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Posted by gbrading

I'm glad I saw the Bad Dudes Endurance Run. :P An interesting selection of some classic arcade games.
Posted by Some1StoleMyTortilla

only on GiantBomb can you get a hour long video of some random compilation no one really cares about. and thats why i love it!

Posted by DukeTogo

A very poor release compared to others like the SNK and Midway comps.  Data East has some of the best old-school arcade titles of the past, very few are in this collection.  The lack of Ring King alone makes me die a little inside.
This better be the first of many instead of the only Data East comp.

Posted by Alphonzo

So...bad dudes is Kung-Fu?

Posted by Beforet

Nothing stops the endurance run, dudes!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Fist pumpin' like a champ! 

Edited by ArbitraryWater

Jeff and Vinny are definitely the baddest of dudes. I think it's pretty hilarious how they beat that game but then just glossed over everything else.  Wizard Fire looked decent for a beat-em-up.
I would buy this for about $10. Looks harmlessly dumb enough.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

I'm closer than that fools! I'm here!

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Well I'll be damned. I knew and loved the "Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president" joke, but all this time I had Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja confused with Two Crude Dudes. Even more depressingly, it turns out Bad Dudes sucks.

Posted by Peter
@Jambones said:
" @Ishatawk said:
" Y'ALL ARE SUCH BAD DUDES  Edit: math homework until one, or this until one? Why must life be so unfair...? "
1 + 1 = 2 Bad Dudes. Aww yeah. Problem solved! "
Posted by Box3ru13

Would've been nice to see more games but the ending of Bad Dudes makes up for it ten-fold. 

Posted by xaveri

ohh man, I spent so many quarters in Bad Dudes back when I was in 6th grade. Good times...

Posted by buzz_clik

This has buzz_clik written all over it. I loves me some Burnin' Rubber.
Although no Midnight Resistance? BOOOooo...

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles
@fastkilr said:
" Great quick look, mediocre looking compilation, though. "
Posted by Zifrit

The most special special mode ever conceived. Amazing.

Posted by KuribosShoe


Posted by ResetSmith

At first, I was like, 50 minute run time? Then I watched as you guys finished Bad Dudes. 
It was rewarding.

Posted by OroJackson

Those are some BAD dudes...
I mean BAD

Posted by cornwalliz

I'M BRAD!!!!

Posted by Pkshields

Was not ready for another Endurance Run! And not even one Duder...


Me and my friend just finished this on mame!
In Australia it was called Dragon Ninja!!!!which is a Way better name then bad dudes

Posted by masterherocard

You know, Ninjas can't catch you if your on fire.
Posted by MrPickles

Bad Dudes = God.
Posted by duttyfoot
@drew327: me too, i loved playing this game :)
back in the day nintendo really had a huge list of good games for everyone
Posted by Alphazero

Awesome Bad Dudes endurance run. Just under 99 hours too. Nice.

Posted by lordofultima
@chiefmegadeth said:
" Me and my friend just finished this on mame! In Australia it was called Dragon Ninja!!!!which is a Way better name then bad dudes "
lol, obviously you haven't said the two titles aloud lately. "Dragon Ninja," sounds dorky as hell. "Bad Dudes," pretty self-explanatory, manly-sounding and cool to the maximum.
Posted by TheHT
@GrumpyTheDorf said:
" I don't know if you guys heard But I'm bad! "
I'm I'm bad!
Posted by DeBurgo

man what is this bullshit 
No Karnov? No Atomic Runner Chelnov? No Boogie Wings?

Edited by MrKlorox

That last game looked pretty bad-ass!
@chiefmegadeth said:

" Me and my friend just finished this on mame! In Australia it was called Dragon Ninja!!!!which is a Way better name then bad dudes "

No fucking way. Bad Dudes is the baddest dudiest name ever.
Posted by NathHaw

Had a few of these games.  Used to play Bad Dudes a lot.  Always liked it.  Too bad you guys didn't use your sweet fire punch more than that one time I caught it.  You probably did it accidently anyway.

Posted by daveleclair--defunct

Spoilers man... Should have tagged it with spoiler warnings lol

Edited by buzz_clik

Also, Chelnov / Atomic Runner would have been a great title to include. Love that game, too.
And is that Ice-T saying "got it" whenever you pick something up in Bad Dudes?

Posted by PacManFevaa

As soon as it goes down to $10 I'm buying it. I love Joe & Mac.

Posted by NateDogg

too funny. 
i loved burger time as a kid :)

Posted by defunctdefunctdefunnnnnct

It's always fun to look back at the classic 2D games. I think what I love most about the old games are the sound effects, voice acting, and the repetition of both of these are hilarious! It would be cool if game developers started making some new old school games again. I'M BAD!!! LOL.

Posted by El_Dom

You dudes saved the president, that was pretty bad!
The audio in that game is pretty great by the way

Posted by RedCricketChase

I tried to stab a ninja star outta the air one time, like Jeff did in this video. It did not go well!

Posted by ShakeItBaby

Today I learned that the terrorist organizations of the 1980's seemed to be well staffed, but heavily under-armed, resulting in astonishingly high casualty rates.

Posted by Drebin_893

"I'm Bad!"  
"I'm Bad!"

Posted by Winternet

That isn't Secret Agent. That's Sly Spy, which is, by far, a much better and cooler title. I really liked Sly Spy. They should have played it until completion like Bad Dudes.

Posted by rjayb89
@Drebin_893 said:
" "I'm Bad!"  ... ...**Spawns** ...  "I'm Bad!" "
Gets me every time.
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@ThePantheon said:

" quote of QL;  "OHHGHH MR. PICKLE CHIP." "

Haha, absolutely. "I turned into a treasure chest" was good too.
Most of the games in this pack I played on arcades years ago and had no idea were by Data East. I even had 2 Crude Dudes on the Megadrive and didn't realise it was by them. Weird how you completely forget some companies.
Posted by TheLawnWrangler

oh mr. pickle chip...

Posted by gakon

Ugh, these menus are so ugly.

Posted by JackiJinx

Is it a bad thing to want to play Wizard Fire after watching this?

Posted by cannedstingray

Dude the Burgertime music totally brought back memories!! gonna buy this pack just for that..
Posted by Shinri

Love this quick look.
Posted by bobdude1234

Just in case anyone wondered what the special mode was:   Unlock all five bonus goals. Special mode features an increased difficulty setting with less lives.

Posted by Terrents

lol it sounds like vinny shit himself at the end there but they had to edit and and add in the quick summery XD that or vinny said something and they had to cut it out.

Posted by fedorajay

I still have my Bad Dudes NES cart. The "I'm bad!" was even more awesome through the NES's soundcard.