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Posted by Jeff
Microsoft has stated its intent to discontinue Xbox Live service on the original Xbox console on April 15, 2010. The announcement comes in the form of a blog post addressed to Live members from Xbox Live's general manager, Marc Whitten

This move will extend to Xbox 360 owners, as well, meaning that original Xbox games that run via the 360's backwards compatibility feature as well as digitally downloaded Xbox Originals will also stop functioning online on 4/15. Offline play in games for the original Xbox should continue without issue, so feel free to break out that copy of Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus that I know you're sitting on.

The reasoning behind this move hasn't been completely spelled out, but the gist of it's right here:

To reach our aspiration, we need to make changes to the service that are incompatible with our original Xbox v1 games. We will contact the Xbox LIVE members directly impacted by this change and if this includes you, I encourage you to check your LIVE messages and associated e-mail account over the coming weeks for more details and opportunities. We view you as a partner in this process.

Whitten goes on to say that more details will be available "soon." Last year, Patrick Klepek over at G4 reported that continuing support for Halo 2--by far the most popular online game for the original Xbox--was preventing Microsoft from raising the limit on Xbox Live friend lists. Microsoft hasn't confirmed whether or not this is, in fact, the case. Currently, the list is capped at 100, as it has been since the service's launch back in 2002.

I don't think I've touched a game for the original Xbox since 2006. How about you?
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You know what this means? No Halo 2, meaning friends lists limit will go up.
Might help if I read the article all the way before I post. Sorry, cool though
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Could you guys at Giantbomb do a server shutdown party like you did for the matrix and other MMOs?
Everyone bust out your Xbox!

Posted by Turbo_Toaster

Let's get some rounds of MechAssault in oh god

Posted by Captain_Insano

Presumably there should be little uproar about this at it is a sensible move....this is the internet however so lets see how it pans out.

Posted by Pepsiman

Kind of surprised this didn't already happen, to be honest. I guess I had just figured it was something that had taken place without much fanfare or anything. Ah well. That being said, I'm curious if the LAN tunneling services for Xbox games that support LAN-based multiplayer is still up and running. If so, I imagine that would probably work okay as a substitute for those still wanting to get together online for some Halo 2 online or something.

Posted by JJWeatherman

I still have a bunch of Xbox Original games but they are almost all better single-player experiences. The only exception may be crimson skies, but dude, it's been years since I have payed that game.

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I haven't been able to play some of my favorite original xbox games online since I signed in for the first time on my 360 and it arbitrarily prevented me from going online on my old xbox.  Combine that with the crappy backwards compatibility with the 360 (less than half of my original xbox games are supported), and you have the sad fact that the original xbox live have essentially been discontinued for many people for years.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

If people are going to start having over 100 friends, they REALLY need to give us more control over Notifications. I am interested in messages and achievements, but I absolutely could not care less about someone signing on unless we are going to be playing together (which is what a message is for).

Posted by Will

That sucks, stilled played a few originals on my 360 >_<

Posted by Bones8677

Oh boo...
It makes sense though. 
I just replayed Halo a few months back.

Posted by Holographic_Charizard

I don't ever play Halo 2 online anymore, but it was nice knowing in the back of my mind that I could at anytime. oh well.

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I played Psychonauts as a backwards compatible game...  but I will not miss any online play, or support...  This is great news!  I'm tired of having to filter through my friends list to figure out who stays and who goes...  Everyone should be able to stay!!!

Posted by BurningStarIV

That is exciting. Not that I really have the problem of not having enough room for all my friends...
However it is sad to hear that they are killing the support for games, no matter how old they may be. There is that part of me that wants to yell "Get with the program and just play Halo 3!" and I suppose that is a fairly rational thought. I guess its just sad to see them shut down a game that I spent so much time playing. Ahhh, Memories...

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XBC and Xlink Kai, use 'em. 
Seriously, because XBL is a P2P network, most games that support online on Xbox have a LAN option anyway, with voice chat and everything. 
Also, let's start a list of worthwhile games on Xbox 1 that have never been updated, I'll throw in Phantom Dust.
Posted by Fink
@Will: I wounder if that counts? Would playing Xbox 1 games on a 360 still work? Since you are on a 360 environment, which is most likely comminicating differently. 
Posted by jahLaney

The only online I'll miss is Halo 2. But there's always LAN.

Posted by dankempster

I when I first read the title of this, I misread it and somehow construed that the 360's backwards compatibility was being dropped. Then I read the article, and breathed a sigh of relief. I still have the first Fable and more of Morrowind to play!

Posted by timelessthee
@Fink: It says that the Xbox 360 will be affected in the same way the original xbox is. i.e. No live support for backwards compatible Xbox games.
Posted by JJOR64

I guess I better play some Hyper Street Fighter 2 and 3rd Strike online before it dies.

Posted by SCOOTMAN

well those Halo 2 players are gonna be real upset. Though the only original Xbox game I would play is KOTOR and i can get that off Steam now.
Btw : do any of you have 100 Xbox Live friends?

Posted by Atomic_Tangerine

I don't get why they have to shut down a P2P network... I mean, I'm sure there are real reasons and stuff, but as an angry consumer at home, I don't care about the reasons things don't work goldarnit! But yeah... I haven't played any original Xbox game online in a real long time. Still, I pay $50 a month and if I want to play a round of Chaos Theory years after the game came out, I should be able to!

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@SCOOTMAN: I think only gaming "celebrities" would. I didn't even know about the limit until I started listening to podcasts, and hearing the hosts having trouble with too many fans.
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Posted by Kouerson

I have 100 Xbox Live friends, so killing off Halo 2 so that I may have more is worthwhile.

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I'm kinda disappointed that I never got to play Crimson Skies or Phantom Dust online, but that's surprisingly pretty much all that I can think of that bothers me about this... 
I'm sure sooner or later I'll remember some other game that I never got to play online, or wished I went back to before the servers were shutdown and get pissed off. 
Oh well, I guess that's what XBConnect (or whatever the hell it's called) is for if anyone still uses that.

Posted by synapse720

Haven't played that console for nearly four years but this announcement makes me feel old!

Posted by Gambit

This sucks no more 3rd strike online!

Posted by TheGreatGuero

Dude, the loss of the ability to play Halo 2 online is heartbreaking. Though, I tried playing it through my 360 before, and the matchmaking was unbelievably slow. Seriously, I waited like 20 minutes and never got into a match, so I just played a custom game with my friend. Man, this is a bummer, though. A lot of people will be upset over Halo 2. I wonder if there's a way they could bring it back and have it adjusted to fit the new Xbox Live needs. Heck, I'd pay $15 for the ability to keep playing Halo 2 online. I'm sure many others would agree.

Posted by AgentJ
@JJWeatherman said:
" I still have a bunch of Xbox Original games but they are almost all better single-player experiences. The only exception may be crimson skies, but dude, it's been years since I have payed that game. "
And man did that game have corny voice acting! great mechanics, but if I have to hear that main pilot's snarky comments one more time... 
This almost couldn't affect me less. Skies i'm pretty sure is the only XBOX game I own that even had online capabilities. Won't stop me from enjoying Ninja Gaiden, Kotor, Jade Empire, or even Battle Engine Aquilla
Posted by Fink
@TheGreatGuero: Not to be a troll, but I would assume the reason you couldn't find anyone (matchmaking slow) is because... no one is out there.
If there isn't anyone to match you against then I think it would just sit there.
It would make sense. Also, I don't think they did this for no good reason. I bet they have numbers on the back end showing how many people are playing. If it's so low it's hinders the community, then shut-er down.
Posted by Skald

This sounds a lot worse than it actually is.

Posted by yates

I wonder if anyone still plays Unreal Championship 2 online, that game was pretty sick. 

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I play original Xbox games all the time, relatively speaking...  because that's all I have by the way of Xbox games :)
I didn't even know they still supported it, though.  Never been online with the thing.

Posted by HatKing

Interesting... I guess if it frees them up to do some better stuff on the 360 I'm all for it.  Some games will be missed but I doubt many people played the ones I'm thinking of anyway.
Posted by teh_destroyer

One last round of Crimson Skies anyone?

Posted by Fink

Do you think they will remove Crimson Skies from G.O.D? It's the only Xbox 1 game that I know of that has online. Is there any others?

Posted by strangeling

So much for Steel Battalion: Line of Contact. 
The original wasn't online only too, was it?  'Cause that'd be quite an investment that just became completely worthless.

Posted by C0V3RT

I haven't played any original Xbox games on live since end of service... but have within the last 2 years whipped out Indigo Prophecy and Psychonauts. 
Fuck - no more Midtown Madness 3! :(

Posted by TheGreatGuero
@Fink: Could be, man. I wouldn't expect a game like Halo 2 to ever be dead online, but I guess it's been a real long time. Still, I've had such great times with the game that I wouldn't want to let it go forever like that. I think we'll see a bit of a surge in people playing Halo 2 for the next couple months. I gotta round up my old Halo buddies.
Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Personally I could care less, since I never even used Live till I had a 360, but I do feel for those who still get some enjoyment out of the older games.
Posted by Witty_Hatter
@Snapstacle said:
Also, let's start a list of worthwhile games on Xbox 1 that have never been updated, I'll throw in Phantom Dust. "
What!!! but how will I ever know what the skill "Phantom Dust" does.
Posted by Fink
@TheGreatGuero: Wow, I remember waiting in line at midnight to get it. (Not a big Halo fan, but my friends wanted to go)
The Gamestop guys asked me if I wanted the collectors edition for $10 more. I didn't know better at the time since it was my first encounter with a collector editions.
... I still don't think I ever watched that DVD XD
Posted by Shaunage

I'll miss Halo 2. It's on PC but there's only that one snipers server with people playing. I have never understood the nee3d to remove maps from FPS sequels. Ascension and Ivory Tower are better than any map available in Halo 3.

Posted by Metal_Mills
@Kouerson said:
" I have 100 Xbox Live friends, so killing off Halo 2 so that I may have more is worthwhile. "
and clan support.
Posted by Nintendude
@dankempster said:
" I when I first read the title of this, I misread it and somehow construed that the 360's backwards compatibility was being dropped. Then I read the article, and breathed a sigh of relief. I still have the first Fable and more of Morrowind to play! "
I did the same. But didn't get stunned cause I have only Conker's Bad Fur Day to run and US copy of Unreal Championship 2 which I never could play using my PAL console. (Won it trough GameSpot ^^)
Posted by zyn

It was going to happen sooner or later.

Posted by GOREFAST89

when i first read this i nearly spazzed out.. i thought it meant that Microsoft would completely drop original Xbox support altogether, like no more Games on Demand Originals or even being able to play your old Xbox games on your 360.  
To be perfectly honest i thought that they stopped supporting original Xbox Live years ago... around the time the 360 came out.
Posted by OwnlyUzinWonHan
@JJOR64 said:
"I guess I better play some Hyper Street Fighter 2 and 3rd Strike online before it dies. "

Yeah, I was pretty close to buying the Anniversary Collection and Capcom vs SNK 2 a couple weeks ago, guess I'm not going after all. 
Maybe they'll re-release them on Xbox Live like they did with Marvel vs Capcom 2 though.
Posted by Zeninnnnnnnn
@Shaunage: Agreed. Ascension was incredible. Tower of Power anyone?
Edited by LordJerkins

As with so many things it's always depressing how quickly people say "oh well this doesn't affect ME so go right ahead". I've been playing Street Fighter 3 and Capcom Vs SNK 2 online for years (CvS2 since Xbox Live launched) and Xbox Live is the only legit way to play them at the moment. Surely there must be a few people in Fortress Microsoft who could find a better solution than this, especially with no obvious improvement for 360 users. Who would want over 100 friends anyway when, after almost five years, Microsoft still haven't given an option just to disable friend notifications. I don't like slipperly slope arguments but one doesn't have to be Nostradamus to see that, with a policy like this, years from now Microsoft might decide to pull support on a game YOU still enjoy playing online despite it not being compatible with the Xbox 1080. It's a ridiculous situation when I can play 30-year-old Pac-Man online on my Xbox 360 but a Xbox game I paid €60 for only a few years ago is no longer supported.
And finally, without wanting to get too serious about it, I also think that moves like this tend to have a disproportionate effect on those from less advantaged backgrounds. I remember back when the PS2 came out many poorer families in my school were still buying PSXs for their children and its games several years after the PS2's launch. It may not matter to those who are able to afford to keep up to date with all the newest consoles and some might say would someone who got an Xbox secondhand really be interested in paying to play it online. However, I can't help but think Xbox Live may eventually become free and I hate the idea that those who arrive to the party late through no fault of their own should have the shadow of disconnection creeping up on them years after the rich guys have moved on.
Posted by Natedog24

Are there really still original Xbox games that you can find Xbox Live matches for??