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Posted by Axellion


What can I say, damn you Peyton Manning and your stupid interception. The game was lost at that point anyway, but still, ARG! Also I hate winter that is all.

Week 5 Twenty Ten


Mass Effect 2

Finished up this one on Saturday. What a finish it was, the last mission was great, all the characters coming together for a truly epic confirmation. I was initially a little put off by the removal of rpg elements from the game. But then I came to realize that this is an ACTION rpg, and the action is great. Early Game of the year contender!

Professor Layton

Must be getting very close to ending this one; got into the tower. My brain has been tested and my frustrations realized devious puzzle design to say the least.


Got a few hours into my replay of the original, I love to experience a game right before it sequel comes out and I will not let myself get Bioshock 2 until I can complete this. Remained how otherworldly and downright creepy this game is, the ruined 60sera paradise is so well thought out. And the stalkers are simply one of the most messed up scary enemies ever.



Professor Layton

If I can finish this game without losing my mind, then I will have achieved something great. I have been plagued at every turn by one absurdly weird puzzle after another. My brain hurts.


Going to crash my way thought, not trying to avoid experiencing it, but simply beat it in good time. Will not start Bioshock 2 until I can finish the first! It doesn’t hurt that it is simply one of the greatest most involving games ever made!

Axellion, awaiting my return to rapture