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Posted by President_Barackbar

Oh well, no more Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory multiplayer. Seriously, the only reason I still occasionally played it was because it was the only time Ubisoft did Splinter Cell multiplayer right. Double Agent destroyed Spies vs. Mercs, and it looks like Conviction could care less about multiplayer that doesn't let them flaunt their fancy new game mechanics.

Posted by woltkezero

Wow... I remember Xbox launch day :-) back in 2001 then the launch of Xbox live..Mech Assualt Ghost Recon (which I sucked at LOL, but my friend was good at)... and the Best Version of Phantasy Star Online (except for the Fact you need to have a Live account to play offline).....Dammm... Starting to feel like my Last Real Link to my SEGA DREAMCAST IS BEING TORN.... 
Well All I got to say is Xbox Live Version 1... Nice knowing you ... say hello to AOL w/dial up for me and WebTv when you see them on the other side... 
Ok I expect the Current xbox live service to continue to improve and I look forward to any changes happening this year. 
There is a news post about this in kotaku and one of the poster shows a Sega Saturn Modem......and well he is right the Saturn still does have connectivity.... ..... if in 2010 modem use is still considered an online connection.. 
In closing I will miss the ability to play Halo 2, Crimson skies and well thats it :-) 
Ok M$ I want CLANS Returned to XBOX LIVE and make them part of the Service and not part of a specific game :-)
Posted by CornontheCobbe

Do many people still play these titles such as Halo 2 anyways? Not really a huge blow for me gaming wise anyways.

Posted by woltkezero
damm  that sucks.. PD:orta was a great game.
Posted by woltkezero
yes but moving on is very sad.... Dreamcast......
Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

It sounds ridiculous & utterly stupid. They have to eliminate network gaming in order to increase friends lists??  That doesn't even make sense!   One deals with networking & passing data back & forth to multiplayer servers, the other is stored values of a list on a hard drive or network.  Where is the connection?  Sounds like BS to me.
They should have moved this idea of more friends off to the Xbox 720 instead of eliminating features.  One day someone might want to return & experience a classic multiplayer & it'll be impossible to do. Except through PCs. It's just further justifcation of why you need a gaming PC around, along with PC-equivalent games of former Xbox games.
If Mr. Softy decides to screw me out of my 360 games in the next iteration, I'll probably abandon consoles & go back to exclusive PC gaming.  I want my games to have permanence, not a set time-limit decided by the manufacturer.  Sure I'm splitting hairs, but I find these kinds of changes annoying. 

Posted by ez123

I played NFL 2k5 once online when that became backwards compatible.  That's about it.

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I still like playing my old XBOX from time to time. Theyres some real gems on it.
Posted by Afroman269

No more Halo 2 online?! OH NO! At least now they can finally raise the friend list cap past 100.

Posted by Green_Incarnate

FUCK, I really do still play Jedi Academy.

Posted by Raven_Sword

Maybe now we can stop living in the past and focus on bigger Friends lists.
Posted by agentboolen

I'm still waiting for them to patch Crazy Taxi 3 to play on the Xbox 360!!!  I played CT 1 & 2 on the dreamcast and was hoping to play CT3 on my Xbox 360 but it doesn't work.  Microsoft help me out get this one game to work and I'm good!!!!    

Posted by Ubiquitous
I love Phantom Dust and was thinking of it through this whole article, I play it sometimes with company. Such an underrated, amazing, and original game.
Posted by Green_Incarnate

No one needs more than 100 friends. Fuck this.

Posted by Quacktastic

06 or 07.  Still, losing an option always sucks.  Having that copy of Phantom Dust become worthless isn't fun even if you never play it.  Now you can't.
This is my biggest problem with the cloud stuff like Onlive.  I buy the game until you don't want to host it anymore? Great.

Posted by MB
@Turbo_Toaster said:
" Let's get some rounds of MechAssault in oh god "
The MechAssault games provided some of the most fun I've ever had playing video games. Awww.
Posted by MetalGearSunny

People still play Xbox games online?

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  I still play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory online. Best SC game and best multiplayer on Xbox or Xbox 360. If you have played this game online before, specially story mode, you know how deep and competitive this game gets. As well as teamwork and communication being key.
This game and Halo 1, which i wished had online capabilities instead of using xbconnect, are the only two games for Xbox that i would give a 9.9/10
Posted by BlackPuma

I pop in Conker once in a while. But that's about it.

Posted by chronicsmoke

well it looks like I better play me some chaos theory
Posted by Brunchies

I don't have a huge problem with this since I never play original xbox games online but it's still a bummer that it's going to be dropped. 

Posted by Donkey_Kong

Oh man!!! I still play Conker's Live and Reloaded every so often on my 360 through Live. This is so lame!

Posted by Vlaphor

I was going to say, "Oh well" and just ignore this, but then I remembered that Street Fighter III Third Strike,  Capcom Vs Snk 2, and Guilty Gear XX are online playable over this service....now I'm sad.

Posted by Skytylz

Man, no more halo 2

Posted by Kyle

The only game I can even remotely consider feeling bummed about losing is (of course) Halo 2, but I think Halo 3 is way better anyways. OH WAIT!! No more Burnout 3: Takedown!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
But in all honesty, I don't really see this as a huge deal. We all knew this would happen eventually.

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Lind_L_Taylor said:

" It sounds ridiculous & utterly stupid. They have to eliminate network gaming in order to increase friends lists??  That doesn't even make sense!   One deals with networking & passing data back & forth to multiplayer servers, the other is stored values of a list on a hard drive or network.  Where is the connection?  Sounds like BS to me."

Microsoft never said this has anything to do with friends lists, that was just speculation from someone at G4.
Posted by VoodooTerror


Posted by natetodamax

Kinda sucks, because I planned on getting Morrowind sometime in the future.

Posted by Alphonzo
Posted by canadiantoastzombie

I play halo 2 alot, it's sad that it has to go.

Posted by ZombiePie

Honestly if the old architecture of the original Xbox live is holding back an improved Xbox live I have no problem with that. I'd like to see some changes to Xbox live if that means sacrificing a small community of gamers. For now I'll give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt, but I bet that there has to be a reason for this.

Posted by President_Barackbar
@ZombiePie said:
" For now I'll give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt, but I bet that there has to be a reason for this. "
Yeah, you know what it is? They want people to buy new games.
Posted by Stefan

Hmm I bought Breakdown, Rallisport Challenge 2 (for online play) and Shenmue 2 since the 360 launched. Got Shenmue like 2 weeks ago. The other two games one ore two years ago...

Posted by MadThad0890

DUDE! I was just at gamestop the other day thinking about buying Halo 2. good thing I didnt 

Posted by greedotherodian

I still play Call of Cthullu: Dark Corners of the earth sometimes but as that doesnt have live capabilities I dont care!! :):)
Posted by AgileNate

Well if it leads to a better 360 experience than I'm all for it. It still wont effect my Single player games like Shenmue II and Jet Set Radio Future. When I think of xbox classics it makes me wonder why there is no new Crimson Skies. That game was so great and its something the 360 could use...

Posted by infestedandy

I'm not surprised that they're doing this since the new service is much better.
I'm upset that Halo 2 is going away forever. It was the best game out of the Halo series by far and that includes being the best online one too.

Posted by billysea

This is the problem of having part of or all of our games being handle by the publisher. 
In the future, we can no longer break out our games from 20 years ago like what we are doing now and still enjoy 100% of it.  All the multiplayer we enjoy so much online (Modern Warfare, Left4Dead etc) will be gone someday and we can no longer experience it anytime we want.

Posted by Grilledcheez

That sucks, my cousin wanted to go back to Halo 2 soon too.

Posted by teh_kid

Thanks for reminding me that I still have a copy of Tao Feng: Fist of the Regretful Purchase

Posted by highstakes

Return to Castle Wolfenstein...that game pretty much convinced me that I need to shell out $50 for XBL. I think PGR2, and RTCW were the only two games that I played more online than the single player; dont think I even got past the second level on RTCW.

Posted by Phaseshift

Good, who wants tobe trapped in the past.

Posted by Gamer_152

As a huge Halo fan I'll be unhappy to know that the Halo 2 online multiplayer will be gone forever. I much prefer the Halo 3 multiplayer but Halo 2 still offers different maps and custom matches and overall brings back different memories for me.

Posted by TiE23

For some reason I decided to play some Forza 1 a few months back on my original Xbox. And I think the last Xbox game I played on my 360 was JSRF... lol.

Posted by Quacktastic
@natetodamax said:
" Kinda sucks, because I planned on getting Morrowind sometime in the future. "
Morrowind is SP only so it shouldn't be affected.  Just stuff that had online MP.
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While i don't like the fact they are shutting down service (mainly because of steel battalion) it's understandable if the number  of current users playing are that low. I just figured since it is all the same service that even with the low numbers that since they are still maintaining for the 18 million people (or however many people it is) on  the 360 that it was just something that wasn't going to go away.   

   What i'm worried about is the future in  like 5-10 years with the xbox 360. I'm assuming that this might make any orginal xbox live arcade games unplayable.

I'd really like to have more details as to why they are doing this.

Posted by WholeFunShow

So I guess I'll never get around to the Ninja Gaiden Hurricane packs after all. I always wanted to exploit my way through such a hard game with the counter they decided unbalanced it. Farewell sweet Prince.

Posted by Wools

Considering they are dropping online features for the original, could they also be removing all online connectivity to Xbox 1? 
I ask as that could mean when you put an Xbox 1 game into a 360, it will not retreive online infomation to download the relevant emulator.  If so, that will end all backwards compatability for new 360's.


Let's hope Microsoft continue to offer the option to download the emulator when you put in an Xbox 1 disc...

Posted by mussbus999

Thank you jeff for reassuring me about hearing that Halo 2 online support was the only reason that the XBL friends list stays at 100...I thought i may have gone crazy.... 
I hope this is the case and the friends list will be increased