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Posted by Tireyo
@amarriner: Thank you very much for sharing. I will provide feedback later on what I think. I've heard the Clock Town theme. = - P I feel like I'm in some sort of circus when I listen to that song.
Posted by Griddler

The Rogue Warrior end credits song is the best video game song of all time.

Posted by amarriner
Posted by Tireyo
@LtColJaxson: Now he isn't too bad! I have a hard time relating what he played to a specific video game though. It does sound like something that would be in a video game, in a western type atmosphere.
Posted by LtColJaxson

This isn't directly video game music, however I found this amazing guitarist who is inspired by a lot of classic video games - I think you can kinda feel it when you listen to this. His name is Ewan Dobson... pretty good and not really that well known.

Posted by Tireyo
@Claude: I have to say, the Moonlight Sonata was a surprise to me when I found it. Ever since, I found that song, I loved it. = - P Too bad Beethoven wasn't famous for making Moonlight Sonata.
Posted by Claude

I love Moonlight Sonata, but it always reminds me of the movie called Elephant.
Posted by Tireyo
@EpicBenjamin: The Halo franchise always did have nice soundtracks.
Edited by EpicBenjamin

 Halo 2 has one of my favourite gaming moments ever. When you go into that room, and theres tons of dudes there and then they play this song, you just want to shoot everything. It's incredible.
EDIT: And plus it's made by Breaking Benjamin so it's bound to be awesome, even though it's used in every single montage ever.

Posted by Tireyo
@PenguinDoctor: Thanks, and I put Everlong on the list because it is in a game, and it is music!! LOL.
Posted by Tireyo
@Pie: Only for you baby. Haha.
Edited by PenguinDoctor

I'm pretty sure putting in Everlong is cheating.  I realize it is in a video game, but that doesn't really make it video game music.  Nice list though, I like 17.  F-Zero X had an awesome soundtrack.
Posted by Pie

Now thats what im talking about Ho

Posted by dietmango
@Tireyo643: Yeah definitely. Video Game music is what I listen to more often than the mainstream stuff.
Posted by Marz

gah... i get so pumped when i listen to the Starfox Corneria song....

Edited by Tireyo
@asian_pride: The Okami Soundtrack isn't really too bad! I listened to a few songs. There were some good and not so good ones. The songs listed are pretty much where I park myself at on Youtube, because I like music! Especially Video Game Music.
Posted by dietmango

Hey maybe you can check out some of the Japanese style tracks from Okami. I don't know if that's your thing though.

Posted by Tireyo
@asian_pride: Links should be fixed now.
I like that song! Thank you for the recommendation. Definitely right up my alley.
Posted by dietmango
@Metal_Gear_Sunny said:
" @asian_pride said:
" Yeah no problem. It is weird seeing a Foo fighters song in there though. But I almost forgot it was in Rock Band so it counts :P "
Again, I did not pay him to do it. I did not. "
Hey, no worries. Everlong is an awesome song.
Posted by natetodamax

The ones I did listen to: 
16. The Asari pole dancers go so well with this song. 
17. <3 F Zero X 
24. A nice relaxing tune 
26. Not bad 
29. I really liked this one. Beethoven for the win. 
Also, this song is amazing: 

Posted by MetalGearSunny
@asian_pride said:
" Yeah no problem. It is weird seeing a Foo fighters song in there though. But I almost forgot it was in Rock Band so it counts :P "
Again, I did not pay him to do it. I did not.
Posted by dietmango

Yeah no problem. It is weird seeing a Foo fighters song in there though. But I almost forgot it was in Rock Band so it counts :P

Posted by Tireyo
@asian_pride: Oh! Thanks for noticing! Well, I'm going to see if I can fix that shortly.
Posted by dietmango

Nice list, although the links to your past blogs aren't working. :(

Posted by Tireyo
@Metal_Gear_Sunny: You are guilty of introducing me to that song. = - P I liked it, so I put it up there!!
Posted by Tireyo
@JJOR64: Thank you! And usually when I make lists, I try not to list a game more than once. I like a little variety.
Posted by MetalGearSunny

No, I did not pay him to put Everlong on that list. I swear to god.

Posted by JJOR64

Only one Super Mario Galaxy song on there?  I would put the whole soundtrack on there.   :P
Anyways, great list.

Edited by Tireyo

Well, it’s that time again! Yes, more video game music. As you can see, I’ve had some experience in creating blogs that involve such music. 






Many of you might remember these posts back in 2009, perhaps you don’t. I think that there needs to be a new blog with more new video game songs that I like! I tried to make all the songs in this blog different from what I posted in the past, and hopefully I've done okay. Remember that these songs are in no particular order of favorites or anything. It’s just 30 songs that I like in video games. As always share your favorites too, and recommend me songs if you wish!! I love to listen to new things! Enjoy the music! And, Hello Mister Pie. =-P

1.        Klonoa: Door to Phantomile – Red Heat Corona

2.        Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - BAHRAM Battleship

3.        Chrono Cross – Scars of Time

4.        Super Monkey Ball 2: Inside the Whale (World 4)

5.        Starfox – Corneria

6.        Super Smash Bros. Brawl – VS. Master Hand

7.        The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Gerudo Desert

8.        Tetrisphere – Learn

9.        Earthbound – You’ve Come Far Ness

10.    Rock Band – Everlong

11.    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars – Boss Battle

12.    Chrono Trigger – Corridor of Time

13.    Secret of Evermore – Mini-Boss Battle

14.    Shadow of the Colossus – Roar of the Earth

15.    Super Mario Galaxy – Purple Coins

16.    Mass Effect 2 – Club Afterlife

17.    F-Zero X – Endless Challenge

18.    F-Zero GX – Fire Field

19.    Tetris Worlds – BGM5

20.    Sonic Unleashed – Chun-Nan Dragon Road (Day)

21.    The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – Realm Overworld

22.    New Super Mario Bros. Wii – Koopa Kid Battle 2

23.    Super Mario Bros. 3 – Boss Battle

24.    Borderlands – Welcome to Fyrestone

25.    Final Fantasy X - At Zanarkand

26.    Mirror’s Edge - (Alcorus: Shine)

27.    Excitebots: Trick Racing – Chrystal Nebula

28.    Mario Golf 64 – Mario Open

29.    Bioshock – Moonlight Sonata

30.    The Sims 3 – Amazing Facsimile