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Posted by Callumrides

man i feel for the people still playing halo 2 

Posted by wefwefasdf

That sucks. I still hop onto Halo 2 for the memories every once a while. I don't understand the reasoning behind their decision.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by ReFracture

Ahh.. epic... why did you not port Unreal Championship 2 to pc...

Posted by zudthespud

The only original xbox game I have played recently was Burnout 2, because it's the greatest game ever made, fortunately it doesn't have any online functionality anyway so I'm totally indifferent to this.

Posted by Dudacles

Noooooooooo. I do not like this. :(

Posted by Bgrngod

They should have never married the original Xbox Live service to the 360.  But NOOOO... all you lazy bastards cried and cried about having your friends lists carried over so they got tied together forever.  As a result the old xbox is being burned off the service.
Gotta get my game updates installed while I still can.  It could take awhile to cycle through all my old games and connect all of them.

Edited by Trilogy

It's really lame that you can't even play xbox games online on the 360 but I suppose if the friends list grows it isn't all bad. 
Still a bit of a bummer. I don't actively play online xbox games anymore but if I ever wanted to I can't. This only means they HAVE to make a new Unreal Championship for 360. (the liandri conflict)

Posted by TooWalrus

I guess if you've GOT to play Halo 2, there's always the PC version out there.

Posted by MrKlorox

Not a big deal to me as the only game I think is worth playing on Xbox1 was San Andreas. And since that's an offline title, whatevs.

Posted by Pakorn

I've been known to pop in my copy of Crimson Skies from time to time. I'll be sad to see that one go.

Posted by SteveV

If this is any indication, the 360 won't see much support after their next console. The original Xbox has pretty much been treated as an rejected child ever since the 360 launched.

Posted by aButton

Now I can finally mod my original Xbox without fear of not being able to play Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space online.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@TooWalrus said:
" I guess if you've GOT to play Halo 2, there's always the PC version out there. "
Both Halo ports on the PC were awful. Halo 2 specifically required Windows Vista which is why no one bought it back in the day. But if you are running Vista or Win7 these days, it's a valid option, I guess.
Posted by TooWalrus
@atomic_dumpling said:
" @TooWalrus said:
" I guess if you've GOT to play Halo 2, there's always the PC version out there. "
Both Halo ports on the PC were awful. Halo 2 specifically required Windows Vista which is why no one bought it back in the day. But if you are running Vista or Win7 these days, it's a valid option, I guess. "
Nah, I played  right when it came out. It looked better than the Xbox version on my monitor, it played just fine with my wired controller, the multiplayer worked just fine, even with dumbass PC server browsers. What about it was awful, again?
Posted by Vod_Crack

I am surprised that they didn't do this sooner really.

Posted by MeatSim

Yea haven't played a original Xbox game in forever.

Posted by jonnyboy

To be honest I don't give a toss about online support, I just want to know why they ever stopped making Original xbox games compatible (Timesplitters 2? Freedom Fighters PAL version dosen't work yet the NTSC version works fine?)

Posted by hellspawn20003

 The last original Xbox game I played was Ninja Gaiden which is one of the few games that I own for the Xbox that is actually compatible which is really lame because I would like to play those games and can't due to my Xbox dying, none of those games had online either so I'm at no loss on this.... I have been screwed since I first turned on my 360 for classic games.

Posted by foggel

I think I only have like 20 friends. But that's because I only add people I know in real life.

Posted by jaycee13

oh i was gonna order the street fighter anniversary edition today, guess theres no point now.

Posted by KrazyMiller

2007 or 2008 since i played a original

Posted by wafflestomp

I would bet money that they will release an Halo Collection disc that has Halo 1 & 2 upscaled to 1080p & compatible with the new live within the next year.

Posted by Jayzilla

i will miss playing battlefront 2 :(

Posted by DarthB

fine with me as long as it means xbl gets better for it.  the only original xbox i have ever went back and played in the last 2 years are all single player games like KOTOR 2 and psychonauts.

Posted by Haoshiro
@SteveVice: In all fairness the original Xbox probably didn't deserve the amount of support it has had (esp on the Live front).  BC was a let down for sure, I agree... but chances are if you had games you cared about on the Xbox it was because you had an Xbox.   I don't think the situation moving forward will be the same at all as the 360 has established itself far better then the Xbox did and has a full featured set of services with downloadable games.  I don't think, at this point, MS would cut off a library that would really help a new system gain ground (whereas this was not so much the case with Xbox, just as its likely very few Wii owners bought it for GameCube game support, or even care - even if I do).
Posted by pakx

does this mean i wont be able to play the old games at all, or just that i can no longer play them online?

Posted by Demodocus

That is a huge bummer.  I always liked knowing that if I wanted to go back and play halo 2 online I always could.  Its kinda sad knowing that soon I will not be able to

Posted by ajamafalous

So I can't play Halo 2 online anymore?

Posted by Hero_Swe

Will I get a refund or will they just fucking enjoy my money and not let me play my game?
Posted by jmrwacko

Wow, Microsoft is too lazy to patch backwards compatibility in Xbox Live, so they're removing backwards compatibility with Live service completely? God, is gaming on a downward spiral.

Edited by TOYBOXX

I haven't touched an Xbox game since 2003, and that was playing the first Halo. This change sucks for those playing old games, but as for me, the one message I can say to those still coddling themselves; afraid of the current generation of gaming: stop living in the past! Move on. There are greener pastures up ahead! Besides, the original Xbox didn't really have any games that were ground breaking to begin with. Halo? No, that was your typical shooter. Like I said, there are greener pastures ahead, meaning, there are far better games out there right now than there ever was back then.

Posted by Torrim

I don't accept friend requests from people I don't actually know since I hardly play online and my IRL friends are few that have a 360, so I don't really have any personal interest in seeing the 100 friends limit increased, though I do understand why some hold it as a major issue.
For a split second I think about the fact that I'll never be able to connect my Xbox up for Jade Empire or Star Wars KOTOR to get the downloadable stuff, but then I realize I will never probably do this anyway.  My original XBox is gathering dust in the closet somewhere.

Posted by Majkiboy

I hated the xbox then, now I only dislike it because of the ugliness. Also, I didn't own one, and now I own a 360. So.. no I'm not playing old xbox games XD

Posted by Deusoma

I don't have a problem with this, since I never played any Xbox games online, not even Halo 2, which I just got for the co-op. 
Speaking of which, I go back and play the original Halo: Combat Evolved at least once a year, usually with my brother. Sometimes I go on to Halo 2 as well if I'm feeling crazy.

Posted by Milkman

I assume that the demographic for online Xbox games is extremely small.

Edited by TripMasterMunky

That sucks. Sure I don't play original Xbox games online anymore, but I like knowing that if I wanted to I could. Now some of these game's online will be lost forever.
I'm more disappointed that they dropped support on updating the number of Xbox games compatible though. Would've liked to see Stranger's Wrath on there. I hope for the next Xbox they have some system of backwards compatibility, because every now and then, I do like to go back and play my older games.
If anything, hopefully they'll at least continue a games on demand thing in the future or start doing God of 
War collection-type releases. I would love to go back to Jade Empire at some point. Or JSRF. Or Shenmue II.

Posted by Gorikka

I don't play any games online, so this isn't a problem for me. I did just play through Red Dead Revolver in preparation for Redemption, but other than that I never use the backwards compatibility. Now, if it supported Stranger's Wrath, that'd be another story.

Posted by bizsumpark182

So this just means that Halo and Halo 2 can't be played across the world anymore. Poor Halo fanboys.

Posted by Blaster

PS2 online support is still working for what i know.

Posted by spiceninja
@Blaster said:
" PS2 online support is still working for what i know. "
Only if the company that made said PS2 game still has the servers up which is very doubtful.
Posted by spiceninja
@bizsumpark182: Halo 1 was never online. Online multiplayer only existed in the PC version which will continue to support online multiplayer. I assume the PC version of Halo 2 will as well.
Posted by WilliamHenry
@pakx said:
" does this mean i wont be able to play the old games at all, or just that i can no longer play them online? "
You can still play the games, just not online. Stopping support for online play isn't going to make the system not work anymore.
Posted by ohEspi

Do people really need more than 100 friends? I don't know..I only have personal friends on there and a few people I met from playing. However after a month if I don't talk to or play with the kid, I just delete the gamertag as it's a waste of space. I have a hard time believing people need to have over 100 friends, because I doubt people even talk to or play with half the people on their friends list as it is.


Sounds like Bungie is doing a Halo 2 blowout bash.  It would be cool to get 100k+ people playing for one last time. 

Posted by sephirm87

I only ever played Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 and Halo 1 and 2 (campaign) and Indigo Prophecy for the original VBox anyway (no online component)
Posted by bizsumpark182
@PlasmaBeam44: Well, that should show how much Halo I have ever played then.
Posted by Complex

I had some good times on my old Xbox, but I know for a fact that I can move on. Don't really need to play H2 or any other title anymore. 
They are pretty much shutting down just the old service to improve Xbox LIVE for Xbox 360 and future consoles, plus some other things. 
Hopefully this won't be a pattern for them to do this on 360 in the future.
Posted by i69edUrGpa

I think everyone can live without their xbox originals, it's time to move on

Posted by cmac2099

I still play some original xbox games,  but I haven't played any multiplayer since 06.