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Posted by Oddballs

Man I loved RE5, this DLC was pretty fun too.

Posted by kerse

Thats the Darpa Chief.

lol how did I miss this quick look.

Posted by McNaastyy

Great game

Posted by Hughes

Makes me want to start a new game plus in RE5.

Posted by ThePantheon

hahaha Vinny was on fire today.
he's so lovable.

Posted by LucyGlitter

When the first zombie popped up from feigning death, I jumped! 

Posted by Seroth
 On harder difficulties, the monsters show up in the mansion while you're doing the puzzles.
Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Why is there like twenty minutes of running around reading stuff and hitting switches, and then five of the same mini-bossish anchor dudes in a row? Shouldn't it be spread out a bit?

Posted by AndrewB

This guy has a fetish for putting his keys inside unlocked treasure chests behind a portcullis opened with a crank. Seems pretty obsessive to me.

Posted by nekoNari

Just a little suggestion: can you end your videos, especially the GB ones, with a very short, custom closing sequence? It'd make the end of each video much more less painful... lol
Posted by nickystixx

this shit looks awesome.

Posted by Jedted

mmmm, itchy.....tasty. :) 
I don't entirely get that joke but it sounds totally wrong.
Posted by Kowbrainz

Heh, think I'm going to go back and play the Resident Evil remake now. Thanks guys.

Edited by michaelhaar

"Wonder who started the fire..."   @  10:20
Missed Billy Joel joke opportunity.

Edited by spiceninja

This DLC is what RE6 needs to be. Not necessarily set in a mansion but with a dark and creepy atmosphere and more puzzle solving elements. If RE6 is more of RE5 then I'm not even going to bother.

Posted by stephenage

Ah I love Vinny and Brad, great quicklook.

Posted by randiolo
@JukeboxJoe said:
" That's the DARPA chief! "
god i love vinny..
Posted by Ulong

The dlc(and the costume one) are worth it if you have a friend and like playing mercenaries mode together, than it's all sorts of good fun, since it changes the enemy loadout slightly in mercenaries, and adds new mercanary mode characters to try.
 The actual campeign level has like 5 enemies and a 2 minute rehash fight with wesker and isn't worth it if you don't like mercenary.

Posted by rjayb89

Jill, make me a sandwich!

Posted by Griddler

This looks ten times more interesting to me than Resident Evil 5 proper.

Posted by IceTrey87

Josh was totally part of the BSAA.  He was one of the members of the African branch, just like Sheva was.

Posted by Darkdsd

The Resident Evil remake looked much better.

Posted by RobotHamster

Great quick look, so many lol moments with Brad and Vinny.

Posted by skippyscissors

Are you sure this isn't the mansion from RE 1? I mean the dining room has a clock and a fireplace.

Posted by ShakeItBaby

I need to invest in a piano-based security solution

Posted by BenderUnit22

I love how Vinny remembers nothing about RE5's story. Speaks to how forgettable and stupid it was.
Also, there's paper that's not sensitive to heat?



Posted by JukeboxJoe

That's the DARPA chief!
Posted by Reverseface

This looks great, i hope the checkpoint thing is for Online play if someones connection drops out.

Posted by dagas

RE3 Jill is still the best looking Jill.

Posted by TheHT

heebie geebies? lol haven't heard that in a while.

Posted by Brad

Yeah, my fault: this add-on is definitely $4.99 on PSN and 400 points on XBL, not $10 as stated in the video. 

Posted by Elazul

Man, if you guys wanted real Resident Evil fan-service you really should've tried clicking on the front door three times...

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Maybe I'll get around to actually finishing RE 5 one day but there have been so many other games,

Posted by Besetment

Haha I like how Brad just runs in circles at the end so he wouldn't die while talking. He's getting more and more paranoid about dying in quick looks.

Posted by CornBREDX

This DLC got me interested in this game. Shame the rest of the game isnt like this though. I havent played resident evil since RE3 so this QL was almost like watching a remake of RE1. All its missing is the hammy acting, and the zombie in the dining room.  
"Stop! Dont... open.... that door!"
Posted by Advertisement

Woot for the DARPA Chief

Edited by BeefWaterfall

If I was crazy rich, I'd build an actual replica of the Res Evil mansion :)

Posted by Deusoma

They made some BS explanation in a computer at some point about how the mind-control serum the dealie on Jill's chest was pumping out had a side-effect of bleaching her hair. Come on, Capcom, there's nothing wrong with wanting to try a new look for your character, just admit it.

Posted by RandomlyRossy
@Wright said:
" $10 seems a bit steep for this. "
It's not that much, it's only 400 points on 360 and the equivalent on PSN.
Posted by RVonE

Man, Jill looks awesome with that fat rifle strapped to her back.
Edited by EvolutionX0

damn now i really want to play this game again. 

Posted by Kraznor

Nice, Brad totally survived a quicklook, pretty lengthy one too. Granted, there were maybe four opportunities to die, but still, nice work. That said, no interest at all in this DLC pack.

Posted by Aljosa15

Brad sounds bitter for some reason. :P

Posted by gla55jAw

It's only 400MS not $10. That's pretty cheap.

Posted by Chuggsy

The inflections Brad uses are starting to get annoying to me. That is TOTALLY A CREST. Maybe we could PUT SOMETHING IN THAT DOOR?!
Minor/pointless complaint.

Posted by BlackPuma

Different Mansion? Looks pretty damn familiar to me!

Posted by m_rum

HEY EVERYBODY! It's 400msp. Not 800. ;)
Pretty good value if you ask me.

Posted by dvdwalker8

Yes. I was hoping you guys would do a QL of this. Dumb that they didn't include the extra costumes with this though.
Posted by liquidfkinfire

Gross, Brad is using the strafing control scheme.  RE4 style all the way.  But for $5 this was good for a night.  The only bad thing is the way the doors only open for 1 player, like the original RE's.  It looked cool, but it gets annoying.