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Posted by HandsomeDead

The music from the second stage of Bad Dudes sounds a hell of a lot like this.

Posted by Hakkesshu

You should do a weekly segment with Jeff and someone else playing through a random janky-ass arcade game. Recipe for success right there.
Posted by ProfessorEss
@Hakkesshu said:
" You should do a weekly segment with Jeff and someone else playing through a random janky-ass arcade game. Recipe for success right there. "
You say "Jeff and someone", I say "Vinnie and someone".
Howzabout we split the difference and just say "Jeff and Vinnie", cool?
Posted by Hakkesshu
@ProfessorEss said:
You say "Jeff and someone", I say "Vinnie and someone".  Howzabout we split the difference and just say "Jeff and Vinnie", cool? "

Sure, sure, I love Vinny! Just gotta have Jeff as he's a repository of useless arcade knowledge.
Posted by Rodiard

Bad Dudes Endurance Run.

Posted by clubsammich

The music on Bade Dudes sounds like the Night Rider theme.

Posted by JackSukeru

I used to play bad dudes on my amiga as a kid. Something about the controllers I had made jumping really hard, so I usually just died on the second level where you had to jump from the back to the front of the truck.

Posted by OneManX

Bad Dudes Endurance Run.... COMPLETE

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Wayyyy before my time all these games.

Posted by munnyman5

This Bad Dudes seems slightly different from the one I used to play on NES, from a cartridge my cousin found in the alley behind his house after a rainstorm. IT STILL WORKED. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this Bad Dudes Endurance Run.

Posted by Vod_Crack

Where's Tattoo Assassins?

Posted by ArchV1le

weekly arcade endurance runs!

Posted by RobotHamster

 I lov these kinds of quick looks!!!!!

Edited by Brackynews

My Burgertime efficiency has increased by 400%.
Love Data East, and I enjoy arcade compilations a lot, but I would also appreciate cheaper Virtual Console pri... Fuck it. Mame and a CRT screen FTW.

Posted by Joker_777

I used to play Two Crude Dudes with my brother all the time.

Posted by MrGarcia

Cool Beans! and Bad Dudes.

Posted by JiuJitsuka85

Bad Dudes made me think of  Fighting Force.

Posted by fastkilr

Great quick look, mediocre looking compilation, though.

Posted by Lokno

What about their SNES games, like Shadowrun? I'd buy a new release of that.

Posted by nrain

Oh I am the Baddest.

Posted by G24S

The menus screams homebrew.

Posted by DonChipotle

Wizard Fire reminds me of that Dungeons and Dragons arcade game I used to play. And that's pretty cool.

Posted by RandomInternetUser

I'm bad.

Posted by Mordi

45:30 and 30 seconds out is one of those golden Giant Bomb moments where I skip back up to five times.

Posted by bretthancock

I played Burgertime 2 hours a day for about a year.  High score was eventually 750k, good times.

Posted by cornwalliz


Posted by MjHealy

Bad Dudes was and continues to be awesome.

Edited by TripMasterMunky

Joe & Mac is dope.
Also, games were so much better when there were ninjas in everything.

Posted by Undeadpool

Watching this has filled in so many sound effects from my childhood that I couldn't remember the source of.

Posted by myslead

very jersey shore of you

Posted by shway

Bad dudes with badattitudes ninjas took the president and thats just rude

Posted by brocool

Crude busters! it was the perfect game, weird enemies.. awesome protagonists and to top it off a sweet soundtrack... We easily put hundreds of hours into that :)

Posted by Infinityslimit

EPIC quicklook!

Posted by Bghattas

HAHA. You two were hilarious in this video.

Posted by copycatzen

Ohhhh my fucking god, I gave my little sister my Wii... I want it back!
Posted by GrumpyTheDorf

I don't know if you guys heard
But I'm bad!

Posted by REIGN

The train level in Bad Dudes rivaled the one in Uncharted 2. So much detail, absolutely amaaaazing.

Posted by JokerSmilez

When they say "Got it!" in Bad Dudes, doesn't it sound like Ice T? Anyone?

Edited by sivartTheGreat

I would just like to say that I used to be able to beat Bad Dudes on one credit. That is all.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Bad dudes rock. The wizard game looked pretty good.

Posted by MeatSim

Oh no! president Ronnie has been kidnapped by Ninjas!

Posted by Zidane_24

My favorite Data East game was always Dashin' Desperadoes, but I don't think that ever came out in arcades.

Posted by Korosive

I would have never guessed I would spend part of today watching someone play through the entirety of Bad Dudes...

Edited by BraveFart

why ya need to fuck around with Extras and all dat stuffz n jizz. just start teh game YA ! me want's action !

Posted by Sarumarine

Bad Dudes the high school musical? Make it happen Vinny. Then let me know so I can check it out. Heh.

Also, I feel like you guys would have had a better title if it was:  "Bad Dudes and the Data East Collection".

Posted by Milkman

Bad Dudes Endurance Run, obviously the best choice possible.

Posted by MrCellophane

What?!?! Secret Agent doesn't ring a bell to Jeff? 
I am disappoint. I was a great game.

Posted by Teppoudama
Posted by Swaboo

Bad Dudes endurance run... DONE!