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Posted by mythus

i kinda want the older video player back.  everything keeps defaulting to medium quality on this one; plus, i keep clicking on the vid.  its something habitual that i do.  this one does have a keen look though.

Posted by Mistzero

apparently it doesn't work on chorme either 

Posted by MattBodega

This is the best day ever! I'm gonna go riding with J-Dog!

Posted by Kayrack

umm insanity

Posted by jim_dandy

Were you guys smoking a bowl when you made this?
I'm not hearing any Doritos though.

Posted by CoinMatze

The player has been working fine for me since I enabled googleadservices.com in NoScript. Play-button was unresponsive before. Adblock Plus has always been off on Giantbomb for me.

Posted by Manhattan_Project

No videos playing for me (Firefox) and I don't ever use Ad Block.
You guys really need to figure this stuff out. I need my quick looks :' (

Posted by Irish87

Doesn't work for me... I miss the old video system, for obvious reasons.

Posted by mrsmiley

This video doesn't work in 10.6 in Firefox for Safari , but it worked fine in 10.5 in Safari.

Posted by Metiphis

Works on my Firefox just fine, and I am damn sorry I never knew this game was so awesome.

Posted by Kirbichu54

God, why do you put this up when I'm trying to be productive?
Posted by K9

Video doesn't work. And you have to make the video player somehow compatible with adblock. Regular users may be willing to disable adblock because they love the site, but the amount of new users will decrease dramatically. Disabling adblock is asking too much for new visitors to the site.

Posted by Ariketh

This video doesn't work for me, but every other video I have tried thusfar has worked.

Posted by electrikalien

Holy crap. That final musical number put Katamari Damaci to shame.

Posted by TheAdmin

Video Doesn't load for me (All the other videos do) - Chrome on Vista. 

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Giant Bomb. Better gaming through science!!!!!

Posted by MiDNiGHTS

Only this video doesn't work for me. Firefox 3.6 on Win7.

Posted by Rongaryen

That video was a serious acid trip.  I think I should buy Amped 3.

Posted by SmotPoker

Doesn't work for me either, but you can download the video using this link:

Posted by EasyPeasey

video doesnt work for me. firefox 3.6 on vista

Posted by NMC2008

Not working for me either.

Posted by BD

Finally working for me on FF3.6 Mac with adblock disabled

Edited by DiGiTaL_SiN

Man, I almost feel bad for watching this video and not playing the game.
BTW, ppl who can't play the video using FF. Disable Adblock, I think I read something about that in the Bug reporting forums.

Posted by RipTheVeins

If the video is not working for you try switching it from "streaming" to "progressive" in the upper left corner. 

Posted by GrumpyTheDorf

Videos don't work if you have adblock plus on firefox, you'll have to disable it for giantbomb

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

Cinco de Ketchup is really messed up, I love it.

Posted by Genfuyung

Broken  in Firefox 3.6 :(

Posted by Swaboo


Posted by anbumakura

This is the greatest Quick Look ever.  You have just sold another copy of the game with that.

Edited by buckybit

how am I not to comment on this video? 

Posted by Chadley

Not working in Chrome :(

Posted by Evansoft


Posted by fwylo

Why isn't this classified as a "Throwback"?

Posted by Zicdab

I'm calling it; Amped 3 has the greatest cutscenes ever.

Posted by Mordi

New player makes my (rather new) comp lag. :(

Posted by skippyscissors

How do you disable adblock in firefox? I'm looking under the add-ons tab but its not under there.

Posted by Plasma

Video works fine on Chrome!

Posted by Genfuyung

Now it works when I click progressive. Yayyyyyy.

Posted by mythrol

Great video. Thank You Amped 3 developer. I never played your games, but you are Game Developer gods.

Posted by Korne
Posted by Danterion

...why are they making a Quick Look of this old game?

Posted by VWGTI
@Danterion said:
" ...why are they making a Quick Look of this old game? "
Because people are snowboarding in the Olympics. Topical!
Posted by Meltac

I am going to buy this right away!

Posted by Danterion
@VWGTI: Well, I'd much prefer a quick look of SSX On Tour. 
Now THAT game fucking rocked. Like Burnout on snow.
Posted by Cybexx

That was so good, completely epic. Now I feel like an ass for not buying Amped 3, even though I enjoy snowboarding games and bought worse launch games for the 360.

Posted by SquirrelGOD

My god!  What was with that HORRIBLE goddamn music?!  Who decides to subject their players to that kind of torture?

Posted by DjCmeP

This game is too awesome to be true.

Posted by intarcouch

that was brilliant.

Posted by Afroman269

lol wut....

Posted by skippyscissors

Doesn't work for me in Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. :(