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Posted by C0V3RT

I loved Amped 3!

Posted by Gorikka

I am so glad quicklooks are back in full force. They were starting to go downhill, but they've really picked up again.

Posted by JoelTGM
@Yodzilla said:
" Yeah the new player doesn't seem to work in Firefox 3.6. Neither does the "follow this person" link in someone's profile. "
yes, but adblock doesn't let you click the play button so you have to make giantbomb an exception in adblock.
Posted by uglybob

video works with ie8
doesnt work with firefox

Edited by Cazamalos

god bless you amped 3 developer's
edit:  If your play button doesn't work you likely have adblock on. Uhh.. yeah. Sorry guys, we can't change that. -Dave Snider Feb 24th 2010

Posted by MeatSim

That was amazing!

Posted by Terjay

Man... I've gotta buy this game again.

Posted by Funky_Clunk

Great game, i had it a couple of years ago but remember very little about it. Just ordered it again tho. Its £6 in cex.co.uk for all you UK users. Free postage and packing too
Posted by JeanLuc

This is the first Xbox 360 game I ever played, and the reason I bought one. God Bless Amped 3.

Posted by Nick

holy crap

Posted by Deadmanforking


Posted by RipTheVeins

I LOVE this game! 
PS: totally called this when I saw it on Ryan's desk a few weeks ago.

Posted by zombie2011

This is the game i got my 360 for. Still the best, wackiest and most awesome snowboarding game ever.

Posted by TsuHai

Super awesome - i think this wasn't the last time i watched this
Posted by Carlos1408

I don't know what happened but whatever it was, it was awesome! lol 
Thanks for this guys it was brilliant and hilarious! :D

Posted by Cetra

haha one of the songs in the videos is used frequently in, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Posted by TheDoca2

Oh man, i'm getting problems with the player, does not work for me, please don't change the format.

Posted by Salyermonkey

I have firefox 3.6 and it doesn't work. I've had adblock plus disabled on giant bomb for a long time and before today the videos always worked.

Posted by TimesHero

Why the hell did I sit through that entire thing?

Posted by Rasgueado

Yeah this game is pretty good. I enjoyed it enough to get all the points out of it. A lot of nice small touches to the "snowboarding game" style as well. I like that you can get more points for doing fewer spins as long as they are perfectly timed for style.

Posted by Thoseposers

YES!!! Amped 3 is amazing! One of the funniest games in a long time! glad to see you guys check it out...years after it came out haha

Posted by MKHavoc

This video isn't working for me in chrome.

Posted by iToastage_FM

is it just me or is the sound quite quiet in the new player. Everything else is great though, on safari 4.0.4

Posted by 88Fingers

Strange. No videos work now.

Posted by Rodiard

I've tried Firefox 3.6.8, Chrome and IE8. No videos will load anymore :(

Posted by BigChief

You know, of all the 360 exclusives, THIS is the one that makes me wish I had a 360. It's just too insane.

Posted by Soap

Fucking LOVE this game, so happy to see it again. My copy died in a horrible laser burn accident and I never thought I'd get to see it again, so .... thanks GB crew, you made my day :D

Posted by Xiemos2

Holy shit that was pretty amazing; and the new video player = awesome!

Posted by alternate

Tools - Ad Block Plus Preferences
Add Filter -  @@|http://www.giantbomb.com/* - enter
refresh and see if it works

Posted by Ratfoot

Just goes to show how unique and incredibly hilarious this game was, I mean they probably could have done a TV show using this stuff. One of the best examples of creativity in a genre that lacks it so much.

Posted by lolwot

video player isn't working. what's going on, duders?

Posted by TheMoD

Condemned is by far the best xbox 360 launch title in my opinion
Posted by blacklab

sifl and ollie!

Posted by TurboMan

every other video works except this one for me(Chrome on Mac)

Posted by 88Fingers

Firefox and IE won't work with whatever my current settings are.
I'm not messing with my security settings just to watch videos.
So, fuck it. I'm done with this site I guess.

Posted by Depth

So fucking great.

Posted by Korne

I'm not sure if you guys knew... but the video player isn't working. Just thought someone should tell you :P

Posted by kicker1991


Posted by shway

 yea it was a error with add blocker it works now

Posted by samcotts
@88Fingers said:
" Firefox and IE won't work with whatever my current settings are. I'm not messing with my security settings just to watch videos. So, fuck it. I'm done with this site I guess. "
How's that period of yours going?
Posted by Steve_C

Fuuuuuuuck, that was good.

Posted by Xander51

Yeah Amped 3!

Posted by REIGN

Won't work in Chrome for Mac, or the newest version of Firefox on Mac :(
It's ok though. I am an understanding individual only trying to provide useful feedback.

Edited by Cazamalos
@alternate said:

" For FIREFOX and ADBLOCK try  Tools - Ad Block Plus Preferences  Add Filter -  @@|http://www.giantbomb.com/* - enter  refresh and see if it works "

READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ADBLOCK  ON YOUR FIREFOX , this solve that problem at least :) thanks alternate
Posted by masternater27

Not working for me in Chrome.  Worked in Firefox though.

Posted by BD
@cazamalos said:
" @alternate said:
" For FIREFOX and ADBLOCK try  Tools - Ad Block Plus Preferences  Add Filter -  @@|http://www.giantbomb.com/* - enter  refresh and see if it works "
READ THIS IF YOU HAVE ADBLOCK and stop the whine "
Set the rule still not working. The banner ads are showing up, but the video is still not playing. Please Help
Posted by Ben99

too bad the ps3 doesn't have a good ice skating game
Posted by darkdragonsoul99

Guys your new play has some issues best looked into. As of right now it doesn't seem to be working for some people for me it's only working about half the time. I mean when it works it's good and all but that's only when it works.

Posted by bartok

Amped 3 was and still is awesome and a fitting end to the eXXXtreme sports genre. Game over man don't even bother with another eXXXtreme sports game unless they can match or surpass the insanity of Amped 3.   

Posted by KillerBears

other vids work for me, this one doesnt