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Posted by Sarumarine

I finally got an AC-130 in multiplayer today! I got two of them, actually, spread out across five games and both from care packages. I called in the first one on Highrise. I really didn't want to get my first gunship on that map because there are so many hiding spots from air support. However, I was playing as the Rangers so the enemy team got the awesome Spetsnaz warning where the HQ Guy screams his head off about an AC-130. You-tube it if you don't know what I'm talking about. Whoever did the voice acting for that line needs a raise. Anyway, I killed a few dudes with all three guns and it was pretty awesome. However, the highlight was when I got a second one on Favela a few games later and absolutely destroyed the enemy team with artillery from the sky. It was freaking intense because they were trying to shoot me down so there were all kinds of beeping and AA Countermeasures deploying and holy shit, it was goddamn madness. The AC-130 is hands down my favorite killstreak reward. I'm not good enough to get it legit with 11 kills so I took a few suggestions from my last AC-130 post about loading up on Care Packages and Emergency Airdrops. After that it was a matter of time and luck until the game spit out an AC-130 reward.
I'm not complaining but damn, I get a shit ton of Chopper Gunner Care Packages. If only I was that lucky with the AC-130. But awesome gunship and totally worth everything it took to get it.
Also, in honor of reaching a little personal goal for Modern Warfare 2, I have a few more. Most are for entertainment purposes and movie / game references. Enjoy
Hot Fuzz Challenges (To be completed on city or urban maps)
"Have you . . ." - Fired a gun whilst jumping through the air
"Have you ever . . ." - Fired two guns whilst jumping through the air
"Shortcut" - Killed a player after vaulting over a fence
"Punch that Shit!" - Been in a high speed (foot chase) pursuit and caught up with your target
"Morning." -  Killed an enemy with a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, a submachine gun, and a (single) Model 1887
"Point Break" - Killed an enemy while prone with a handgun
"Bad Boys" - Got a Double Kill with an exploding car
"Fuck off Grasshopper" - Killed a player with akimbo handguns (not revolvers)
The Rundown Challenges (on Rundown)
"Walken the Walk" - Killed three enemies with a (single) Desert Eagle without dying
"You Got the Moves" - Used a sniper rifle to kill an enemy without using the scope
"Tooth Fairy" - On Capture the Flag games, stop the enemy from stealing your flag
"Mr. Thunder and Mr. Lightning" - Killed an enemy by shooting their arms or legs 
"Declan Start the Plane" - Call in an Emergency Airdrop and you or your team collect all packages
"Booze on the Grind" - Killed an enemy while hiding behind or near a dead cow
"Don't Make Waves" - Won a shootout in the bar 
"A Killer in the Kitchen Too" - Killed the entire enemy team with the knife
"Option A Doesn't Work for Me" - Killed the entire enemy team with Akimbo Model 1887's without dying
Psycho Challenges (for those who love knives and belong in Borderlands)
"More Meat for Me!" - Ran head on with an enemy, stabbed them, and survived
"Pound the Meat Puppet!" - Consistently kill the same player with the knife
"OM NOM NOM!" - Deploy the Tac Nuke using nothing but the knife