, concepts, achievements that people are exploring the most would be great.  I'd particularly like the better and more interesting concept pages to rise to the surface somehow.

Posted by RagingLion
@StarFoxA said:
" Please bring back the "most popular" lists. It was incredibly useful from a site editing standpoint. "
This is true.  Pages that people are actually interested in can then get fleshed out.
Posted by ElCapitan

I like seeing this stuff reported every so often!

Posted by Duckbutter

what do i care of what pages a bunch of Giantbomb geeks are lookin at? pffft. keep it to yourself on those lonely nights. poor guy :( i know some sluts in San Francisco if you're interested.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Whoa, Soap's first name is John? News to me.
Also, I find it kind of funny how all of the characters are either female or unbelievably manly.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Surprised to see Jill Valentine in the list, havent seen her since resident evil 3.

Posted by yevinorion

I love the stat tracking stuff. Always interested in seeing what people are looking at. I, for one, miss the stat breakdown on the front page. Would be really happy to see it return in some form.
Oh and yeah, Miranda is one hot piece of ass. Kinda had to hook up on my first playthrough. Just means I'll have to play again to get my ME3 import file prepped and ready (I won't cheat on you Liara!). :P

Posted by Aeterna

Do show more of this stuff, it's interesting. 
I totally didn't expect those characters, I expected shepard to be #1, saren to be up there and who the hell is taokaka? *goes to look it up*

Posted by OmegaRadium

This kinda stuff is interesting, especially right before/after a massive launch.

Posted by xrayzwei

So, why didn't you link the list?  You're going to make me search for those now? Thanks Jeff
Posted by Dudacles

I loved all those statistics and lists. Please bring them back in some way or another, GB staff!

Posted by Drebin_893
@xrayzwei said:
" So, why didn't you link the list?  You're going to make me search for those now? Thanks Jeff "
Because then people will just click on them and they will be at the top of the next time they do this list, aswell.
Posted by Cirdain
Posted by Pakorn

I say grab the database guys and see if there's a way that they can give us access to the database of most viewed pages. That way if we're interested, we can go research that stuff for ourselves, but if we're not, it won't clutter up our RSS feed :D

Posted by MattyFTM

I definitely love this listy stuff. I loved the box on the homepage. Dave has been promising its return in some form since it was removed. You should shout at him until he puts it on the site somewhere.

Posted by Winternet

I love lists, Jeff. Especially Giantbomb lists.

Posted by Jayzilla

"...be it urban or agrarian....something, something, something of a scientist Salarian!"

Posted by mracoon

I'd love to see you bring the most popular pages feature in some form or another. I'd been even happier if you brought back the wiki pages that need attention because I thought it helped lesser pages get some useful content added to them.

Posted by jmrwacko

I am very disappoint that Miranda made that list over Thane.

Posted by Bhouse563

I'm kind of amazed Mad Moxxi made the list... Good stuff here Jeff, it is cool to see what is popular on the site for the month.

Posted by Aaox

I really enjoy looking at lists like this. Don't ask me why.

Posted by Carlos1408

Yeah that's cool, I like these lists! :D

Posted by ohEspi

No Shepard, Mordin, Garrus, Thane or Legion? This list fails. Why the hell is Soap and Price still there? Oh yeah because they're such interesting characters..oh wait no they're not. 

Posted by Rowr

You do have your own forum you know. For this website.
Or is it just too full of adoring 14 year olds that its too scary to acknowledge?

Posted by Tuggah

I am going to guess that these are mostly Mass Effect people.